RAD – Complete Guide

Complete Guide

Bats, Quirks, Items, Mutations and Just About Everything


  • Mender Bat: Base bat, nothing Special, take 2 hits on falling (1 heart).
  • Power Stick: A reskin of the Mender Bat with some special SFX.
  • Mender Sceptre: A good starting bat, reduces fall damage by one hit (1/2 a heart)
  • Death Gobbler: A really nice bat, gain more RAD points on kill (I’m still unsure if the RAD bonus is just for bat kills, or all kills.) at the cost of 3 hits on falling (1.5 hearts). Falling is pretty rare, and feels as though the reward highly out weighs the risk.
  • Blast Wand: Stringed attacks release a decent damage, small range explosion. Good for if youre spamming your bat. A note that the attacks dont need to land, just executed.
  • Mega Leg: Deals significantly more damage when weapon has meat on bone. When the player reaches 2 hit-points, one “bite” will be taken, giving the player 1 hit-point (back to 3). This can happen up to 3 times before the damage buff is lost, and healing will no longer occur. Its unclear if these “bites” can come back. Teleport damage is set to 3 hit-points.
  • Sword of Rejection: Attacks will reflect projectiles back at the enemy. 2 hit-points of teleportation damage. I haven’t used it but I guess it’s OK.

Mutations Pg 1

  • Armarang: Throw out your non-bat wielding arm in a ranged attack that hits on send and return. Its cooldown is extremely low, and can be spammed for taking care of more dangerous enemies. Extremely solid ranged mutation.
  • Armarang Buzzsaw: Throw out your arm the same as the original mutation, but upon pressing the ability button again, return the arm sooner. If the button is held while the arm is out, it will spin in place dealing a fair amount of damage every second or so. Is harder to spam but with practice can be used more effectively.
  • Teenybopper: Increases bat range and damage passively. When ready, can be activated to increase range, damage, stunning power, and attack speed briefly. Although not the best mutation, its definitely up there.
  • Teenybopper Blast: When activating rage, Teenybopper will shoot out a large circle, damaging and knocking back enemies. it feels like counter synergy, but isn’t necessarily bad.
  • Teenybopper Frenzy: Upon hitting with Teenybopper Frenzy, the actual “rage” itself lowers on cooldown. The rage is also increased in damage and duration. Allows for less frugal usages of the ability.
  • Windbag: Player will grow a bag on their head, when full it will let the player fall slower, or can be emptied (with a somewhat fast recharge) to blow away enemies within a circle around the player in a quick burst.
  • Chronobellum: Briefly slow down time. Ability is toggled, not held, and will be deactivated upon reaching 0 on duration, or activating again. This time slow effects everything and could be used well in certain situations, but I personally have had trouble using it properly.
  • Dungeoness Crab: Replaces lower half of body with a crustation form. Allows the player to borrow underground upon use, and either when activating again, or reaching 0 on duration, will burst up, knocking any enemies above back and dealing some damage. Is extremely useful for sticky situations, especially in the very difficult later portions of a run. The only real downside is if an enemy that disperses some harming substance (fire, toxin, etc) above where the player borrows, it will damage them upon returning to the surface.
  • Dungeoness Crab King: Larger “explosion” when leaving the ground. Higher damage as well, but nothing to ride home about.
  • Death Roe: Allows the player to hatch small spider-like offspring that deal damage to enemies. These offspring can also distract possible threats by taking hits. If the player already has two offspring in the field, activating the ability again will instead shoot an explosive egg that hatches no offspring. These offspring can be healed with the interact button, but are so dispensable that there is often no point. Are very good for early bosses where dealing damage is often risky without range. Only issue is the brief time it takes to produce and hatch makes the player vulnerable, and that injured offspring can get in the way of the player interacting with some things until healed. Overall though, very good.
  • Death Roe Evolved: Not much to say, the offspring are simply better in damage and health. Same cons as normal Death Roe, but otherwise strictly better.
  • Death Roe Flapling: The player will not hatch flying bat like offspring with a ranged attack, similar if not the same as the common bat type enemy. However, players can only have one out at a time.
  • Exobrain: Fires a slow, low damage projectile that takes over an enemy to attack other enemies for you, as well as soak damage. It only works on lower-level enemies. I personally dislike this mutation a lot as the low damage makes it hard to use against alphas and bosses, and the slow projectile makes it somewhat hard to hit at actual range. Can be used to distract enemies in a pinch, if you hit it.
  • Exobrain Infinite: Allows you to take over enemies permanently. Same issues as the first Exobrain, same benefits. Really does not change much, the enemies taken over still need to be within range, and will still aggro after losing connection.
  • Firearm: Allows the player to fire medium range, medium damage fireballs. A couple fireballs can be fired before having to recharge.
  • Gnarly: Upon use, 1-2 enemies within a circle around the player will be stuck in place (that includes being unable to change direction). This is one of my personal favorites. Extremely good when enemies get too close, or can only be hit from one side of their body. Makes them easier to hit with projectiles, and can allow the player to move to a safer location. The casting time is quick and easy to see. Only real issue is with the limit on how many can be rooted, the player can still be damaged if there are a fair amount of enemies around, or if enemies shoot projectiles when the player is casting.
  • Gnarly Overgrowth: Simply better Gnarly, as up to 3 enemies can be rooted.
  • Beast mode: Gain a horse-like body and ram horns. Using the ability (can be held, or tapped for a shorter duration). The charge has decent knockback, speed, but low damage. I would not say its a good mobility, as the speed can often be uncontrollable and lead to damage from falling in the 3rd world. Its ok, but definitely not on my “A” tier list. It has good mobility in earlier worlds, and is good for getting out of corners, but does not match flying abilities or dungeoness crab, as enemies with shields will block and stop the charge.
  • Beast Mode Turbo: More speed and knockback. Really reaches a state of scariness. I barely used it due to its overwhelming speed.
  • Cobruh: Extremely good mutation. Allows the player to deal a decent amount of melee damage from a distance (does not replace bat) while applying venom which deals a fair amount of damage overtime. Extremely good early on as bosses can not get close enough to deal damage. The venom also allows players to deal damage when doing other things (not infinitely of course). Also notable that the head, if in range, can “grab” items in toxic pools, etc.
  • Cobruh Gleek: REPLACES the long ranged bite of the Cobruh head with a medium-speed lobbed projectile, which still applies DOT (Damage over time). The damage is extremely good, and the range is good as well. Extremely good ranged attack for every situation.
  • Cobruh Super Strike: Dramatically increases range of the attack, while still being considered a melee. Extremely good. It can also detonate harmful obstacles from a distance safely.
  • Suck Face: Should not be two words, but it is. Players will grow a mouth on their stomach which sucks (similar to a magnet) in food and other various items passively; or the mouth can be thrown to drag in enemies in a large area, which disables the passive gathering of items briefly. Pretty ok mutation.
  • Suck Face Bomb: Pretty self explanatory, suck face when throw out will explode at the end of his sucking.
  • Homeslice: I cant give too strong of an opinion yet, but seems fairly bad. Adds a growth on the players back which shoots occasionally at enemies, even if the player is not focusing them. It can also be dropped as a sort of turret, which locks it in place to shoot at enemies slightly faster, and possibly take attention off of the player. The damage is low, and the fire rate is low when on the players back. There are better mutations.
  • Homeslice sibling: Allows the player to have one Homeslice on the ground, and one on the back, or two on the ground and none on the back. Makes a pretty bad mutation just ok.

Mutations Pg 2

  • Warhead: Allows the player to lob their head as a medium damage explosive which comes back after exploding. The damage is fairly low for a mutation called “Warhead”. The projectiles speed is extremely low, and often difficult to use against alphas. The head does not start coming back until the explosion goes off. The head explodes on contact, or when the ability is used again (whether in air or on the ground). Damage too low, too hard to hit, and too long a cooldown. Looks cool though.
  • Batty: Shoots the player high into the air, and allows them to glide for a short period of time. Good movement ability, and although I haven’t used it, is probably good for when combat gets sticky.
  • Batty Ace: Wings grow in power, allowing the player to flap rapidly and gain much more distance and speed. The initial knockback and damage is also increased.
  • Batty Guano: While flying, drop small blast radius bombs of guano dealing a fair amount of damage periodically. Isn’t bad, but isn’t particularly good.
  • Withering: One of my favorite mutations so far. Slows and dazes enemies within radius, also slowing certain projectiles. Extremely good in general as the cooldown is very low, and very good for killing Alphas. With the Mega Leg, most alphas can be easily killed in one rotation with no risk of getting hit.
  • Withering Nebula: Larger radius of cloud, straight up better.
  • Bummer Head:[/u] Players head is replaced with a lame looking slug which fires slow low damage balls of toxin. Yeah, pretty bad.
  • Bummer legs: A deformed mutation of Toxic Dump that significantly lowers damage and size of toxic pool. As most if not all deformed mutations, it sucks. Get rid of it. Soon.

Endo Mutations

A note that only the Insulation (the electric damage immunity buff) provides immunity to lightning strikes. Fire strike damage and other fire projectiles will not be negated by Hotfoot (same goes for Waterproof)

  • Raised Hackles: Increases critical hit frequency. Not much to say, no endo mutations are particularly bad.
  • Bonus Range: increases range of projectile attacks, this does not apply to mutations, just throw objects like Boom Berries.
  • Hulk Haunches: Run faster
  • Beefcake: Increases bat damage, does stack with Teenybopper.
  • Mutation Power: All mutations deal extra damage, probably the best one there is.
  • Waterproof: Walk through toxic pools without taking damage.
  • Hotfoot: Walk through fire without taking damage, probably the most useful of the damage resistances.
  • Insulator: Walk through electricity without taking damage.
  • Toxic/Fire Shield Heart: Provides a negation of the corresponding damage when not recharging (as the hearts are used, they slowly come back). Situational, but still ok. Doesn’t sync well if the player has damage resistances, as most of the heart containers will be used by floor damage, and not by projectiles.

The next two can be found after boss fights, or in pyramid like red containers:

  • Bonus Ventricles: Adds 1 extra hit-point to the corresponding heart (up to 3 hit points on that specific heart).
  • Heart Attach: Add one heart container (with a base of 2 hit points, can be upgraded).
  • Sac of Holding: Allows the player to carry (a base, can increase) [of] two consumables at a time. Extremely good.
  • Bodacious: NPC’s will occasionally drop items for free. Note this does not let the player by a free item, but will instead get a random item from them (usually, if not always, a small healing item).
  • Perception: Enemies either hiding in obstacles or in the ground will radiate a very noticeable rainbow aura.Also points out explosive plants, bear traps, and rigged chests.
  • Tape Worm: When eating food, the hit-points regained will give tapes (the base currency) equal to points regained.
  • Truffle Pig: Find drupes and other fruits more frequently.
  • Vampiric Hits: ALL melee hits have a chance of healing the player for one hit-point. This works with Cobruh and Teenybopper. Even if the enemy takes no damage, there is a chance health is regained (for example, hitting the front of those charging spiked enemies deals no damage, but still has the potential to heal the player anyway).
  • X-ray Vision: Allows the player when within range to see the type of item being held whether in an enemy, obstacle, or chest. Does not say specifically what (for example it will show a bottle if there is a consumable, but not the quality of the consumable).
  • Side lobe: Can only be found when the player has Chronobellum. Increases duration of Chronobellum
  • Sand Gills: Can only be found when the player has Dungeoness Crab. Player can stay underground longer.
  • Horsepower: Can only be found when the player has Beast Mode. Increases speed and knockback slightly.
  • Fire Gland: Can only be found when the player has Firearm. Allows the player to shoot more fireballs before running out.
  • Toxic Bladder: Can only be found when the player has Toxic Dump. Significantly increases the amount of sludge that can be left before needing to recharge.
  • Ravenous: A deformed mutation. Players will eat any consumable immediately, even if they cannot benefit. Note that if the player has taken damage, food will still heal, but items cannot be picked up and saved for later. Another note that players don’t pick up food, the consumable wont be used.
  • Carnivore: A deformed mutation. The player can now only eat meat. Any fruits cannot be eaten. Drinks can still be used.
  • Hollow Bones: The player can jump slightly higher, but will receive more knockback from various sources.
  • Bad Seed: The trail of flowers left by players no longer increases movement speed, making backtracking as well as longer fights much more difficult.
    Nerfed RangeL Decreases throwing range. Who f*cking cares though?

Random Stuff Idk Where to Put?

If you give the Boom Berry plant enough time to grow past completion in Billy’s garden, it will grow a Boom Berry the player can eat, and gain a free endo mutation.

There is no fall damage, feel free to jump off those islands in the third world, or anywhere really.

Obvious, but dropped meat can cook for more health points (by fire, duh).

The broken mender machines do have a chance to give good endo mutations

The weird pink circles in world 3 sometimes do nothing, but sometimes really suck, giving bummer mutations.

Cracked floors can be slammed to reveal a secret, same with some walls, often leaking sparks.

Knocking those big teleporting robots off the stage doesn’t work as well as you think, as they can teleport back.

Attacks from directly above will be blocked if the enemy has a front shield.

Battle hearts defend based on # of times hit, not the actual damage value of the attack.

When at low health, the player will no longer leave an effective flower trail.

Pressing Caps Lock lets you remap your mutations.

It is possible to upgrade a mutation before getting a second or third one, but it is unlikely.

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