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Rain World Creatures Tier List Welcome to our Rain World Creatures Tier List guide. People make […]

Rain World Creatures Tier List

Welcome to our Rain World Creatures Tier List guide. People make lists of lizards on youtube and then I think to myself, “Why don’t I list everything?” I thought. So I can split my 3-tier lists with 1 list in each directory.


Creatures that can protect/help you all the time.

[Red Lizard] – Rain World Creatures Tier List

Taming a red lizard requires 4-6 squidcadas, the least amount I gave to a red lizard to tame is 3. Red Lizards are very great pets to have if you want to be protected.
Usually red lizards are scared of leviathans but a tamed red lizard will still attack it to “protect” you. No matter the danger, they do their best to protect you. You must know where the red lizard usually spawns for taming to be easy, you don’t want to run around trying to find it.


Creatures that are very helpful but might die sooner or later if not properly taken care of.

[Cyan Lizard] – Rain World Creatures Tier List

Cyan lizards are the best pet to have to travel with, their ability to jump around can catch up to you in any place but beware of going to places with death pits, they jump off sometimes.
They are also brave enough to protect you from certain predators. 1-3 squidcadas should be enough to tame it.


Grapplebug is very useful to use to get around places with many deathpits like the exterior. Although they die easily in wormgrass if you try to cross one with it.
If you don’t need the grapplebug anymore, you can kill it and feed it to a lizard to tame.

[White Cicada] – Rain World Creatures Tier List

Cicadas have two varieties, black and white. White Cicadas are heavier and have more energy to fly around, a great choice for traversing through sky islands. These white variety usually stays near it’s den and will attack slugcat if it approaches them. Cicada attacks are harmless unless you are climbing on a pole, they push and knock you down and might result a slugcat falling to it’s death.
Killing a white cicada and bringing it to a lizard is a little hard due to it’s weight.


Creatures that can help you or keep as companion.

[Green Lizard] – Rain World Creatures Tier List

Green lizards can be a great choice of a tanky bodyguard. Despite being slow and unable to go to certain rooms, they are immune to a lot of things: Any Centipede Shocks, Wormgrass, Red Lizard bites, Vultures. Taming only requires 1-2 squidcadas or it’s favorite snack, blue lizard.


Axolotls are good pets to travel with underwater. They don’t do much but it’s good companion if you feel lonely. Taming it requires 2-3 Jetfishes.


Scavengers could be great friends to travel with region to region. You can protect each other, give weapons to one another, or just chill around with some more trading. Careful tho, scavengers can still “accidentally” kill you. Do not approach scavengers with explosives that are also fighting a hostile creature, you can still help but it will be risky. Overseers would come and check up on you while scavengers will try to kill it but accidentally kill you instead. They also come to your shelter, so any valuable items you have might get stolen away and getting it back will result in negative reputation. Befriending scavengers requires a lot of trading or saving them from other hostile creatures until you get the chieftain passage.


Eggbugs don’t really do much but have a great supply of food when killed with a bonus of a dead eggbug that can be fed to lizards.

[Black Cicada] – Rain World Creatures Tier List

Black Cicadas are like white cicadas but lighter and easily tire from flying. Players can use these if they cannot find the white variety. Do note that black Cicadas are more aggressive and will attempt to push you a lot. They are a lot easier to bring for a lizard to feed on.


Jetfish can be found in large bodies of water and can be used to traverse the water faster. A group of jetfish often harasses slugcat and will attempt to you push down underwater or push you off poles while a lone jetfish leaves you alone. Jetfish is useful for players that aren’t swift swimmers
as it helps them avoid aquatic creatures.


Creatures that are just great companions but might still help.

[Pink Lizard] – Rain World Creatures Tier List

Pink Lizards are the most basic lizards to have as pets, can be good for travelling around 1-2 regions. They fight off other lizards as well to protect you. Taming it requires 1-3 squidcadas.

[Mole Lizard] – Rain World Creatures Tier List

Mole lizards don’t really do much other than making other lizard neutral when tamed, they can detect movement from offscreen maybe. Taming requires 2-3 squidcadas.

[White Lizard]

White lizards can be a good pet to have with it’s ability to camoflauge and climb background walls. Their long tongue can also help grab food like centipedes or to stop other predators from catching up to you. Taming requires 2-3 squidcadas

[Vulture Grub]

Grubs don’t really do much exept calling a vulture when thrown at an open sky, this can be used if you feel prepared to kill a vulture for it’s mask. You can also get 1 food pip when the grub dies.


Hazers are great for blinding creatures. The smoke can even help you pass a scavenger toll without payment. Hazers can be found in some areas on the ground barely visible, sometimes near water. You can also feed a lizard with a dead hazer.


Snails are great for stunning creatures like leeches and spiderpedes but will also weigh you down if you bring it with you. Snails can be found around moist areas like garbage wastes, drainage system, shoreline, etc.


Creatures that only helps a little bit but still looks cool.

[Yellow Lizard] – Rain World Creatures Tier List

Yellow lizards are often in groups and can be hard to tame one without being bothered by other yellow lizards. Taming a yellow lizard doesn’t make the other yellow lizards friendly, they will still try to eat you while your new friend protects you from it’s group. Taming requires 2-3 squidcadas.

[Lantern Mouse]

Lantern mice spawns naturally in a very dark region called shaded citadel. They don’t do much, they are only food to lizards and only provide small amount of light. Lantern mice often flees from predators including slugcat. Killing a lantern mice will make their glow fade away.
You can use lantern mice to feed pink/black lizards or to distract spiderpedes.


Creatures that only helps in certain situation.

[Blue Lizard]

Blue lizards are very weak and fragile so don’t expect them to last longer. Blue lizards can be good companions if you feel lonely or to just complete the friend passage. They are scared of any predator but they are very loyal and will still try to save you if you are in danger. They often avoid danger as much as possible unless slugcat is in trouble. They also climb background walls and pull other prey with their small tongue.


Creatures that are helpful but VERY annoying to use.

[Rain Deers]

You already know Deers are the most annoying creature in the game when you need to go somewhere. They just sometimes go in an opposite direction of where you need to go when you climb on their antlers. This is why I decided to use deerfix mod. I don’t know what else to describe them. When you need to get pass farm arrays, you have no choice but to use rain deers to pass tall wormgrass. You can use sporepuffs to lure a deer in your position and climb on their antlers. If you have an extra sporepuff on hand, you can use it to throw in a direction where the deer needs to go or just feed it to the deer if you feel kind by dropping it on their head.

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