Rain World Slugcat Locations

You can check out the details in our guide to learn about all the slugcats locations in the game.

Slugcat Locations

Slugcats are the main playable characters of an exploration-focused survival platformer set in an abandoned Rain World. They are small nomadic creatures making their way through an unforgivably harsh ecosystem environement, finding just enough food to survive and hibernate.

Let’s get to know each one of them personally.


All Slugcats Guide


All Slugcats Guide

Monk is a cute yellow slugcat (don’t mix up with banana or cheese) and he serves as Rain World’s easy mode. During his campaign the hostile creatures are less common and less aggressive. Combat wise Monk deals less damage than the other slugcats.

Monk takes off running on his journey in order to find and reunite with his sibling the Survivor. He’s a sweet little guy that just wants to make friends and give you a hug.

Spawn region: Outskirts.

Diet type: Omnivore.

Monk’s food meter requirement:

All Slugcats Guide


All Slugcats Guide

Survivor is a white fur (skin? Furskin? Em,this sounds about right). Survivor is a slugcat with white slimy fur. They serve as the normal difficulty mode of Rain World base game. He is a sibling of Monk.

Survivor deals the standard amount of damage with spears, has a standard movement speed and a standard enemy spawns.

An alternative ending is possible through DLC.

Spawn region: Outskirts

Diet type: Omnivore.

Survivor’s food meter requirement:

All Slugcats Guide


All Slugcats Guide
Hunter is a hard mode slugcat of the game. Hostile creature spawns are more common and enemies are more aggressive. He is faster and stronger and has an ability to carry an extra spear in a cancer tumor pouch on his back as well as well as duel wield spears.

Unlike any other slugcat, the Hunter’s cycles count down and are limited to 19 (unless you find reputable Karma dealers who can provide you with a bit of the ECW – the extended cycle warranty). Will you make it to the end game destination in time having your days numbered or will the cancer prevail and rot your body into something called HunterDaddy? The race is on!

Spawn region: Farm Arrays

Diet type: Primarily carnivore.

Hunter’s food meter requirement:

All Slugcats Guide

DLC Rain World Downpour Slugcats

All Slugcats Guide


All Slugcats Guide

Spearmaster. Oh boy what a fate to be him. Being a living abnormality, having no mouth to shove things down into or treating oneself to yummy snackies, having no ability to sleep. But you know, as they say, your differences make you special and unique and Spearmaster is definitely so. At least in the feeding department. He possesses the ability to pull needles aka spears from his tail at will and use them to stab any living being there is to feed off them. Pretty cool, having a mouth is overrated anyway.

Apart from that, you’ll never run out of spears whether you need to hunt to fill your belly (sorry, I mean those food pips in the bottom left of the screen) or as an action of self defense in response to an assault you commited earlier. Or to use one as a ledge to climb up. Or just to peace out that annoying scavenger that’s pointing at you over there. Always pull out!

Other abilities: Carrying a spear in both hands at once.

Spawn region: Outskirts.

Diet type: Carnivore + Popcorn plant seeds through spear piercing.

Spearmaster’s food meter requirement:

All Slugcats Guide


All Slugcats Guide

Do you hate scavengers? Then Artificer is the slugcat to side with! Start each cycle by rising and choosing violence #QualifiedToCommitScavGenocide.

Artificer is a badass combatant with a master’s degree in pyrotechnics and explosives that provides them with explosive double jump ability and a skill of creating explosive spears and grenades from sticks and rocks. Explosion immunity is a part of their skill set as well. Nonetheless, that makes Artificer severely and deathly allergic to water. And a constant desire for a scavenger bloodshed.

Completely justified though….*sobs slimy tears* All Slugcats Guide

Brb playing yet another campaign of vengeance.

Other abilities: explosive parrying, mauling animals and enemies by biting them to death

Spawn region: Garbage Wastes

Diet type: Carnivore.

Artificer’s food meter requirement:

All Slugcats Guide


All Slugcats Guide

Gourmand is a big heavy boi with an infinite stomach capacity. For reasons! You gotta put more yummy goodies down your digestive tract to keep that BOD working. But also tactical advantages! Gourmand can store more items in his belly than any other slugcat, and it comes in handy when you find materials to use for crafting useful items. Even bombs!

The Gourmand’s fat-filled looking body is actually a deception maneuver. He is in fact able to easily kill a hostile creature by body slamming it. Jump on it, fall on it, roll on it, burp on it, poop on it – you name it! Ok ok we got a little carried away here but you get the gist. And don’t forget the Gourmand’s spear throw power – it’s the strongest amongst all the slugcats (combined).

Despite being a wrecking ball killer machine, the cost of sustainability is real. Gourmand by default has a slower movement speed, and he gets easily exhausted.

Spawn region: Shaded Citadel.Eww.

Diet type: Omnivore.

Gourmand’s food meter requirement:

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There’s also a side quest in the Gourmand’s campaign, completing which awards an alternative ending and unlocks Slugpups in all subsequent campaigns for the Gourmand themself, the Survivor and the Hunter, where they randomly spawn in Shelters.


All Slugcats Guide

Rivulet is a semi-aquatic slugcat with a large lung capacity that allows him to stay under water for a very long time (those gills are there not just for the beauty reasons either!).
Caffeine-fueled, he is very energetic and insanely fast, and blessed with great jump boost ability.

The rain cycles in his campaign are significantly shorter.

Spawn region: Drainage System.

Diet type: Omnivore.

Rivulet’s food meter requirement:

All Slugcats Guide


All Slugcats Guide

Saint. A slugcat equipped with a long tongue that lets him move around terrains with fun and ease, (and who knows what else he uses that tongue for).

While being a pacifist (being in a spear – use ban list) and a vegan (those eggbug eggs don’t count, ok?) Saint gets access to an ultimate Ascension power ability – a big red (green) nuclear button. Want to assert dominance of that pesky overpowered Red Lizard beast, or teach a Leviathan a lesson, or get Five Pebbles to meet his end? – Ascend! Gg ez.

Saint lives in the cycle era of frequent snow blizzards, and just being green and fluffy doesn’t help much against cold. So it’s important to find and place a nice lantern inside your stomach to keep yourself warm and avoid turning into the grumpy Grinch. Peace!

Spawn region: Windswept Spires (fomer Farm Arrays).

Diet type: Herbivore.

Saint’s food meter requirement:

All Slugcats Guide

DLC Secret Slugat

All Slugcats Guide

??? What the actual slug!? This gem of a secret slugcat joke is referred to as Inv or Enot. Their campaign is atrociously challenging, recommended for masochists only. The campaign – which I repeat is just a joke do not do that! – can be unlocked by typing “sofanthiel” when on the main menu screen.

Every cycle Inv gets visited by an egg fairy that keeps providing him with eggcellent gifts to take care of. Or to not take care of – you choose, gamer!

At the end of the journey when you think your worst nightmare is over, you’ll be force dragged into a… dating sim. That’s right. A slugcat dating sim.

All Slugcats Guide

Aight I’m outta here…

Spawn region: Shaded Citadel (Memory Crypts)Yay!

Diet type: Omnivore.

Inv’s food meter requirement:

All Slugcats Guide

Closing notes:

All Slugcats Guide
All Slugcats Guide

Side note. If you’re into cosmetics you can also enrich your gameplay experience by customizing your Slugcat character into lots of different things. Steam Workshop offers a large variety of skins and cosmetics – from Pokemon, OCs skins to Lizards, Majima Goro and Walter White aka Heisenberg.

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