Rainbow Six Siege – All Iron Sights and Scopes for the Guns

Iron Sights and Scopes Guide Tired of seeing same old sight again and again, do you […]

Iron Sights and Scopes Guide

Tired of seeing same old sight again and again, do you want a refreshment for your eyes, then welcome to this guide feast your eyes on knowlage.

R6 uses most of the iron sights more than twice. There are some unique ones too, this article will give an insight on the subject.

Flip Up Iron Sights

Diamond Flip Up Iron Sights

Heckler Koch Iron Sights

Little bit different from ones on top (OWO)

Vector Foldable Iron Sights

MP7 Type Foldable Iron Sights

Most clean ironsights ingame real life counterpart has smaller ring.

OTs-03 Iron Sight

to me second most clean sights in game especialy on bb’s scar.

Russian Iron Sights

AR-15 Carry Handle Iron Sights

LMG-E has a AR sight without carry handle but its still same on ads.

They are close to top but diferent 2 of them similar in shape.

Bonus close one:

Ghost Ring Iron Sights

These 2 are simmilar in shape only P90 doesnt feature yrd writings.

Ghost Ring Like Iron Sight

Warning! Dokks iron sight covers halfscreen same on her pistol use it only meme purposes.

G36 Stock Iron Sights

Slight diferences on green reticles shape is same.

Attachment Rail Focused Iron Sights

Not the same but rail layout looks simmilar.

Unique Ones

Honorable Mention

This fella worked hard on topic too btw Useful video for other sights.

Unique carry handle for SAS.

Clean regular pistol sight.

SAS shotgun’s iron sight is a circle, most clean shoty sight in game.

FMG’s carry handle looks like pistol sight but its bigger.

Clean attacment rail for Spetnaz defenders.

İQ sights is interesting ones they can be seen mostly on thunt killcams.

F2 uses rail equiped sights instead of using built in ones kinda disapointing but meh.

Bucks iron sight in his DMR is a built in one, its authentic than most other iron sights its like regular sight but in crescent shape be sure to check out.

Looks like combination between ghost ring and ar sights.

İt has a clean carry handle sight without attachment rails.

For her low damage SMG Cav gets unique thin sights such as.

Hibana but this time dmg is not the concern its the ammo count.

Same with SMG-11 a pistol sight with little extra touch.

Looks like Ghost ring but without rings.

İt provides two glowing colors use it if you are good with pistols.

Devil Horns same on recoil nuff said.

T-5 and SMG-12 iron sight looks simmilar but different.

This AK variant’s features no iron sights whatsoever only atachment rail and tip markers it provides good perspective view.

Kinda looks like G36C but not so much.

Iron sights is long and thiner like MP7 and OTs-03.

Simple and bold use it to trick the enemy.

Kinda looks simillar to russian SMG.

Sadly its not same as AUG A2.

Unlike SAS shoty ausie’s shotgun doesnt feature ring sight its clean (just like Engineers taste).


Game Features Same Gun Variations

3 MP5’s, 2 SİX12’s, 2 İTA 12’s, 2 M219’s and AR-15, Comando9 also TCSG12

We can add Vector/V308 and P10 RONİ/P-10C pistol mechanisim too to that same guns category

Most of the guns shared iron sights will look diferent because of the operators posture, equipment, stance, 3d model/hitbox size etc.

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