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Ratopia Happiness Guide

Elevate your mice's happiness in the kingdom of Utopia! Explore the Ratopia Happiness guide for insights that positively impact your kingdom's progress.

Are you up to making our mice the happiest in the whole kingdom in Utopia? Here in this Ratopia Happiness guide you will find details about happiness that will have a positive impact on the progress of your vote.

Ratopia Happiness Guide

Joy is something that you really need to put out so that your subjects don’t tear you apart. In this Ratopia Happiness guide, we have covered happiness in detail.

There are two joy scales: the general scale displayed in the upper left corner and the single scale that you can view by clicking on each mouse (you can use the joy filter, but it will not show exactly which aspects we lack).

Ratopia Happiness

*Note: To use filters, press the G button.

What Affects Happiness?

Let’s consider what influences our subjects using a specific mouse as an example:

Ratopia Happiness

Choose a test subject, press the F button, and go to the second tab, “Happiness.” Here, we see six aspects that affect each mouse; let’s go through them in order.

  1. Food: The name speaks for itself; hungry subjects are sad subjects. Eventually, they may become dead subjects. To satisfy this aspect, we need to keep the required amount of food in storage. Different types of food also bring a bit more pleasure to the mice than a monotonous diet.
  2. Joy: The less joy, the higher the probability that our subjects will start rioting and smashing everything in their path. To satisfy the basic need for joy, you need to build a School, Arena, and Circus Arena. These buildings are suitable for meeting the needs of the poor and above. Don’t worry if you’ve set up a Pub and your mice aren’t relaxing there; adjust accessibility in Trade Laws (Stone Speaker).
  3. Hygiene: Every mouse should smell and look good to maintain themselves properly. To satisfy this need, you need to build a Toilet (about 3-4 toilets for 10 mice) and Massage Bed (2-3 are enough).
  4. Necessity: Items that raise the status of your mice. All of them provide additional effects. To satisfy this need, place items (pot, leather bag, bat’s brew, oil, candle, etc.) in storage and wait a bit. The mice will take them in due time. Such items have a tendency to wear out.
  5. Income: Depends on either your subject’s profession and their pay or the subsidies you allocate to them.
  6. Tax: The lower the tax, the more willingly the resident will pay it.

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