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RDR2 – Goodbye Dear Friend Walkthrough

Goodbye Dear Friend is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter six. Gold Medal Checklist Find Colm’s back […]

Goodbye Dear Friend is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter six.

Gold Medal Checklist

  1. Find Colm’s back up within 45 seconds
  2. Get 8 headshots with a long scoped rifle
  3. Complete within 6 minutes 30 seconds

Attend Colm O’Driscoll’s Execution Walkthrough

  • Head towards the Saloon in Saint Denis.
  • Go inside to meet Dutch and Sadie.
  • Change into a guard’s uniform.
  • After changing, follow Dutch and Sadie to the execution location.

Follow Sadie’s And Dutch’s Lead

This section of the mission is pretty straightforward. There is no combat and all you will need to do is follow Dutch and Sadie towards the execution of Colm O’Driscoll.

Stop The O’Driscoll’s Plan To Save Colm Walkthrough

  • After reaching the area where Colm will be hung, you notice that there are a few O’Driscolls there.
  • You notice that they are pointing at something on the building near the stage.
  • Follow the O’Driscolls with Dutch toward the building.
  • Follow the O’Driscoll down into the alley.
  • Listen in on the conversation about the plan.
  • Get up on the roof and look for the shooter’s location.
  • Fight and kill the shooter silently.
  • Pick up the rifle and watch the execution.

1. Use Cover To Avoid Being Seen

aYou will need to follow the O’Driscolls without being seen in order to uncover their plans. Make sure to utilize cover to avoid being seen by the O’Driscolls.

2. Use Your Knife To Fight The Shooter

The Knife will be your best bet to kill the shooter on the roof. It is a melee fight, and will need you to fight in close range.

Protect Sadie And Dutch Walkthrough

  • After Colm is hung, Sadie will go into a rage and kill the O’Driscolls in the area.
  • Using the rifle you picked up, assist in killing the other O’Driscolls in the area.
  • Clear a path for Sadie and Dutch towards the wagon.

The Wagon Will Be To Your Left

To help you clear a path for Sadie and Dutch, kill O’Driscolls towards your left side. The wagon will be waiting on the end of the path to your left.

Goodbye Dear Friend is completed.

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