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Ready or Not Evidence Locations

Unlock the mysteries of the game with our Ready or Not Evidence Locations guide, providing comprehensive details on all evidence locations and in-game clues.

If you need information about all the evidence in the game and the location of the evidence, we have listed them all in detail in our guide.

This is the guide noided it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

All Evidence Locations in Ready or Not

Upon completion of missions, new evidence will be added to the evidence locker room (on the same side of the precinct as the SWAT room, down a small tunnel).

These small bits of lore entries are absolutely phenomenal world building, and help create the LS we know and love.

However, given that the requirements to get all of these is a bit tedious (S-rank in all missions), I’ve decided to compile them here.

Thank You, Come Again – 4U Gas Station

Bloody Pin

  • Name-tag taken from the corpse of Mudasir Varma, the 4U Gas Station Manager who was ruthlessly executed while attempting to call 911 during the robbery.

All Evidence

Cristal’s Teddy

  • Cristal Leighton’s Teddy, taken as evidence by LSPD Forensics. The bear is torn on one side, presumably a sign of the child’s stress during the incident.
  • Kind of a ♥♥♥♥ move to take a kid’s teddy bear after all the ♥♥♥♥ they’ve been through.

All Evidence

Andre’s Notes

  • A series of handwritten notes on leaflets of dirty paper. On the left, a series of plans are sketched out. On the right, notes list times and dates that the Debanco transport vehicles are expected to arrive, as well as the contents of the 4U Gas Station safe.
All Evidence

23 Megabytes A Second

PikuMiku Chan

  • A rare figurine of the anime character PikuMiku from the popular animated series Shinigami. Only 50 of these figures were released, many gifted from Hexon studios to popular streamers, including Michael. The item was sequestered by forensics due to the number of different DNA sources on the figurine. Might wanna wear gloves for this one.
  • Not pictured: the mason jar it came in

All Evidence

HRX Jotminer

  • One of Mindjot’s lesser-known side-projects: The HRX Bitcoin Miner, is capable of generating profits of almost $800 daily. Considered a highly desired item, the HRX Miner was only available and intended for a very few content creators, mainly creators who participated in a promotional Bitcoin scam spearheaded by Mindjot. Knowing the lack of moderation by OpenHouse, streamers who participated remained on the platform cashing in on their credulous fanbase falling for the scam. While also generating new money via their latest equipment.

All Evidence

Police Report

  • A police report detailing the events of Michael’s sexual misconduct investigation. Much of this situation and the controversy that followed were forgotten, with the charges put against him having been dropped entirely despite insurmountable evidence pointing towards its legitimacy.

All Evidence

Twisted Nerve

Sample Jar of Product

  • A jar containing shards of the Los Locos Methamphetamine. A hand-written label includes the weight of the product, the street value, the location of the finding, the date it was collected, and the forensics specialist who collected it.
All Evidence

Text Exchange

  • A text exchange on the phone of one of the Meth Cooks, in Spanish, to a Los Locos boss. The phone appears to have been broken, but has been repaired by the LSPD to get the requisite information from within.
All Evidence

The Cooking Man

  • A piece of aging paper found in the child’s coloring book. A picture of a man on fire can be seen.
  • The text above the man reads “1997”, likely a reference to the 1997 Los Suenos Fire, which killed hundreds of residents within the 213 Park area.
All Evidence

The Spider – Talent Agency

Old Pamphlet

  • An old advertising pamphlet from the early 2000’s, highlighting the purpose of this clinic and its value to the city. Clearly, this didn’t work out well, as the structure has since been repurposed by new owners.

All Evidence

Scheduling Book

  • A leather-bound book with tattered edges, documenting appointments at Brixley Talent Time. The documentation is for the month of February. Forensics analysis of the writing points towards a likelihood that this was written by Brixley
  • Lists descriptions of kids, with the exception of one note- “Feb 28- Bolton guys show up for headshot collection. Got some good ones in January, hopefully A.V. [Amos Voll] likes these ones.

All Evidence

Mysterious Inquiry

  • A crumpled letter discovered in a dumpster outside of the Brixley Talent Time building. Inside, a cryptic letter has been carefully flattened out. A series of wax seals are visible on the letter.
  • The letter includes a series of linked wax seals with cryptic images. The images on the seals include such things as a dead dog, a burning man, redwood tree, and a boat on a dock. The words on the letter are a garbled mess, but some words on the edges of the paper are clear; STAIRCASE, AUTHORITY, VOLL, EYE, CONTROL, STYX, and BRIXLEY
  • No idea what the hell this could be about. On top of poor viewing angles in the evidence viewer, lots of it seems to written in code. Cypher-savvy gamers will have to pitch in to decode this one. Could tie in with Voll House Painting.

All Evidence

A Lethal Obsession

USIA Challenge Coin

  • A rare metal challenge coin gifted to members of the USIA upon completion of service, this version has been discontinued for many years.

All Evidence

Ricin Spray

  • A creation of Gerard and his young accomplice, a processed ricin spray device capable of causing devastating effects to persons exposed to its mist. It is extremely toxic when inhaled or having prolonged exposure to the poison, a fatal dose capable of killing an adult in 36-72 hours. It appears that Gerard had plans to mail these to specific individuals in senior law enforcement positions across Los Suenos.

All Evidence

All Eyes On Me

  • Gerard kept tabs on the LSPD’s every move, throughout the department website’s short history before deletion Gerard saved hundreds of unlisted images from their pages, particularly ones from D-Platoon SWAT. After the Ridgeline incident it was discovered Gerard printed numerous images of individual D-Platoon members, including the team leader, David “Judge” Beaumont.
  • Oh hey that’s us! Oh hey, that’s us…

All Evidence

Ides Of March

Laser Rangefinder

  • The laser rangefinder used by the Left Behind shooters to target Senator Fremont during his Brisa Cove Memorial Park campaign.

All Evidence

Left Behind’s Plan of Attack

  • Aerial photograph of the Brisa Cove Memorial Park area with a clear plan for when Fremont and his team will be campaigning, along with times and the best window for an attack. It appears to include a backup plan in case the primary plan fails, highlighting the route his motorcade will head towards in the event of a high-risk incident.
  • Someone gave them this intel.
  • That last line is very important, it suggests a very powerful individual guiding this group of rogue veterans to concrete plans. Perhaps it’s a political opponent, using the Left Behind to get rid of an enemy? Could lead to interesting plot points in the future.

All Evidence

Johnson’s Personal Effects

  • An old, dusty box found by Detective Reed while examining the scene. This box contains a number of items: a photo of some officials, as well as a suspicious photo of the Brisa Cove memorial park.
  • This one makes only adds to the previous item. Now that I put them next to each other, could this be a USIA inside job? How far does this conspiracy go?

All Evidence

Sinuous Trail

Minor Note

  • Although this isn’t on evidence, I thought it was important anyway. In the Mindjot manager’s office, you can listen to his answering machine, which has a meeting with a certain Amos Voll. Several of these small interactables are scattered throughout the maps, and won’t show up in the Evidence Locker.

Suspicious Storage Unit

  • A painted high-density storage unit used at the Mindjot facility datacenter. It features a strange hand-painted set of initials with an accompanying sticky note that outlines its potential contents.
  • Note reads: “At request of the user, propagate multiple backups to Mj [Mindjot] Cloud servers and to physical storage. Requires approx. 250tb drive. Content of this storage unit set includes a multitude of encrypted images. Tread sensitively.”

All Evidence

Resignation Letter

  • Printed resignation letter on an A4 sheet of paper. The letter describes the facility manager’s current outlook on Mindjot and his discontent with many of the suspected illegal activities occuring at the time of its writing.

All Evidence

Ransom Note

  • A letter written with newspaper clippings and an attached image of what appears to be a Datacenter employee, Keith Arnold, who is still yet to be located by police. It is unknown who sent the letter, or its age.
  • Very strange letter. Basically says bring data drives 500-551 to 128 North Hills. If anyone can find the significance of these, I’ll be grateful. The only connection to North Hills is the car dealership, but I don’t believe they are actually connected. Probably just a coincidence.

All Evidence

Ends of the Earth

Coastal Grove Oncology Bill

  • A bill dated to a year prior, highlighting the cost of Hue’s most recent oncology visits, as well as an outstanding price for previous services rendered. The paper is visibly crinkled as if curled up into a ball and tossed aside.

All Evidence

Letter of Audit

  • Notice from the National Revenue Service regarding some recent discrepancies between the family’s spending versus their stated income and jobs. It is dated to a month ago.

All Evidence

A Better Life

  • A photo of Peter and Hue, happy and smiling. Looks to be taken in around the 1990s. A note in Vietnamese is inscribed on the back.
  • Shoutout to the random vietnamese characters that are just in like regular computer script. Look at the first letters of the fourth word to see what I mean by that.

All EvidenceAll Evidence

Greased Palms

Untraceable Weapon

  • A pistol seized by trailers. These are unregulated and unregistered firearms that can be easily distributed with no trace to the source, due to the serial number being non-existent and erased from the frame making them incredibly high-demand. This one sports a silver slide and illegal “G-Switch” modification enabling automatic fire. Many of these firearms play a large part in the spike in gun crime in Los Suenos.

All Evidence

Jack’s Watch + Agent ID

  • Jack always liked living on the edge, playing both sides amongst criminals and the law. His flashy and suave image was innate to his character: sporting a solid gold luxury watch attached to his Federal agent ID, $100 notes had also been inserted as hush money for eager, underpaid employees.

All Evidence

Special Delivery

  • Eugene Gomez was quick to fold after his arrest, leading agents to discover even more 3D-printed weapon components.
  • Amongst the evergrowing arsenal, Federal agents uncovered a package refvealing two jewel-encrusted firearms coated in 10K gold. Likely being status weapons for a Los Locos Kingpin in the Suenos area.
  • Mother-♥♥♥♥♥♥ hit max prestige in Call of Duty for a gun skin like that.

All Evidence

Valley of the Dolls

Bolton Security ID

  • A security identification card used by Bolton Security agent Anthony Ford, these IDs are required to be on security personnel at all times.

All Evidence

Janey Voll’s Diary

  • Janey Voll’s diary, daughter of Amos Voll.
  • Tried to take a crack at reading this, nothing particularly stuck out to me. Most of it is addressed to her presumably deceased mother, and talks about how she has her possessions in her closet. She also complains about Amos and his wife, and how some Bolton guys tried to take her mother’s possessions from her.

All Evidence

Unnerving Painting

  • A classic portrait painted by an unknown artist, depicting children clutching each other, surrounding some masked figures. The painting has been dated by forensics. It’s estimated to be from the mid-17th century. On the back of the painting is a hand-written note of unknown origin.
  • This one truly makes my skin crawl, and makes it all the more harder to take Amos Voll alive at the end of the mission.
  • The note reads as follows:
  • Amos, you provide me and my associates such delight. There is little joy left in this world, except for within those so fresh to it, and therein lies such a gift few are privy to. You have Our admiration for sharing this across the globe in a digital fashion, but nothing compares to the sensation of flesh touching flesh and the energy that we so very much enjoy absorbing when face-to-face. I hope we can treat you handsomely at the next banquet with a selection from our private reserve. In the meantime – a token of our appreciation. -G

All Evidence
All Evidence



  • The lifeline of many who endure trauma and mental abuse, within Los Suenos, a staggering 36% of all residents are diagnosed with mental health-related illnesses. Much of its increase relates to privatized therapy costs spiking, while much more accessible outlets are strained by a lack of resources. After the Watt Community College Massacre, Albert Liu and Archie Zem were both found to have Kasonopram antidepressants in their system. The events that took place sparking a national debate about mental health throughout the United States.

All Evidence

Tilly’s Bag

  • Tilly attended Watt Community College for a year looking t ostudy psychology, intending to become a psychotherapist, after noticing the decline in mental well-being throughout many people in her life and the city’s residents. Seeing mental health stigmatized and overlooked, Tilly saw her dream to help others as a lifetime goal. Sadly, she would not see it come true.

All Evidence

Recovered Social Media

  • Archie Zem’s final post before the incident. LSPD Recovered posts from his account from the Malibuu social media platform on the day of the attack.

All Evidence

Rust Belt

Cartel Text

  • A text from an unknown number to the phones owner. LSPD Seach and Rescue conducted an operation to locate the “crying hcild” as mentioned within the text, but were unsuccessful. Further expeditions are planned to travel up and down the subterranean river system.
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ creepy, man.

All Evidence


  • Written in Spanish, the list depicts border patrol routes and times in the area. Some notes have been made about various guards, detailing their appearances. One or two have been crossed off, having been “dealt with”.
  • Some aerial images from a drone are also attached, with markings depicting where the guards walk to, from their vehicles.

All Evidence

A Distant Age

  • Found in a collapsed section of the ancient caverns.
  • Upon closer inspection, the rock contained unique carvings, ones that told tales of man killing man, a large storm washing away the ancient people, and an extreme suffering.
  • Pretty prophetical. Could the large storm referenced be the hurricane in Port Hokan?

All Evidence

Sins of the Father

TH-X Camera

  • A camera that was to be used to record the execution of Senator Fremont’s family.

All Evidence

{Work in Progress, be back soon :> }


Shelly’s Phone

  • What she had thought to be her final texts, before being rescued during the event. A clear bullet impact shattered the lower left corner of her phone during gunfire leaving her with minor injuries.
  • Shelly requested the phone be given to her rescuers, as a gift and lucky charm rosary prayer beads were attached to the damaged phone case, a silver cross dangling still intact.

All Evidence

“The Hand” Flag

  • A tattered, shrapnel-torn flag of “The Hand” terror cell was found folded in one of the Hospital gunmen’s chest rigs, likely to be displayed amongst the slain club-survivors and Hospital Staff. A single streak of dried blood paints the banner with a strong scent of gunpowder retelling the events of the massacre.

All Evidence

Qadamah’s Plan

  • Located in the jacket pocket of a detained assaulter, detailing the layout of the hospital and a plan of attack. On the backface, an attached torn sheet from Qadamah’s personal notes which outlines his plan after the NEON shooting. It includes vague directions for remnants of The Hand to follow upon his death or arrest.

All Evidence

Neon Tomb

Civilian’s Cell Phone

  • A smartphone with a text message half-written on it to someone labeled as “My Love”
  • Transcribed with errors: baby something has happened people are here and i can hear shooting. im hiding in a bathroom i dont think they will find me. im with 3 other girls. i cald the police and they just told me to wait the line swere full idk what to do. i love you so much you ean the world to me and im sorry we ofught befire i left it was stupid. i wish you knew how much you meant to me and youv’e helped me throug h so much.

All Evidence

Suspect’s Mask

  • A yellow, painted mask used by one of the suspects involved in the shooting. The interior of the mask has a message hand-written in Yemeni Arabic.

All Evidence

Al-Zubayr’s Manifesto

  • A hand-written manifesto writted [sic] by al-Zubayr for terrorist cells within the United States as a “motivational” note. It’s well-worn and has clearly been handled multiple times.
  • A very long note written entirely in Arabic. If any speakers of the language would like to lend their hand, it would be appreciated.

All Evidence

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