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Ready or Not How to get Fool

Capture the fool in Ready or Not with success using insights from our guide. Learn effective strategies and steps for achieving this accomplishment.

If you are wondering how to catch the fool in Ready or Not, you can achieve this success thanks to the information in our guide.

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Ready or Not How to get Fool Achievement

This guide will show you detailed about how to get “the fool” in the game.


What we need to do is getting a civilian to kill us to my knowledge that only possible at one location in the game, in the level “Valley of the dolls”.

But dont worry its barely simple:

First at the start of the level: order your Squat to break down the door and clear the room wait until your squad doesnt shoot anymore otherwise she might surrender to you

Now we need to find Daniela Voll (blond women with jewlery) shes the owner of the Place and will start punching us to get us out

Shes usually between her Bathroom and “Film location” (her bedroom).

Run into the first door to the left; quikly check the bathroom if she isnt there check the balcony:

  • If she isn’t there check the Bedroom (in some occasion shes in the main room but that only happend to me once and i played that level alooooooot).

Just stand in front of her and let her punch you until you fall down (if she doesnt punch you start violating her personal space and get close to her).

Written by Teimo

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