Red Dead Redemption 2 – American Fathers Part 2

American Fathers is a Main Story Mission and part of Red Dead Redemption 2 part four. This guide […]

American Fathers is a Main Story Mission and part of Red Dead Redemption 2 part four.

This guide highlights mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements.

American Fathers Part 2

Fast travel to Valentine (or take a train or stagecoach there if you haven’t unlocked that – see Camp Upgrades for more information) then ride to the marker on your map.

Approach Eagle Flies on foot to start the mission. He tells you you’re looking for a document from the Leland Oil Development Company, and you’ll find it inside the Cornwall Kerosene & Tar Factory.

Eagle Flies gives you a few options to infiltrate the building, but the best way is to use a wagon. As soon as you’re done talking to Eagle Flies, run down the hill and sneak into the wagon by pressing square/x behind it.


Sneaking in inside the back of a wagon is necessary to get the Gold Medal, too.

Hang tight in the wagon. You won’t be able to leave for a bit – not until you’re inside the factory walls.

When you’re able to, get out of the wagon, crouch, and head south for the factory. It’s shaded yellow on your minimap. The door is open on your right, in front of stairs.


[su_note]To get the Gold Medal, you can’t be detected. Be patient, and wait for the correct positioning of the guards to proceed.[/su_note]

Once inside, wait in the spill room behind a wall for both guards to face away from you, so you can make it to the stairs on the other side of the of the factory to the west. Look at the minimap in the screenshot below to see what the guard’s positioning look like before you make a break for it.

The bottom of the stairs you’re looking for are on the left side on the west side of this room.

Go upstairs. Luckily, there’s only one guard up here. Wait for him to turn away, then make it to the otherside of the floor to find the entrance to Mr. Danbury’s office.

Now, interrogate Mr. Danbury in his office. Threaten him twice and he’ll show you where the file is.

Some people come to check on Mr. Danbury, but Arthur convinces him to tell them he’s fine. With file in hand, escape out the window on the right.

Unfortunately, as soon as you drop down, three men will be on you in an instant. As they point their guns at you, an explosion to the southeast will distract them, giving you an opening.

Use Dead Eye to take care of them quickly, and run to the explosion to the southeast to find Eagle Flies. Focus on the enemies that are closest to you, and you should be able to reach him relatively unscathed. He’s ready there with your horses.

Once on horseback, more men will give chase.


[su_note]Kill these men on horseback to meet a Gold Medal requirement.[/su_note]

After safely escaping, the mission will be complete.

You’ll get $125, and the gang will get $125 for completing this mission.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – American Fathers Part 2 is done.

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