Red Dead Redemption 2 – Clear the Hideout Walkthrough

Preaching Forgiveness as He Went  is a Main Story Mission, and part of Red Redemption 2 Chapter three.

Clear the Hideout

  • Scan the area with your rifle’s scope
  • Eliminate the Lemoyne Raiders
  • Kill the gatling gun gunner
  • Investigate the Wagon for Weapon Cache
  • Return to Camp on the Wagon

Scoped Rifles are Mandatory

Clear the Hideout Walktrough

You will be using your scoped rifle as a mandatory weaponry in this section. Use the scope to scan and pick enemies off from afar.

Use Explosive Boxes to Your Advantage

Clear the Hideout Walktrough 1

Some boxes placed near the entrance of the house can be detonated when shot. Use these boxes to whittle down the number of enemies when you engage. Your crosshair will highlight in red when moved on a Explosive box.

Mission Will Fail If Lenny Dies

Clear the Hideout Walktrough 2

Keep your eyes open for enemies rushing in towards you and Lenny and provide covering fire. The mission will fail if Lenny is eliminated.

Use Your Scoped Rifle to Kill the Gatling Gunner

Clear the Hideout Walktrough 3

A Gatling gunner will appear on the second floor in a short while after engaging in combat. Use your rifle to snipe the gunner before they overpower you.

Group of Lemoyne Raiders Will Attack on the Way Back

Clear the Hideout Walktrough 4

Seeing a suspicious wagon come out from their camp, a group of Lemoyne Raiders will question you on the way back. Strike first and take them down.

Bolt Action Rifle Obtained at the End

Clear the Hideout Walktrough 5

Arthur will earn a powerful Bolt Action Rifle at the end of this mission for him to keep.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Clear the Hideout quest is completed.

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