Red Dead Redemption 2 – Enter, Pursued by a Memory Guide

The mission Enter Pursued by a Memory is part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter one.

This guide highlights mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements.

 Medal Checklist

  • Kill all the wolves without taking any damage
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy

In the next scene, Abigail asks you to look for John. You leave with Javier to carry out the task. After riding a ways in a cutscene, you’ll make it to a fireplace. Javier investigates the area, and determines the direction they went in. Follow Javier on horseback.

Now, you’ll learn Horses also have health, and crossing ice-cold rivers, and putting them in harm’s way, will deplete it.

Wild on horseback, you can hold the touchpad to activate cinematic camera, and hold X/A to automatically follow the road.

Don’t get tricky on your horse. If you jump from too high, your horse – and you – will die.

Eventually, you’ll come across a grizzly scene up ahead, and confirm that John is nearby.

Keep following Javier to him. Once you’re off the horse, follow the prompts to take your shotgun from the inventory kept on your horse.

You can only have one firearm equipped at a time.

  • Hold L1 to look through stored weapons.
  • Use the right stick to select a weapon to change.
  • Use L2 and R2 to cycle through different weapons.

Follow Javier. Now, you’ll learn about your Stamina Core. Like Health Core, you can regain Stamina by eating certain foods. Canned Peaches will restore Stamina Core moderately, but only slightly to health. Eat the Canned Peaches.

Keep heading toward John. You’ll get to him soon. After a short conversation, a cutscene of sorts will play with Javier carrying him back, but you’ll still have to use the left stick to move.

Once you get back to the horses, you’ll find you have some unwelcome company in the form of a few wolves.



**You can’t take damage from the wolves to get a Gold Medal during this mission. If you do, and are set on getting gold, you can always jump off the cliff and reload the checkpoint.

The game prompts you to use L2 to focus on the wolves, and call their attention with square/x, but you don’t actually have to. Go toward the three wolves and slightly to the right to stand on a rock there. They should focus on you without being taunted. Shoot them, aiming for the heads, to take them out quickly.

When you’ve taken them out, get out your horse and head back down the mountain with Javier and John.

On your way down, more wolves will attack.


You can shoot the wolves to kill them while on horseback, but it’s difficult to aim accurately while moving. Instead, run them over with your horse when able to preserve your accuracy rate to meet a Gold Medal requirement.

Kill the wolves, by gunshot or horse hooves, and keep your friends safe to complete the mission.

After completion, two story missions will be able to be started. Talk to Mr. Pearson to start The Aftermath of Genesis to learn how to hunt, or head to Bill Williamson to start Old Friends.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Enter, Pursued by a Memory is done.

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