Red Dead Redemption 2 – Escape From the Skinner Brothers

How to Earn Gold Medal Get 5 headshots using the bow After freeing Uncle, return to […]

How to Earn Gold Medal

  • Get 5 headshots using the bow
  • After freeing Uncle, return to Beecher’s Hope within 3 minutes 10 seconds
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Escape From the Skinner Brothers Camp Walkthrough

  1. When you’re surveying the Skinner Brother camp, equip your binoculars to find Uncle
  2. Move your binoculars to the left side of the camp & you’ll spot Uncle strapped to a wooden contraption
  3. After you spot him, a cutscene will start you’ll be attacked by a Skinner Brothers member
  4. You’ll automatically be placed in Dead Eye mode so shoot the man grappling Charles
  5. At this point, the whole camp will be alerted and you have to take out the Skinner Brothers
  6. Eliminate your enemies to clear the camp
  7. Once the coast is clear, head to Uncle and cut him down
  8. Cover Charles & Uncle as you escape the Skinner Brothers camp
  9. Keep moving forward until you get to your horses
  10. Mount your horse and ride with Charles out of the forest
  11. Shoot down any enemies that try to stop your escape
  12. Once you’ve reached Beecher’s Hope, the mission will end

4. Quickly Move Reticle & Headshot

Once you’re automatically put in Dead Eye mode, move your reticle and align it with the man’s head. Shoot to save Charles before the man kills him.

8. Eliminate Enemies On Higher Ground

Shoot & kill all enemies on higher ground first. They have a better field of view and most of their shots towards you will connect.

8. Use Dead Eye To Shoot Far Away Enemies

Utilize Dead Eye mode to eliminate enemies that are far away from you. You’ll immediately see their critical spots & can take them down quickly.

10. Mount Horse As Soon As You Can

When you reach your horses at the end of the camp, it’s best to mount them and move away as fast as you can. Enemies will have a harder time shooting mobile targets

11. Shoot When Your Reticle Turns Into A Red “X”

Once you’re on your horse, you need to eliminate enemies trying to stop your escape. Aim & wait for your reticle to turn into a red “X” and then shoot to deal fatal damage.

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