Red Dead Redemption 2 – Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego Walkthrough

Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego is a Main Story Mission, and part of Red Dead Redemption […]

Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego is a Main Story Mission, and part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter two.

This guide highlights mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements.

Gold Medal Checklist

  • Track the bear within 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Shoot the bear at least 6 times
  • Complete within 12 minutes

Start this mission by talking to Hosea at camp at Horseshoe Overlook. You’ll be going nearby Dakota River with Hosea, which takes a day or two, to find a beast of a bear. It will be the first Legendary Animal you come across (or should be).

You’ve decided to trade in a shire horse at Valentine so you can buy a new horse. Move your sattle over to the big horse so you can ride him. Follow Hosea to Valentine.

On your way, you’ll discuss a few people you’ve lost, and if the bonds you stole from the train in Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall have been sold.

You’ll have to calm the horse you’re riding with L3, but eventually you’ll make it to the stables in Valentine. You’ll only be able to sell the draft horse for about $5. You can choose to sell or stable him. We suggest to keep it – it’s a pretty good horse.


[su_note]To get a Gold Medal for this mission, you’ll have to complete it in under 12 minutes, so quickly make a decision. Just stable the draft horse and purchase the cheapest one.[/su_note]

Unfortunately, you’ll be forced to buy a horse now, and you won’t be able to switch it out now after you purchase it.

Continue on and Make Camp

After stabling or selling the draft horse, continue following Hosea. You’ll eventually pass through Moonstone Pond.

Hosea will suggest catching rabbits for dinner. Heed his advice and use a bow or .22 caliber rifle to hunt them down.

After shooting the rabbit, skin it, and bring it back to your horse. Then, you’ll have to set up camp.

Hold L1 to bring up the weapon wheel, then open up the item wheel. Follow the prompts to finish setting up camp.

Once camp is set up, you’ll find yourself sitting at a nice fire. Open up the crafting menu, then cook “Plain Game” – the pieces of rabbit you just caught. You’ll have to cook all of it to complete this part of Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego.

After cooking the rabbit, you and Hosea will go to sleep.

Catch the Bear

The next morning, you and Hosea will start off talking bear catching strategies. He’ll ask you to craft Potent Predator Bait.

After you’ve crafted the bait, you’ll pack up camp. Get back on the horse and follow Hosea closer to the lake. Hosea will talk about his time with Bessie.

Don’t forget to take your rifle from your horses’ storage.

Once you reach the water, you’ll get off the horse and be notified you’re in Legendary Animal territory. Use Eagle Eye by pressing in both sticks to see the start of the trail – in front of a large rock in front of the shore. Use it again and you’ll see the tracks that lead to the right of the rock, approximately northwest.


[su_note]You only have 1 minute, 30 seconds to track the bear. Check the map below to see where the tracks lead – the horse is at the starting position, the player is where the tracks lead. It’s mostly north and slightly west of the first clue.[/su_note]

You’ll have to use Eagle Eye to keep the trail going, mostly north, but soon you should find a fish.

Go north from there and you’ll find another clue – bear shit! Hosea will stop by this clue.

Go north again, and you’ll find the end of the trail.

A short cutscene will play, and you’ll have to choose between splitting up, and using bait.

Choose to use the bait, then plant the bait by the boulders up ahead. The minimap will mark the correct area in yellow.

Once you’ve planted the bait, head behind the rocks and hide by crouching. Equip your rifle, then follow Hosea to inspect the bait.

Unfortunately, the bear will rush you. But you should be ready with a rifle.


[su_note]Activate Dead Eye as soon as you can, and shoot the bear at least six times to complete a Gold Medal Requirement.[/su_note]

**After scaring the bear away, don’t bother running after it. Check on Hosea. He’ll give you a book with Legendary Animal locations as thanks.

Now, you can choose to immediately show back up at camp with Hosea, or continue tracking the bear – which isn’t part of the main mission, but his first track is right next to you. but be warned, that bear is incredibly strong, and probably out of your league at the moment.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego is completed.

This guide continue on to Who is Not without Sin next.

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