Red Dead Redemption 2 – Going Back to Blackwater

How to Earn Gold Medal

  • Kill all of Langton’s men during the horseback escape
  • After choosing your approach. escape with Shane Finley within 5 minutes
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Going Back to Blackwater Walkthrough

  1. Once you’ve mounted up on your horse, follow Sadie through the canyon roads
  2. Enemies will chase you as you escape so shoot them to get them off your trail
  3. Once you’re in the clear, escort Sadie back to Blackwater
  4. Head to the sheriff’s and pitch your horse
  5. Grab Finley then go into the sheriff’s to place him into a cell
  6. A cutscene will start and the mission will end right after

2. Wait For Your Reticle To Show An “X” Mark

When aiming, wait a few seconds for your reticle to make a red “X” mark then release your trigger – this means your shot will be fatal and can instantly eliminate an enemy.

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