Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Use the Lasso

How to Use the Lasso

This article is about the tool called lasso in Red Dead Redemption 2. The article features on its uses and how to use it.

To lasso a target, equip your lasso like any other weapon, aim at the target with L2 or LT and Right Stick, and press R2 or RT to hurl your lasso. (Remember you can’t be to far away from the target or else it won’t reach and it fail.)

Once you’ve lassoed a target, you can quickly approach them and press Circle or B to hogtie and keep them still. The hogtied enemy can then be picked up and carried and even placed on your horse. Lassoed targets will break free after a short time if they’re nog hogtied.

How to Use the Lasso in Red Dead Redemption 2 Step by Step

To get the lasso

First you must start the mission Wild Horses,Tamed Passions

How to lasso and tame a horse

First you need to find a Wild horse(Wild horse are the ones roaming around the world and have no saddle). Select your lasso with L1/Left shoulder button and right analog stick. Aim with L2(and Keep it held down) and move the cross hair until it is over a wild horse. Press the the R2 button to fire. Remember you can’t be to far away from the target or else it won’t reach and it fail. Once the horse is lassoed, you can walk up to the horse and press triangle to get on to the horse. This will start the horse taming mini game.

How to tame the horse on the horse taming mini game

You need to keep John on the horse by using the right analog stick to keep him centered. If he leans too much to the right you need to move the stick left,but not so much that it makes him lean too much to the left. If you fail by leaning to much to one side, you will fall off and you will fail to tame the horse.

How to lasso and hogtie people

Lassoing people is done the same as horse except you and hold the L2 button to drag the person around even while you are on horse. You may also walk up to the lassoed victim and hogtie him by pressing Triangle or if he’s already tied up you can press the circle button to let him free. You may also pick up the hogtied victim and put him on the back of your horse before you get on. This is mainly useful for capturing bounties and robbers.

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