Red Dead Redemption 2 – Indian Tobacco How to Find & Craft

Where to find indian tobacco Locations

RDR2 Indian Tobacco

  • The herb can be consumed to increase your Dead Eye Core, or as one of the key ingredients to make Snake Oil.
  • These plants are native to woodlands and savannas and can be found growing in West Elizabeth, Ambarino, and Lemoyne.
  • (Lobelia Inflata) Indian Tobacco can be identified by their tall height, serrated leaves and delicate lilac flowers.
  • Can be used to craft a Potent Miracle Tonic.

Indian Tobacco locations where you can find:

  • Lemoyne
  • West Elizabeth
  • Ambarino

Indian Tobacco How to Craft?

Crafting: Can be used to craft Potent Miracle Tonic and Potent Snake Oil.

Consumption: Consuming slightly increases Dead Eye Core. Highly poisonous for Horses

Sold For: $0.25

Bought For: N/A

Indian Tobacco Where is Used?

Crafting Recipes

Recipe Ingredients Effects
Potent Snake Oil
  • indian Tobacco x1
  • Fully restores Dead Eye, fortifies moderately
Special Snake Oil
  • indian Tobacco x2
  • currant x2
  • Fully restores Dead Eye, fortifies greatly
Potent Miracle Tonic
  • sage x4
  • indian tobacco x4
  • ginseng x4
  • Fully restores Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye, fortifies moderately

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