Red Dead Redemption 2 – Mount Hagen Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption 2 how to earn gold medalHow to Earn Gold Medal

  • Help Sadie catch Cleet within 35 seconds
  • Headshot the sniper who shoots Charles
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Get To Mount Hagen Walkthrough

  1. Once you’ve learned of Micah’s location, mount your horse and ride out from Strawberry
  2. A travel time-skip will initiate and you’ll regain control on your horse at the bottom of Mount Hagen
  3. Charles will get shot so dismount and head for cover immediately
  4. Slowly make your way up through the path until you’re near enough to shoot the sniper
  5. Eliminate the sniper
  6. Return to Charles and then make your way up the mountain paths
  7. Many of Micah’s men will shoot at you to get rid of you so eliminate them all
  8. Keep going up until a cutscene starts


4. Wait For Sniper To Stop Shooting Before Running

Get To Mount Hagen 1

The sniper will be shooting several rounds of bullets. Wait for him to stop and reload before running to the next place you can take cover from.

4. Use Rocks To Defend From Sniper’s Shots

Get To Mount Hagen 2

There are many rocks in this path to use as cover from the sniper’s shots. Use them and you’ll make your way up to him in no time.

5. Use Dead Eye To Instantly Kill The Sniper

Get To Mount Hagen 3

Using Dead Eye will allow you to headshot the sniper – do this to instantly eliminate him.

7. Eliminate Enemes On Higher Ground

Get To Mount Hagen 4

Prioritize shooting down enemies that are located above you. They can do serious damage if their shots connect.

7. Go For Headshots

Get To Mount Hagen 5

Always go for headshots when aiming at enemies. With the sheer number of Micah’s gang going at you, it’s best to get rid of them one by one with just one shot.


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