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Red Dead Redemption 2 Myths

Red Dead Redemption 2 game is full of myths. Here you will learn what is right […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 game is full of myths. Here you will learn what is right and what is wrong.

Cheats & Hacking Myths and Bugs for Campaign and Online

-RDR2 has cheaters!

No, it does not. The game contains a strong file checking system on both Steam and Rockstar , these are done not monthly but every single time you launch the game. It takes of course mere seconds and as soon as a cheat is detected, before Rockstar can even ban you, the game will soft lock and prevent you from playing the game with a common vague ”rockstar error” of somekind. RDR2 does NOT have cheaters.

MAKE NO MISTAKE! Some programs for cheating work! I never have done it personally however i know players who allowed me to document this phenomenon.
But back to the programs that DO work for cheating, they only work for so long. A week at max. The probability of you encountering one or several hackers is very very low.

No. They cannot drop cash. no one can. not even hackers. It is not possible.

-I picked up a perfect pelt/i got donated a rare item! what do?
I saw a guide on here recently that warned players to not pick-up anything off the ground that looks to good to be true. Just like with GTA V Online, RDR2 Online has a constant service running that checks every single thing you do, it processes every single thing you buy and sell, how fast you do it, how much you do it, and how. If you pick up a duped perfect pelt or get donated an item, Rockstar will NOT issue an automatic ban that deletes progress. Just like with the GTA money drop, Rockstar already knows it has been dropped upon you, and with a simple file check, they can also know you did not inject any program into your game!

They know you did not inflict it upon yourself yes, but they have no way of knowing if you didnt just beg for a hacker to drop you a perfect pelt etc. Thus if you find yourself near these sort of items, simply dont pick ’em up.

-People can dupe any rare pelt!
As of now, only perfect cougar pelts can be duped. This has been patched on PS4 and Xbox, i expect it will be patched here.
Edit:After a long night of browsing these vague as hell updates on Rockstar’s site, i can conclude this pelt dupe and others like it no longer work! Good on Rockstar!

Other Common Stuff

No players cannot add clothes weapons horses or money to their accounts through uncommon means.

Mission Exploits?

Most mission exploits have been patched. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO ANY MISSION EXPLOIT!

A while back some people were having issues with buggy incorrectly scripted story missions that could be replayed in such a way that each player would continuously gain money while soft locking the mission.

This doesn’t work. In theory , yes if you soft lock the mission to have to deliver more than 3 carts at a time, you should get more money.
Notice i said ”in theory” these exploits don’t work and never have. If you found yourself in one of these messy missions, chances are it’s connection issues. Don’t mess up missions and attempt to ”glitch ‘n bug” your way to a messy mission for money. Won’t work.
(Messy mission for those who don’t know is ”If the Hat Fits” in witch some sequences play totally random and the mission objectives are messed up. These so called exploits were also reported in delivery missions, again, JUST IT!)

Uncommon Stuff

Some of you may have heard of the sacred odd rules of the open posse, of the random adds and invites, of the fishing and hunting exploits, of the treasure exploits. These things won’t work. Why are they uncommon? They happen every so often and people find them odd. Like how a player will spam invites and drop a dead animal carcass, or just keep spamming mission invites and then join your posse and act odd, trying to hunt and fish exploit in order to sell to the butcher for more money. Why do they do this? They think they’re safe doing this not-so-fishy but sorta-fishy stuff.
There is no way to earn yourself more than usual on PC yet.

-I raised my flag and the other party could still kill me!

This is an animation bug. The flag will raise but it will not trigger invincibility. Happens rarely but leave and re-log

-My friend is invincible even after exiting a shop menu!
It is a visual bug that can be triggered when a shopkeep is spooked or attacked but then reverts to original status. The game should kick the player out of the catalogue when a shopkeep is attacked, but however it only kicks the player’s menu, so in some way they re still bound to the catalogue.They are not however invincible. It is a visual bug.


Yes folks. Believe it or not, this happens. I’ve seen multiple issues with people that get stuff like location names and menu screens BURNT into their monitor. This is a visual bug, your monitor is fine. It does certainly look like a pixel-burn and may fade away or stick over time , but a simple leave and relog and restart of the monitor should fix it.

-I did not recieve my Rockstar Gifts!

This is again, a connectivity bug, relog.

-I can’t acces the benefits menu!

Connectivity issue, relog. Also can occur due to bad internet or you just need to get past the game’s rather long ”tutorial-ish” phase.

-Weapons are highly unbalanced in Name your Weapon!

Many people don’t know this, and it seems uncommon to them, but weapons behave differently in Online compared to how they work on the campaign.You’ll need to adjust, because if the Carabine could instantly head-shot someone and the revolver would reload in 3 seconds, there wouldn’t be much fun left.



This issue isn’t so bad but wait ’til you hear this.


I’ve seen a fistful of people downloading that wretched cheat table for ”rdr aimbot” and like that. Don’t download any of this, for some reason people did, and it got their literal computers bricked.

Visual Common Bugs

Let’s run ’em down one by one and their fixes.

-RDRII Acid Mode

Acid mode occurs when the game’s resolution and graphic quality is suddenly changed without restarting while on windowed. Acid mode is random purple green blue and red lights scattered all over RDR II. Change settings to default, delete recent save. load an earlier safer save and restart the game.

-RDRII Fat Mode

Fat mode makes the game look stretched. The compass and cores look fine but the game itself is just streched and ”fat” This is a resolution error most likely related to video card drivers or again, resolution settings gone rogue. Trust me, do not mess with those ESPECIALLY with dual monitors. Fat mode is very hard to get rid of.Reinstall may be needed.

-RDRII Err_Gfx error

This is due to the Vulkan files that need to be deleted every time you start RDR2.

There are 2 fixes to this problem:

1.Delete Vulkan files every time you start the game if this problem persists.
Have a look at this: https://www.reddit.com/r/RDR2/comments/dxlreb/err_gfx_state/
2.Restart game.
I’ve had many instances of the Err_GFX error, i ususally reboot my game and it works just fine.

Visual Uncommon Bug

There is only one uncommon one i can’t find anywhere.

-Dev save on campaign.

Should you mess around with rdr2 and its monitor output , resolution and graphic settings, you’ll be greeted (after finishing the Epilogues) With a wierdly dressed John Marston. He will wear a traditional vest, and some red and white pants, that glitch with his body, also his guns will be missing.

Whenever the game (RARELY) meets a state in which it’s so ed that it has no idea what to do, it will sometimes spawn you in a dev save after the end of the main story. The game does not function properly now at all, switch to default, delete recent save, move to safer one, and hope for the best.

I decided to call this the dev save because this John Marston will look so different from the one you made. Different haircut, beard length, odd pants that glitch with his skin.This version is so different, it’s as if it was someone else’s end-game save, and it works so buggy maybe it was meant to be played with a debug by the devs. This surely has been patched as i cannot trigger this again, but should you encounter this follow the steps above.

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