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Redout 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to our Redout 2 Walkthrough & Guide. This is Commentary Gameplay Progression which is a very difficult game btw. It has a big Learning curve.

Redout 2 Walkthrough & Guide

This is Commentary Gameplay Progression which is a very difficult game btw. It has a big Learning curve.

Video Walkthrough

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Redout About

The fastest racing game in the universe.

Redout 2 honors classic arcade racing games. It’s also the sequel to the critically acclaimed Redout game, in which racing in the dystopian wasteland of a world now inhabited by few people is one of the galaxy’s most popular sports.

Reach unattainable speeds in exciting races set in the future with an extensive single-player story mode and competitive multiplayer mode. Defy gravity in Redout 2 with extensive control systems, unique flying ship customizations and awesome soundtracks.


Speed ​​and Control – Achieve incredible high speeds similar to classic gravity-defying racing games like Wipeout and F-Zero. Thanks to the intuitive driving system, you don’t even need to spend time learning to play Redout 2. However, great rewards await those who plan to study and improve their skill level. Jump, turn and glide over the craziest bends and bumps in racing games history.

Extensive Career Mode – Fly through 36 unique racetracks and hundreds of events. You can also reverse all the pieces! Dominate the competition and get to the finish line first in Arena Races, Freeze Till, and impressive Boss Races.

Competitive Multiplayer Mode – Compete against others in an exciting 12-player online action mode. Jump into brand new challenges with seasons that offer unique skin rewards along with regularly added exclusive content.

Extensive Customization – Choose from 12 different hulls and customize your flying ship with unique propellers, stabilizers, rudders, intercoolers, wings, magnets, wings, spoilers, rocket engines, paints and much more! Take and share great photos of you reaching high speeds with Photo Mode.

Amazing Soundtrack – Collaboration with the legendary Giorgio Moroder as well as talented electronic music artists such as the critically acclaimed Zardonic and Dance with the Dead. Our music expert algorithms continuously and dynamically shuffle songs using real-time racing data.

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