Remnant 2: Safe Codes

Remnant 2 All Safe Codes: This guide will show you safe codes for game!

Hello from our Remnant 2: Safe Codes guide. Exciting challenges await you on the Remnant 2 journey. There are some safe codes that you may need in this adventure. You will find these codes in our guide, check it out!

Remnant 2 All Safe Codes

This guide will show you safe codes for game!

Safe Codes

There are three main safes In Remnant 2 that require codes:-

  • The Founder Ford’s Chest code is 0415
  • The Sewer Safe code is 8531 / 5813
  • The Losom Asylum code is 2971

Founder Ford’s Chest located in his room in Ward 13 and easly can be found.

Now the way to uncover the code for the Remnant 2 Sewer Safe Code is actually quite simple. You just have to look around the sewer area and find numbers that appear on the walls.
Now the most important thing to remember that is the real code digits will only be illuminated to you once they are seen under a flashlight.

Losom Asylum will be more difficult than just flashing light in some numbers. Here you will actually have to get your hands dirty by going through the entire area and collecting three dolls.

These dolls are important for opening access to the safe, so make sure you collect them all like a good RPG player. Once all the dolls are in your possession make your way to the basement and have a chat with the nurse.
DO NOT let her out since that would cause her death. Instead, give these dolls to her and she will start humming a tune eventually turning into a song. Listen carefully to the lyrics as she will say four numbers which are the code to the safe.

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