Rental: Walkthrough and Achievements

Detailed walkthrough guide about how to get achievements in the game.

You can learn from this walkthrough guide how to follow a path and how to get achievements in this game where you will rent a house and embark on a spooky adventure.


Press any button in menu to start a run.

Speak with dad, mom and sister twice to get 2 achievements.

Walkthrough & achievements

We are Family

  • Speak to all your family.

Walkthrough & achievements

We are Family Twice

  • Speak to all your family twice.

Enter the house. Speak with Rental Man in the room with TV. He will ask to find items: 3 candles, 6 crosses, women behind bars.
Interact with everything in the house (Furniture, windows and etc) to get

Walkthrough & achievements

Incredible Style

  • Add something to your wardrobe

Walkthrough & achievements

Wardope achievement is here

Walkthrough & achievements

Curious Bunny

  • Interact with all the items in the house.

Find 3 candles (in the nightstand at the entrance to the house), wooden stool in the bathroom, 3 crosees (in different rooms, 1 in the kitchen requires wooden stool) and 2 small paintings. After collecting all requires items a door to the labyrinth appears at the end of hallway. Enter it.

Walkthrough & achievements

Across the Rental House

  • Arrive at the labyrinth.

Find 3 crosses here. It will spawn another door. Walls with approaching hares are impassable.
Enter the door.

Walkthrough & achievements

Beyond the Rental House

  • Arrive at the ritual circle.

Place items and interact with the middle of circle.

Walkthrough & achievements

It is the end of the game. Speedrun achievement is glitched in the release version, you can get it by completing with any time, but in can be patched in future.

Walkthrough & achievements

Back home

  • Finished first run

Walkthrough & achievements

Short-Term Rental

  • Complete the entire game in less than 10 minutes.

Walkthrough & achievements

The Rental Girl

  • Get all other achievements.
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