Rhapsody 2 Ballad of the Little Princess Missable Things

Discover missable things in Rhapsody 2: Ballad of the Little Princess with our expert guide. Don't miss out on these must-find items!

Hello from our Rhapsody 2 Ballad of the Little Princess Missable Things guide. Join Kururu on her journey to find true love and experience the charm of Rhapsody II’s storybook adventure! So where can you find missable things on this trip? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right place, because this guide will help you find the missable things in Rhapsody 2.

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Rhapsody 2 Ballad of the Little Princess Missable Things

Welcome to our Rhapsody 2 Ballad of the Little Princess Missable Things guide. This guide will show you where to find missable things in the game!

Rhapsody 2 Missable Dairy Events

  • Fathers Letter – You can miss this by not reading Ferdinand’s letter BEFORE opening the door
  • What’s wrong Randy? – When in Blue Cat for the first time, check the building with the worried parents and head to the second floor room for an event with Randy.
  • Elder’s Advice – Meet the Elder before leaving Blue Cat for the first time.
  • Encounter with an unexpected person – Talk to Etoile at the bar during the Cat’s Eye Investigation.
  • You too, Claudia? – Save on Claudia’s Rose covered floor, and search until you find the event where she is lost.
  • Peconyan Love Pendant – Obtain the Love Pendant from Pekonyan before watching the theatre event. Missing this causes you to automatically miss two other Dairy events.
  • Old Dog – Retrieve Koro from deep inside the Giant Bobo
  • Extra Berg – Talk to NPC’s in Orange who will tell you about Eringa Valley. Fight Berg. Only do-able in Chapter 8.
  • Clarie and Diary of Etoile – Enter Etoile’s house after obtaining the Airship to get these events. Missing these two events will also cause you to miss two additional entries.

Rhapsody 2 Missable Illustrations

  • Illustration 6: MUST check Kururu’s dresser at the very start of Chapter 3. You cannot get it afterwards.
  • Illustration 7: Talk to the Painter at the top of the stairs in Blue Cat. Return in chapter 8 and he will thank you with this illustration.
  • Illustration 9: Eringa Town Dungeon.
  • Illustration 18: Check the dresser in Crowdia’s room. You cannot return when Beauty Castle falls.
  • Illustration 19: Check Mayo’s Dresser in her room. You cannot return when Beauty Castle falls.
  • Illustration 20: Right before the final boss, you are given a password. DO NOT FIGHT THE BOSS and return to The Ancient civilization near Pana cotta. Input the password to obtain this illustration.

Missable Puppets

  • Koro – You MUST collect the Old Dog from inside the Bobo in Act 4 and then bring him to Orange Village.
  • Albatross: In Beauty Castle. You cannot return to Beauty Castle once it falls out of the sky.
  • Kid: Ice Dungeon. You cannot return to the Ice Dungeon after chapter 8.
  • Flare and Adult Flare: In Chapter 8, you must talk to people in MotherGreen’s Fish Restaurant to unlock the village of Red Hot. Take a Quiz twice to obtain both puppets. You cannot get these puppets after chapter 8, since you can miss getting Red Hot as a Location.
  • Night Spawn – Obtain all Observations and report to the Principal.

Missable Ultimate Gems

  • Lightium – Defeat Berg in Elinga Village and talk to one of the NPC’s there.
  • Greentium 20 – Subspace Castle

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