Rise of Industry – Simple Tips

Simple Tips

On Warehouses and Depots

  • Early Game: sell directly from farms & factories, instead of building warehouses
  • Later: use warehouses and depots (at the start and destination) to transport your produce from production regions to other regions; use the request function at the destination warehouse for that

When to use Warehouse and Depots

In the early game warehouses can’t do anything that your farms and factories can also do – which is mostly selling the produce to shops in range. So why even bother building them? It just costs money to keep the buildings and trucks running.

Later, when you’re expanding, you probably want to sell to shops of other regions to not overflow the market of local shops. This is why we need logistics routes.

Creating a Basic Logistics Route

Logistic routes created by depots are primarily useful for longer distances, as they can save you money on dispatch costs.

You start them by putting in a request on the receiving warehouse (where you want goods to go). Make sure to set the “store up to amount” to whatever amount should be stored in the warehouse.

Next, you’ll want to build a truck depot at the providing warehouse and at the receiving warehouse.

The depots will get to work as soon there is another matching depot with a warehouse in range, that can fulfil the request. Goods should flow from providing warehouse → providing truck depot → receiving truck depot → receiving warehouse. Make sure the truck depots are connected by road to each other, and the warehouses.

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