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What to Do When a Gold Orb Appears? The alien landscapes of Risk of Rain 2 […]

What to Do When a Gold Orb Appears?

The alien landscapes of Risk of Rain 2 are filled with all kinds of strange things. One of those things is a special altar that will spawn a gold orb at the teleporter. When you are exploring a level in Risk of Rain 2, you may come across a Golden Altar that wants some money from you. If you hand over the cash, a Gold Orb will appear.

Now that you have the Gold Orb at you Teleporter, play through the level as normal, but with one little difference. Save as much gold as you can, you are going to need it. Now, you can spend that gold if you wish, but it will make what happens with the Gold Orb a bit easier if you do it with some gold already in your pocket.

Once you have beaten the boss, and fully charged the Teleporter, do not activate it. Instead, go through the Golden Portal that will have spawned beside it. You will find yourself in a new area. There will be seven shrines in there, and when you activate them all, a boss called Aurelionite will spawn.

Now for the fun bit. You cannot hurt this boss with your weapons. Instead, you need to activate the shrines again to get the chance to hurt it. Each shrine will cost 282 gold! Hopefully, you have some gold with you. If not, get stuck into the mobs of enemies that spawn with the boss.

When you have activated all the shrines, you will have a window of time to damage the boss. Put absolutely everything you have into it when it is vulnerable; you don’t want to get trapped in here with it for too long.

Do your best to stay alive, feed the shrines the gold they want, and slay this boss! It seems to be a pretty tough challenge. At the moment, I am unsure as to exactly what items this boss drops. Some people are reporting standard items, while others have said they are getting some items that definitely are not standard.

With it being so early in the life of the game, it is hard to know exactly what the deal is right now, but I will update this guide when I know more. Best of luck with the Gold Orb boss fight!

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  1. I went to the Golden Protal. Fed all 7 shrines once. And now when trying to get all shrines again activated, I can find just 6 out of 7. This won’t end…

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