Risk of Rain 2 – Unlock Locked Characters Guide

How to Unlock Locked Playable Characters in Risk of Rain 2 Quick guide to unlocking the […]

How to Unlock Locked Playable Characters in Risk of Rain 2

Quick guide to unlocking the first set of locked playable characters.


Complete the achievement Pause by spending 10 Lunar Coins at the Bizarre Between Time to release the character from suspension.

Lunar Coins are a persistent (not lost on death) currency dropped at random by enemies and the Bizarre is accessed either by a random blue portal spawn or by spending a Lunar Coin at a Newt Statue. Once inside the Bizarre spend the 10 coins at the crystal beside the Newt that contains the character.

If spawning the blue portal through statue interaction rather than random chance you must have at least 11 Lunar Coins (1 to spawn the portal, and 10 to unlock the character).

Artificer Skills


Complete the achievement Engineering Perfect by completing 30 stages.

Complete 30 stages in total; these stages do not need to be done in any specific manner or in the same run.

Engineer Skills


Complete the Warrior achievement by clearing 3 stages without dying.

Simply put- get through 3 maps without dying (through the main teleporter, not a blue portal).

Huntress Skills


Complete the Verified achievement by completing the first stage 5 times.

To further clarify, in five separate runs complete the first stage event by going through the teleporter.

MUL-T Skills


Complete the True Respite achievement by obliterating yourself at the Obelisk.

To complete this achievement you must clear stages until you reach your beginning again in order to spawn the celestial portal in a single run. You must effectively beat the game.

To do this simply continue to clear stages without dying until you return to your first map, whereupon celestial portals will begin to spawn. Go through a celestial portal and drop down the jump puzzle until you reach a large obelisk. Interact with the obelisk to eradicate yourself and end your run, “beating” the game and unlocking the character.

If unsure which portal to use, the portal will be announced in the ingame chat as a celestial portal, and looks like a white portal compared to its vibrantly blue portal counterpart which leads to the Bizarre.

Mercenary Skills

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