Roadwarden Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our Roadwarden Achievements Guide 100%. Hey there fellow Road Wardens! Here’s a full, detailed guide to get 100% of the Achievements.

Roadwarden Achievements Guide 100%

General Tips: Hygiene plays an important role in how much people trust you and how quickly. Exhaust as much dialogue as you can, because the things you learn will progress your quests, earn trust, and unlock new dialogue with others. Last tip, some things are better left unsaid. Especially with leaders.

I heavily suggest playing through once on your own BLINDLY, take in the atmosphere and learn about the characters and world first. You will need multiple playthroughs to get all achievements anyways, and this guide is going to be chock full of spoilers. This is a game that rewards you on your second time around by giving you shortcuts. So take your time, and get to know these roads! Otherwise, enjoy and I hope this guide brings you closer to 100% 🙂


Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe New Adventure – Reached The First Major Crossroads
After leaving the very first camp, you should come across the Southern Crossroads for an easy achievement.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Four Crossroads – Reached The Four Major Crossroads
Around the map there are four sets of crossroads. Discover them all.

The Southern Crossroads, The Western Crossroads above Howler’s Dell, Foggy’s Cabin in the North, and finally the Old Watchtower in the East. You should naturally find these as you progress.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Hideout – (Secret) Find The Bandit Camp
The fastest way to find Glaucia’s bandit camp is to head to the fallen tree on the eastern path and investigate the wagon attack. Follow the trail North to the Watchtower, and then West into the Heart of The Woods. Travel to the center area to follow the tracks again and you should end up at a clearing with a large spider on a tree.

To make things harder, you have to type your own answers to search the area. Weirdly enough, its different based on your class. Warriors can type in ‘movement’ or ‘footprints’ and then get in. Scholars must leave real quick and then come back, and mages can do ‘movement’ or ‘footprints’ as well. Extra flavor options: ‘Web’ ‘Tree’ ‘Ground’ ‘Spider’. After you make it through the spider, the achievement should pop.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Hidden Village – (Secret) Reached The Tribe Of The Green Mountain
Find the Tribe hidden in the East Mountains. Ask around about Asterion first to open up dialogue relating to The Tribe.

The fastest way is to please the Monastery by doing their quests. The reward for each quest is a secret, so ask about the tribe and you’re in.

An alternate quick way is to choose Pagan at the beginning, at the Old Man Druid type ‘Forest Speaker’, and fetch his fish from Gale Rocks. If you’re generally respectful, he should fully trust you after the fish and you can ask about the tribe.

The path to The Tribe will become available afterwards, it will be East of the stone bridge near Eudocia’s.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Library – (Secret) Reached The Caves Of The Monastery
For this one you have to max out reputation with the monks and they’ll invite you to meet their prelate in a cave.

Wearing a necklace of The Wright, and generally being respectful will get you close quick. Additionally you can deliver their quills to them, tell them about Eudocia’s golems, cure the Plague of Old Pagos, or shut down Necromancy in White Marshes(peacefully). After a few tasks they’ll trust you and let you in.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe People Of The North – Reached Every Village
Howler’s Dell, Gale Rocks, The Creeks, White Marshes, Green Mountain Tribe, Old Pagos, The Monastery, and the Bandit Camp are all of the main villages.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Coast – Reached The Sea
This requires the rockslide directly West of Howler’s Dell to be cleared out. Afterwards you’ll come across an old fishing hamlet. If you explore the whole area you’ll reach a harbor and unlock the achievement.

(You have to get on Thais’ good side before she asks you to help with the rockslide. Gossip to her a lot and you can easily get this done!)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Shortcut – Uncovered The Entire Road Through The Heart Of The Woods
Travel through The Heart of The Woods repeatedly and eventually you’ll uncover everything and the map will fill in. The entrance is West of the Watchtower, or just above Howler’s Dell.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Copper Vein – (Secret) Found The Copper Vein
At Foggy’s Cabin in the North some foragers will ask for your help hunting a large bird. After helping them out, the Forage Grounds near Creeks will be clear to investigate. Do so, and you’ll find a hidden copper vein.

(I believe you have to hear a rumor also before the search option appears. Check the Forage Grounds periodically throughout the journey and it should show up.)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Bed Connoisseur – Slept In Every Possible Area
Sleep in all possible beds across the map. There are nine total.

Readily Available: Pelt Inn, Howler’s Dell, Gale Rocks, The Watchtower, Foggy’s Cabin and White Marshes.

Must be Unlocked: The Monastery, Green Mountain Tribe, and Forest Speaker’s Cave.
(Curing the plague will unlock both the Monastery and the Forest Speaker’s cave if you’re having trouble gaining their trust. For the tribe, trade something valuable.)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Explorer – Thoroughly Searched Every Ruin They Could Find
For the most part, exhaust all dialogue in new areas. Inspect every road sign, search everything, and type in everything at ‘type your own answer’ areas. If you’re thorough, you should get it.

-Steep House. Make multiple trips and uncover everything. Pay Dalit to get rid of the goblins and inspect it again. Use Eudocia’s sapling to learn about the cursed soil.

-Undead Tunnel. Search/examine everything. When you get to the end with the skeletons, there will be an option labelled “Head South toward the way I came in.” Instead you’ll find a Store Room door. Unlock it with a key or break it down with your axe. (If you break it down before dealing with skeletons, they will come for you.)

-The Dolmen. Inspect the hourglass on the outside and then on the inside type ‘Writing’. Afterwards type ‘Trapdoor’ and find the bottle.

-Ruined Shelter. Drive the foxes away from the shelter, and inspect it. Spend time clearing out the building and you’ll find two coins, if you miss the first prompt type in ‘Building’. Type in ‘Mushroom’ and you’ll get a dialogue with the foragers at Foggy’s. Then type in ‘Bushes’ and spend time clearing it to find a bronze axe head.

In total, I would think Steep House, The Dolmen, The Watchtower, the abandoned Cabin, the Fishing Hamlet, possibly the two statues around the map, and the Undead Tunnel count as ruins. To be safe, inspect everything, everywhere.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Breaker – Wasted No Time Getting In The Right Way
Use your axe to break down all 3 of the following doors instead of using a key. (You need at least 2 vitality to break them down.)

The trapdoor in the Dolmen, The Watchtower door, and the Store Room door in the Undead Tunnels.
(Be warned, if you break down the door in the Undead Tunnel before you deal with the undead, they will start chasing you!)

Roadwarden Achievements Story Part 1

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideMy Goal – Completed The Personal Goal Of Their Journey
At the very beginning of the game, you choose a personal goal. Do your absolute best to fulfill it, the easiest one being “I want to help people”. I’ll list what I know, and you only need one!

(Help Others: Do quests for people and you’ll meet this goal quickly.)

(Save Money For Someone I Care About: Save some money. Not sure how much, but I would say end your journey with at least 30-40 gold.)

(Save money For Personal Luxury: I assume more gold than before, but I also don’t know this one. Save dat money and end your journey!)

(Be A Hero: Do something heroic. Find Asterion, the missing roadwarden. Cure the Plague of Pagos. Solve the disputes in the White Marshes peacefully. Do NOT raid white marshes or kill Orentius. You will regret it.)

(Make Connections For Merchant Guild: Strike a deal with a settlement, maybe two to be safe. Howler’s Dell is the easiest and gives you a letter to commemorate it. The village of Creeks can be allied with if you do ALL side quests in their village. Gale Rocks can be allied with if you help out their people/other settlements enough.)

(Find A New Life: The only ending I personally found that had me settle down was from maxing out reputation with Gale Rocks. They extended an invitation for me to live there, I’m sure other settlements might do the same.)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Labyrinth – Found Asterion
From the very start we’ve been searching for him, as a sort of background mystery. Here are some easy steps to solve his location.

– Ask everyone you can about Asterion, every local leader, every dialogue option about him.

– At the old Watchtower, you can find Asterion’s Tablet. Translate it to find the name ‘Navica’. Head to Gale Rocks and find her, she’ll tell you that Asterion took a boat. Eventually you’ll get a prompt on screen to ask around about High Island.

– Do a loop asking around. The Forest Speaker, The Monastery, or The Tribe will tell you a ton instantly. Afterwards you’ll get a prompt on screen saying “Gather a Crew”.

– From here you need to secure a boat from either Navica (Expensive), or Aegidia from the Fishing Hamlet. (Free)

– Now you can go to High Island either alone or with “friends” that you bought or blackmailed. (lol) It’s a tough place, so make sure you have rations, armor, health, and plenty of wepons.

– If you manage to make it to the end, you will find what you’re looking for and earn your achievement. (Consider burning any undead you find along the way for a separate achievement..)

– Advice: Bring a health potion, they can be used at any time regardless. Collect weapons, and bring friends if you can.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Faithful – Relied On Their Faith During Their Journey
There is a statue of a hooded figure outside of the Green Mountain Tribe. Don’t use it.

After finding it, you can ask the Forest Speaker or the Monastery about it and they’ll tell you how to use The Statue if they trust you. The Statue is actually a map of High Island, so in order to be “faithful” we have to avoid using the statue.

Approach the statue, type “Kneel”, then type “Pray”. You’ll get a chance to turn back on the prayer, do so and you should get the achievement. If it doesn’t pop right away, go to High Island and find Asterion.

(I’m honestly not sure so just to cover my butt, you might have to be a religious character to do it. I personally did it with a Scholar that followed An Order of Truth.)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Faithless – Abandoned Their Faith During Their Journey
Follow the same steps for The Faithful, but instead go through with the prayer at the statue. You should unlock the achievement. If not, find Asterion on High Island.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Eastern Path – Managed To Make The Eastern Path Safer
After meeting Elah of Creeks, he will offer you coins for work you do on the Eastern Path. Do everything you can.

– Clear the dusk foxes from the Ruined Shelter.
– Rid the Watchtower of bugs.
– Get Eudocia to patrol the roads with her golems. (Free if you help her with Bronze Rods and Snake Bait)
– Hunt the Bird with the Foragers.
– Clear the giant spider from the Cabin.
– Restore the old statue on the eastern road beneath Foggy’s.
– Explore the whole Heart of The Woods, and restore the pathway there by throwing stones into a river when prompted.
– Finally you can clear the log that’s blocking the Eastern Path.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Savior – (Secret) Sacrificed The Seed To Help Others
There is a tree called “Beholder” beneath Howler’s Dell. Sacrifice 5 magical items to it and you’ll receive a special seed. Take it to the Forest Speaker after you learn about the plague and use it to cure the people of Old Pagos.

Advice: Buy spirit rocks for cheap from Eudocia after helping her with Bronze Rods and Snake Bait. They can get down to 5 coins.

All unique magic items: Asterion’s Cloak after Foggy’s whole questline, Magic Chisel from Old Pagos if you ask them, The Bottle from the Dolmen at the beginning, Dragon Horn from the Tribe, Bronze Rods from Eudocia (Not advisable), Monk’s Quills (Not advisable), Golem Gauntlet (Not advisable) and any sort of healing potion, powder, or dust. Maybe some others..

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Egoist – (Secret) Ate The Seed. Because Why Not.
Sacrifice 5 magic items to the tree Beholder, then inspect the seed in your inventory and…eat it. You strangely feel stronger than before.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Token Of Appreciation – (Secret) Became An Ally Of Howler’s Dell
Max out your reputation with Howler’s Dell.

Gossip a lot to Thais. Keep your hygiene up, give good answers about your hometown when she asks, clear the rockslide and make time for her people. Finding the Bandit Camp is a big boost.

When you’ve reached enough loyalty Thais will tell you she appreciates you and to meet one of the vendors for something. They’ll give you the Token of Appreciation, which gives you free repair and bed in town. The achievement will unlock. (P.S. Don’t oppose Thais and don’t cure the plague until you have the Token)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Inquisitor – (Secret) Stopped The Necromancers
I’m not sure of all the methods that trigger this achievement, but I personally unlocked it by solving the Necromancy peacefully. Here are the steps to do so in efficient order.

– First, gather as much information about White Marshes/Necromancy that you can. Sleep in White Marshes and you’ll witness a ritual of blood. Take this info to the monks to learn even more. (Talk to all local leaders, the druids, the monks, eudocia, etc.)

– Second, talk to Thyrsus until he talks about Asterion. Afterward you can offer to help with the undead, and then ask to see Orentius. Tell him “The undead are dangerous, it’s only a matter of time.” Then tell him you want to convince Orentius to stop, not harm him. Thyrsus will tell you to trade him something or gain more trust.

– Third, find the path to the Green Mountain Tribe. On the way up there’s a Corpse Eater in a cave. Kill it, examine it, and put it’s blood in a vial. Trade it to Thyrsus and you’ll get to meet Orentius.

– Last, use all you’ve learned to convince Orentius to stop. Quicksaves always help, but make sure you’ve learned enough.

Story Part 2

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Murderer – (Secret) Took The Life Of Another Human
You have to kill Orentius instead of convincing him. There are two ways to do this, but only one of them worked for me.

1. Follow the steps from ‘The Inquisitor’ to gain Thyrsus’ trust. After trading him Corpse Eater blood, you have to rest in White Marshes to trigger the meeting. After resting, you’ll get a prompt to bring a hidden dagger with you. Do so, and kill Orentius. Continue your journey, and after you sleep a few nights you’ll have a dream about the murder. The achievement will unlock. (Keep in mind, you want to fail to convince him, only then will you get to use the dagger.)

2. (DID NOT WORK FOR ME) Thais of Howler’s Dell will eventually ask you to organize a raid on White Marshes with her. Do so and during the raid you’ll get a choice to talk to Orentius peacefully. Fail to convince him and you’ll gain the option to kill him with your axe. Then sleep a few nights and you should get the dream. I did not get the dream or the achievement this way so I do not recommend it.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Judge – (Secret) Brought A Malefactor To Justice
You have to convince the group of Druids in Howler’s Dell to take Thais out of power. This one is a bit tough.

– Be respectful to the Lead Druid in Howler’s. Choose the Pagan religion to get some early brownie points and use the ‘vulnerable’ dialogue when you first meet her.

– After clearing the rockslide, the lead druid will tell you to keep the Fishing Hamlet a secret from Thais. Tell Thais the Hamlet is uninhabitable.

– If you cure the Plague of Pagos, stay quiet the entire time. The druids will fight with the Forest Speaker, but if you stay out of it you’re good.

– Ask the Forest Speaker about the Howler’s Dell druids for important info.

– Learn everything you can about Steep House. Investigate the whole place, ask around about it. You will get two on screen prompts while investigating. When you get the first prompt “Ruined Village” you need to go to Glaucia or Elah of Creeks to find out the real truth. The second prompt “Steep House” will pop up and you can go to Howler’s Dell to do something about it.

– After learning the truth, go to Aegidia first at the Fishing Hamlet and tell her. Then go to the Matriarch Druid in Howler’s Dell and say “I heard you don’t like Thais” it will open up important dialogue later.

– Get the Token of Appreciation from Howler’s Dell and wait until Thais offers a quest to raid White Marshes first.

– Finally, In Howler’s Dell there will be a dialogue along the lines of “I need to decide what to do about Steep House” Click it and then choose “I need to weaken the mayor’s position, the druids might help.” Quicksave. It’s very tough to convince them, so good luck! There are some things better left unsaid.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Conspirator – (Secret) Joined Forced With A Malefactor
You need to use the information you learned about Steep House to blackmail Thais into an alliance.

Follow all of the steps for ‘The Judge’, but instead of choosing to overthrow Thais, choose to use the information to alliance with her instead. DO NOT cure the plague of Old Pagos before attempting this. And again, some things are better left unsaid. (Quicksave!)

(You may also want to make sure you have good hygeine, and that you’re well trusted by Howler’s. At least have the Token Of Appreciation before attempting. Hint: This one is tough. There should be four solid pieces of evidence that you should use.)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Guts – (Secret) Was Brave Enough To Tell Glaucia The Truth
Tell Glaucia that her bandit days are done.

After reaching high reputation with Gale Rocks, they will task you with hunting down their wagon on the eastern road. Investigate and you should find an arrow, take it to Eudocia or Dalit and they should point you to Gale Rocks.

Instead, go to Glaucia’s bandit camp and tell her you found the arrow. She’ll admit to it easily, go back to Gale Rocks and tell them Glaucia robbed the wagon.

Gale Rocks will now hold a council meeting to decide the fate of the bandits. If you’ve learned a lot about Steep House/Glaucia you should be able to convince them to oppose the bandits.

– If you succeed, Gale Rocks will ask you to deliver the news to Glaucia in person. Do so and you’ll get the achievement.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Deal With The Enchantress – (Secret) Was Tasked With Taking The Golem Glove To The City
Convince Eudocia to give you the Golem Glove. A bit tricky.

-Be nice and patient with Eudocia. Exhaust all dialogue with her, place her bronze rods(especially the one in White Marshes), complete her snake root quest, and find out about her parents in Old Pagos. Cure the plague there too while you’re at it.

When you accept the Quills quest for the monks, they will ask for your loyalty. Lie to them or else you won’t be able to tell Eudocia the truth later.

-Eventually you’ll recieve a new dialogue with her like “Maybe now is a good time to talk to Eudocia about the city.” Pick that and tell her everything you can. The most important piece of information is that the Monks do not like her. If you lied to the monks about loyalty, you can tell her their specific plans. This should convince her and she’ll grant you the Golem Glove.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Roadwarden – Completed Their Mission
At day 20, you gain the option to talk to Tulia at Pelt Inn and end the game early. Simply finish the game at any point and you get this achievement.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Colonizer – (Secret) Succeeded A Bit Too Much
I’m not quite sure about the specific criteria, but I earned this achievement by solving a lot of major issues around The Peninsula and then ending the game.

Specifically: Cure the Plague, Stop the Necromancers(peacefully), Clear the Eastern Path for Creeks, Get the Golem Glove from Eudocia, Find Asterion, Gain the sealed letter from Howler’s, Keep the path to the tribe hidden(Talk to Elah after finding it), stop the bandits from operating, and pick a merchant settlement at the very end that will do well. I chose Gale Rocks. If you do enough good and solve a lot of problems, you should get this one.

Roadwarden Achievements Role Playing

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Bestiary – Gained Insight Into Methods Of Defending Themselves From Beasts
Pay Dalit at Pelt Inn to learn about Beasts.

Speak to the guards at Pelt Inn and meet Dalit, exhaust all dialogue. Gamble with her or talk to the foragers up North and come back to get close. You’ll gain the option to ask about beasts and she’ll offer information for about 13 dragonbones. Do things for her, and she’ll gradually lower the price.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Bright Night – Protected The North From The Undead
Go on a religious crusade and BURN all the undead you come across.

-The Undead Tunnels (Make sure you have enough time before you fight them. The game will force you to leave them if it gets too late.)

-The Undead on High Island.

-A corpse being eaten by a wolf in The Heart of The Woods. Attack the wolf, scare it away or kill it. Then inspect the corpse and burn it.

-When clearing the rockslide for Howler’s Dell there will be an undead buried in rubble. Burn it.

(If you’re extra religious, the Corpse Eater beneath the Green Mountain Tribe can be burned. Make sure to grab it’s blood first if you want it, but oddly it does not count as Undead for this achievement.)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Gentle Heart – Showed Mercy To Many Beasts And Animals
There are thirteen encounters that apply to this achievement, you must be merciful in at least eight of them.

1. At the very beginning of the game, a pack of griffins will block you leaving Tulia’s camp. Do not use your class ability or harass them. Simply choose to wait and they will leave after some time.

2. Go to the large tree ‘Beholder’ and inspect the roots. Type ‘Cut’ at the root, but then choose to spare the tree instead.

3. Let the Dusk Foxes reclaim the Ruined Shelter. Doing this will lock you out of The Explorer achievement, and some nice items.

4. During a conversation with Thais, a young boy will be trying to catch a seagull. Shout at him to stop.

5. Agree to hunt the giant bird with the Foragers at Foggy’s, but don’t show up to the hunt. I recommend hunting the bird.

6. When clearing out the old Cabin and killing the big spider, a bunch of baby spiders will scatter away. Let them live.

7. When clearing the fallen tree with the people of Creeks, there will be a pack of goblins on the way back. Convince Efren not to attack them by saying “The remains will attract predators.”

8. Forage at the Watchtower and you’ll find some nuts. Leave the rest for the squirrels.

9. Wash yourself at the Old Bridge near Eudocia’s, a piranha will bite you, throw it back into the river.

10. Beat the Corpse Eater in a fight, but then let it run away. Corpse Eaters deserve compassion too. You won’t be able to get it’s blood for Thyrsus this way.

11. When riding through the Heart Of The Forest, monkeys will throw some dung at you. Ignore them three times and they’ll start ignoring you. Merciful Patience?

12. Also in the forest, you’ll hear some sounds like some creatures fighting. Investigate and you’ll find some large birds harassing a dragon and her baby. Scare the birds away.

13. Again in the forest, a little bird will show up and follow you. Ignore it.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Survivor – Survive More Battles Than Most
Fight enemies when you can, for the most part you should unlock this as you progress.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Liar – Never Hesitated To Use Lies For Their Own Gain
Lie as much as you can, whenever (lie) shows up in dialogue. You don’t have to lie to EVERYONE but it’s a good amount.

(Some safe lies: Lie to the Monastery as much as you want, Lie to Thais about the fishing hamlet, lie to two quest givers in White Marshes. I don’t suggest lying to Foggy or Aegidia.)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Gossiper – No Secret Was Safe With Them
Gossip everything you can to Thais, tell Eudocia about the monks, tell Glaucia about the trial in Gale Rocks, there are few consequences to gossip. Once you’ve gossiped a certain amount the achievement will pop.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Armorer – Became An Expert In Armor Repairing
Use the armor kit and the sewing kit bought from Gale Rocks’ tailor. If you inspect them in your inventory, there will be a proficiency level. When both kits say “Promisingly High” you will get the achievement.


Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Great Wealth – Gathered 100 Dragon Bones
Have 100 Dragonbones at one time. This one is a bit tough, probably best for a second play through. Here are some tips on ‘fast’ money.

– The Bronze Rod quest for Eudocia and helping Elah of Creeks clear the Eastern path are both very lucrative.

– Go to Dalit at Pelt Inn and Quicksave. Gamble or axe throw, reload until you win. You can get 3 dragonbones and it refreshes every day. (Bonus: Set up a fishing trap at Steep House, check it every two or three days to find 1-3 fish per run. The Pelt Innkeeper will pay you 1 dragonbone for every 2 fish.)

– When possible, sleep for free. Mostly this hurts food and hygiene.

– Choose the Scholar class and brew health potions to sell at Pelt Inn for 8 dragonbones a piece. You can also give your starter potion to the trader in Howler’s for an easy 5 dragonbones. (Buy Health Potion ingredients at Thyrsus or find them naturally.)

– Buy rare goods from traders and sell them to other traders, usually someone will buy it at a higher price. Iron scraps, furs, etc

– Track down the owners to unique items. The Bone Ring, for example, belongs to someone in Gale Rocks who will give 2 dragonbones.

– Finding Asterion gives 20 dragonbones, but the Pelt Innkeeper will want them.

If you save as much as you can, and choose dragonbones as a reward for quests, you should reach your goal!

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Full Set – Gained Access To Every Potion And Powder As A Scholar
Brew or buy all alchemy-related items while playing as a Scholar.

-Alchemy Items: Health Potion, Withering Dust, Blinding Powder, Bug Repellent, Bug Exterminator.

– Brew them at alchemy tables. There is one at Foggy’s and one at the Forest Speaker’s cave. Find ingredients by exploring the map and use your scholar ability when possible.

– You can buy some of the powders/dusts from Thyrsus outside of White Marshes. Or you can make them yourself. He also sells health potion ingredients(lucrative) and a Basalt Rock but we can find one on our own. (I forget where…)

– The toughest one by far is the Blinding Powder. You need a basalt rock and then to salt it on top of a mountain. (Trippy.) You can gain the trust of the Monastery to salt it there or the easier road is to salt the rock at the Tribe of the Green Mountain.

– Mentionable Ingredient Locations: Driftwood at fishing hamlet, Garden near the Cairn in the Heart of the Woods, the Bogfiend can be picked at the creepers near White Marshes around noon. There are more, search carefully!

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideToo Much Of A Good Thing – (Secret) Flooded The Market With Healing Potions
Sell as many healing potions to the Innkeeper at Pelt Inn as you can, after selling a few he will turn you down and you’ll get the achievement.

Playing as a Scholar is the easiest and most reliable way to earn this, regardless of class you should ask the monks for healing potions as a reward for fetching their Quills and you’ll get two potions. After that, I think you can find another one somewhere or possibly as a quest reward.

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Fisher – Caught 10 Fish With Traps
Use fish traps at rivers to catch 10 fish in one play through.

Check your fish trap every 2 days and you should consistently find 1-3 fish. You get a fish trap for free near the beginning, but if it breaks you can get a replacement from the farmer in Creeks for 2 dragonbones. (You can sell two fish for one dragonbone at Pelt Inn to make some extra cash or cook them at the Watchtower campfire for extra food.)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideReady For Action – Become As Prepared To Combat As One Can Be
Max out your health and armor. (You may need the shield or some extra weapons like the crossbow. But health/armor should be enough.)

-Max Health by completing your personal goal or eating the Beholder seed.

-Max Armor by taking spider silk to the Howler’s tailor for a free upgrade. (Or pay twenty dragonbones.)

– Just in case or for flavor, the crossbow is around twenty dragonbones at Pelt Inn, the Shield is four dragonbones at the Gale Rocks Armorer. If you still want more weapons, pick up Asterion’s old weapons from Tulia after going to High Island. Complete Foggy’s quests and buy Asterion’s cloak from her. You can also find a Spear at the nest below the Green Mountain Tribe, and a bronze axe from the ruined shelter that has to be repaired after taking it to the armorer at Pelt Inn. (Phew.)

Roadwarden 100% Achievement GuideThe Forager – Forage 12 Bunches Of Wild Plants
Forage 12 Wild Plants.

Hover over some areas on the map and you’ll see a little nest icon indicating a Forage Spot. The Forage Grounds near Creeks is one example to get you started. Each spot will take a few days to grow back.

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