RoboCop Rogue City All Side Quests

In RoboCop Rogue City2, unlock justice in old Detroit through missions and side quests. Find details in our All Side Quests guide for answers!

There are missions and side missions for you to do in RoboCop Rogue City2, where you get justice in old Detroit. After completing these tasks, you will make progress and achieve your goal! So what are these side missions? How can you find it? The answer to all these questions is in our RoboCop Rogue City All Side Quests guide with details!

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RoboCop Rogue City All Side Quests

This guide shows you how to find all side missions in RoboCop: Rogue City! Check it our RoboCop Rogue City All Side Quests guide for details!

1 – Police Station Secondary Objectives!

Stinky Situation!

  • Head through the Northern door in the police station to Administration and speak to the officer before carrying the drunk man down into the cells!

Locked And Loaded!

  • Head to the locker room in the police station and help the officer open the locker!

Too Many Complaints!

  • After RoboCop gets repaired following the 1st mission, head into the central area of the Police Station and speak with the officer in front of the line of civilians. You then speak to three civilians and get to respond to their complaints. Each answer will give you either Uphold the Law Points or Public Trust Points!

2 – The Search For Soot Secondary Objectives Downtown Visit I

Stolen Vehicle!

  • Head to the garage North of Towbridge Street to get this side quest. Head to the car shop and speak with Ben, use the Psychology 2 choice to gain his trust and search the locker, then look for Scott. Head into the chop shop, speak with Scott, and kill all the enemies. Head to the next Chop Shop and RoboCop the hell out of it. There is a safe inside but you need Deduction 2 to get the clue. It’s in one of the rooms on the front of a locker. After you speak with Scott if you choose to arrest him you get Law points, otherwise you get Public points!

Who Killed Casey Carmel!

  • You can start this side quest by going to Detroit Riverwalk, in the North West corner of the area. Speak with the police officer by the car. This one is quite simple. Inspect the head, foot, and arm of the victim and then use the Robo Vision to scan the nearby area to look for clues. Then speak with the witness. Then head to Judgement Parking in the South West. Scan all the clues and check the messages on the computer. Then interrogate Jerry, speak to the manager, watch the footage, and speak with Jerry again. I used Psychology 2 during the first conversation. Head to the gas station and scan the door to get inside. Investigate the gas station and find the footage showing the murder!

The Discount Dealer!

  • Speak with the police officer next to his vehicle on the corner of Linwood Street and Broadstreet Avenue. You can find a working phone next to the Super Star Theatre on Broadstreet Avenue. Simply follow the objectives and kill the dealers on the rooftop. If you use the Psychology 2 choice on the surviving dealer, he will cooperate and you complete the mission!

Time To Repent!

  • Get this objective during The Search for Soot main mission after you find the informant. This is a simple mission, no choices or anything difficult. Just follow the objectives!

3 – Police Station Visit II Secondary Objectives!

Get Well, Lewis!

  • Speak with the officer at the top of the stairs near the Chief’s Office. Officer Kowalsky is crying near the old police officer asleep at his desk. Officer Kurtz is singing in one of the showers. The yellow towel is actually sitting on the top of the lockers. Then head to the firing range and speak with O’Neal. Complete the safety check. Then head to the Parking Garage and get Reed to sign it to complete the mission!

Server Malfunction!

  • Get this Secondary Objective during the main mission. All you need to do is scan the servers in the records room!

4 – Steel Mill Secondary Objectives!

Unwanted Goods!

  • Get this Secondary Objective after you enter the Quarry. You need to find and destroy drug stashes. Follow the objective markers to the warehouse and destroy all the drug stashes in the final room. Use RoboVision if you can’t spot them!

Biker’s Secrets!

  • Get this Secondary Objective after you enter the Quarry. You need to find and collect documents. Follow the objective marker, clear out the bunker, and grab the documents!

Hostage Rescue!

  • There is a yellow train in the North East area of the map. You can scan a nearby manual to learn how to hotwire it. Once hotwired, it clears a path on the Eastern side to connect the beginning and end of the level. Inside that tunnel, there is a building you can enter. At the end of this area is a locked room with a hostage inside!

5 – Police Station Visit III Secondary Objectives!

Target Practice!

  • Head to near the Firing Range and Ulysses asks for help learning how to shoot. Agree to help. Complete the shooting challenge!

In Memory Of Officer Briggs!

  • Near the Briefing Room. Speak with Officer Cecil. Head down to the archives room and print the photograph. Then head into the lobby and put the photograph on the wall before heading to the locker room to get his belongings!

6 – OCPD Bank Secondary Objectives!

Bank Intruder Arrested!

  • This was part of the Police Work at the end of the mission but I was unable to locate the Bank Intruder!

7 – Police Station Visit IV Secondary Objectives!

Lights Out!

  • Head to the locker room and the electricity goes out. Speak with Officer O’Neal. Follow the cables to the garage and the fuse box is under the stairs you use to enter. Flip the switches in this order 1, 4, 2, 3!

Domestic Terrorist!

  • As you leave the precinct, you will be approached by Max Becker who will offer you this mission. Head to Downtown and then go to the house marked by the objective. Head into the apartment and search around before answering the phone call. Then head to the Storage location. Clear out the enemies and take the box from storage!

8 – Downtown Visit II Secondary Objectives!

Field Training!

  • Head to the crime scene near the gas station and speak with Officer Washington. Then enter the building nearby. Relatively straight-forward mission. At the end, when investigating, you will find the clues on the victims head and stomach!

Be Kind Rewind!

  • After you question Pickles for the main story, he will ask for help tracking down a VHS tape. Head to the video store, scan all the VHS shelves to find the video, then kill the Torch Heads. Then track down Pickles location!

Attack On The Courthouse!

  • Head to the Courthouse near Judgment Parking to get this Secondary Objective. Head inside and clear out the enemies, then head through the only open OCP door on the upper floor into a courtroom. You will find the Access Card on a table in the Court Room!

9 – OCP Correctional Facility Secondary Objectives!

Illegal Broadcast!

  • Get this as you enter the prison and speak with the guards, after the riot begins!

Armory Break-In!

  • Get this as you enter the prison and speak with the guards, after the riot begins. Simply head to the armory and kill all the enemies inside to complete the objective!

10 – Police Station Visit VII Secondary Objectives!

Fishy Situation!

  • Head to the lobby to find an old man complaining to start this objective. Head to the locker room to investigate the disturbance and then investigate the switch board. You can’t leave the station until you finish the main story mission here. Head to the fish shop in Downtown. If you take Officer Washington with you, he makes it easy to save the hostage at the end!

11 – Downtown Visit III Secondary Objectives!

Who Killed Simon Page!

  • Speak with the police officers at the North end of Broadstreet Avenue. Investigate the vehicle. Then head into the office and complete that investigation before heading to the apartment and complete the investigation there. When you return to the office, there is a secret button on the side of the desk near the PC monitor!

12 – OCP Headquarters Secondary Objectives!

Samantha’s Investigation!

  • Approach the main desk, Samantha the reporter will be arguing with a guard nearby. Follow the guard to the security office and then, when the game asks you to distract him, leave the office and run to the nearby metal detector down the hall. At the next security office, the code is in the poster behind you as you approach the door!
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