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Roboquest: How to Get Guardian S Rating | Commando Guide

Attain a Guardian S Rating with detailed information about the commando class in our guide, providing comprehensive insights for success.

This guide will give you detailed information about commando while also showing you how to get Guardian S Rating.

Commando Guide & Guardian S Rating

Here are the details about commando and Guardian S rating, which work up to G4 S rank and will help you determine your strategy.

How it Works

Using Commando, you’re abusing synergy between Mini missiles and Baby Boom, making any explosion a high chance to explode twice. We get 10 free high-damage homing exploding missiles and a fast-shooting explosion-based main gun. Explosion damage is boosted by one core element we get for free (+10% from the Legendary Buddy Bot.) The legendary Buddy Bot takes agro, which improves survivability and helps us clear small mobs.

Commando Skills:


  • Baby Boom – for double explosion damage
  • Mini missiles – almost auto-aiming + high DMG
  • Firework generator
  • Chromatic Fireworks – any, but be consistent (more below)
  • Scanning Burst – easy marks by Shorty
  • Common upgrade Quick trigger – Get it as a free upgrade level 1 (you can always restart the game this early and get it, don’t waste reroll)
  • Any fire rate you can get

Secondary, still important

  • Repair-o-furry
  • Full Throttle
  • Self Control – auto furry generator + turn off furry fade away
  • Robzerker – Dmg boost
  • Abs of Steel – def stat
  • Anything that boosts your core Elemental damage


Always Legendary Buddy Bot from Oasis – Free +10% elemental DMG ← this should be your CORE elem damage (Upgrade him to +3 for free before making him legendary)
Any Fast (3+), Explosive, easy to aim, elemental weapon, preferably not heavy (option to CRT is nice to have) – My Fav is Gorilla Bolter

How to play it

  • LVL 1: Fish for +15% fire rate. This build’s issue you need to solve is the low fire rate, so get a free upgrade with a +15% fire rate. At this level, the game only offers you Common upgrades, so there is no point in rolling for Core skills.
  • LVL 2: Pref Mini Missiles, (use rerolls to get it level 2-3). You can pick Baby Boom as well.
  • LVL 3: Baby Boom/Mini Missiles, or whatever, from the Core list. By this time, you should have at least Baby Boom or Mini missiles. If they did not roll, restart the run.
  • LVL 4+: This is tricky. You can reliably get only 3–4 “main” skills (the ones with icons you can see displayed in the locker room at camp). Based on that, you should be mindful to get the CORE and SECONDARY “main” skills as upgrades and not fill the slots with something useless like upgrades to your main or secondary abilities.
  • Pick the road to Oasis. Once you get there, upgrade Buddy Bot +3 for free, and only after that will you make him legendary. Check what elemental +10% DMG he rolled. It should be your core. (Alternatively, if Buddy Bot is Fire Damage, you could use Toaster, an item that gives you +25% DMG on burning enemies using non-burning DMG.
  • Prioritize CORE skills that boost your damage: Firework generator (auto-generating rockets), Scanning Burst(mark on Shorty) Chromatic Fireworks (elem rockets)
  • Get yourself any fast-shooting weapon early on. Rockets will carry you easily until the last room of Fields, where the Goliath Destroyer is flying. Later, an explosive weapon is recommended.
  • At Energy Center, you should find your temporary explosive + Elemental DMG Weapon.
  • At Heaven City, you should look for your final weapon. Remember to upgrade it. Blue Bolter with any fire rate boost + elemental damage is good enough. At the moon, upgrade your BuddyBot if you have cells left. Sort of free DMG boost.

Items to Pick

  • Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Save Cells for later.
  • Explosion DMG
  • Whatever adds weapon DMG / DMG
  • Rubber Tape: an alt-fire buff that boosts DMG (not sure if it applies) and decreases Cooldown electively, letting you have more meat shield
  • Your Core Element dmg boosters (don’t worry about the downsides of corrupt items; the occasional CC or DOT is not a problem and can Fire Rate be a buff with the Lollipop)
  • Any Free elemental damage like Kazoo, Floppy Disk,
  • Stuff that helps you stay alive
  • Movement speed,
  • Armor
  • Stuff that helps you heal
  • Flower Pot – reduces CC
  • Wonka Bar! (pick whenever this bastard is available; it’s so hard to roll as a success for achievement!)
  • Egg, Banana, Perfume, Atomic Radish, Artishock, Kazoo, Gas lighter, Thimble etc

What not to Pick

  • % to elemental DMG
  • % to far away DMG
    Shorty/melee, Main Ability boosters
    common sense – You are not a brawler staying super close, so items that buff you for head bonks, superman capes, etc. (unless you can use them well and consistently),
    Stuff that makes your life harder when fighting boss, -exp dmg, when an explosion hits one enemy,
    Jigs Box will reroll your Buddy Bot
    Magnifying glass -DMG from afar
    Bag – long reload times can kill you
    Hour glass -yuck, we need that fire rate
    Avocado, we need that healing just in case

Skill Rotation

Enter a room with Buddy Bot. Drop two fast summons in place with clear sight of enemies (just after the door, often works). If you have some better weapon, swap to it. If you have, use Scanning burst on tanky/high priority enemy. Use your Rocket and empty your magazine on him. Usually, after a few seconds, the third buddy bot is ready to be deployed. There is no limit. You can have more than 2.Use Rocket on crowded enemies and Shorty on priority enemies when off cooldown. Be mindful to pick one enemy and kill him ASAP. DPSing many mobs at the same time leaves them alive and open to hit you back.


Far, High, and on the move. Use a grappling hook (if you have it) to pull yourself from sticky situations up, or across the room.Canyon and Oasis are jokes, so you should not have problems there. Fields is when the problem starts. After you drop Buddy Bots try to keep good distance from your enemies and snipe them a few times and/or circle around the room, staying high (easier to aim at multiple enemies with one shot). Remember to use the Hero Cape (downward slam); it’s very powerful and staggers enemies, leaving you more time to pick them one by one.

Enemies Priority

If your build is put together as described above, you will have a lot of wiggle room to make mistakes, and a few shots will clear most rooms for you. It should be fast enough for you to be safe, but… In no particular order: Shield Generators > Whatever you know you can’t consistently dodge > Gatling turrets > Sniper turrets > Nests (spawning flying enemies/flying bombs) > Flies (Aero Fly, the one that shoots a beam on the ground and then aims it up at you), Fire Fly (flying flamethrower starting in heaven city). Guys, shoot horizontal beams—stuff that crowd-controls you.

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