Rogue Genesia Unlock Evolved Weapons

Welcome to our Rogue Genesia Unlock Evolved Weapons guide. Guide to help all of you unlock the new WEAPONS!

Rogue Genesia Unlock Evolved Weapons

Guide to help all of you unlock the new EVOLVED WEAPONS! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Rogue Genesia game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Rogue Genesia guide.

How to Upgrade weapon to level 8?

To upgrade a weapons to level 8 you need to LEVEL any weapon to level 7!
(it would be better if you level up the actual weapon you plan to upgrade to level 7)
then head for a IRON FORGER or Blacksmith or SHOP (coin icon on the map) (usually right before a boss fight or scattered around the map) and then use your GOLD to limit break!
Good luck!

Silph’s Blade!

How to unlock EVOLVED WEAPONS!

Artificer’s Katana!

Unlock Evolved Weapons

Rogue Genesia Unlock Evolved Weapons Void Wisp!

Rogue Genesia Unlock Evolved WeaponsRogue Genesia

Arcanist’s Staff!

Unlock Evolved Weapons

Death Scythe!

Unlock Evolved Weapons

About Rogue Genesia

Step into a new world and kill the enemies that endanger it.

  • Face massive enemy forces that number in the hundreds at any moment on the screen
  • In this rogue-lite action, you are Rog.
  • A master of all weapons, Rog can use anything to kill countless enemies.
  • Kill, get stronger and more!

Create your own combination with 60+ passive upgrades and 16 weapons.

You decide Rog’s adventure./h2]

You pave the way for Rog, do you have the courage to take down a mighty foe, or would you rather rest in the shop? The choice is yours!

30+ great items to discover

On this journey you will collect awesome and unique artifacts that will greatly affect your gaming experience, and use their powers to aid you in this journey!

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