Rust – Secret Console Commands

These are some forgotten nice commands to have in Rust.

I have no clue where these commands were originally put together, but I have had this list sitting in a private discord server for a couple years now and realized that some people do not have them and would probably enjoy the game more if they do.

  • I have put the commands that I believe are most useful in bold.
  • Wherever “x” is, it can be replaced by any character wanted.

Auto Whacker Dacker 5000
bind x attack;duck

If you don’t like the duck part do this: bind x attack

Laser only when aiming

  • bind mouse1 +lighttoggle;+attack2

Auto run

  • bind x forward;sprint

Toggle Crouch

  • bind x duck

KYS keybind

  • Bind x kill

Always sprint with W, never use shift again

  • bind w “+forward;+sprint”

Combatlog pop up

  • bind f2 “consoletoggle;combatlog”
  • bind f2 “consoletoggle;clear;combatlog”

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