Sakura Succubus 8 Walkthrough and Achievements

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Walkthrough and Achievements

This walkthrough guide will show you achievements in the game.



  • Mr. Popular
  • Reminiscent of your harem
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Is this eatable?

Spare Alice’s feelings and eat the accursed omelette.

  • No Pain, No Gain
  • But is this really the correct way?

Tell Hazel to stop.
It isn’t a pain at all.

  • Nurse, Love, Obsession
  • Visit Hifumi at work

I’ll keep going for Alice’s sake!

  • Miss Popular
  • Visit Ayu at her event

Any option

  • Dressing Down
  • Cosmos and Alice in their… outfits?

That outfit really suits you, Alice!
Wake up.

  • Reassurance
  • Help Alice through her sleepless night

I’m sure you won’t ruin everything…

  • Dressing Up
  • Alice’s perfect fit

She isn’t as pretty as you, Yue, but she’s not bad.
Yeah, you really should.

  • Cat Fight
  • When egos clash
  • Two familiar Faces
  • At a charity event?!
  • An enchanting Idol
  • Listen to Ayu’s charity performance

My expectations are pretty low anyway, so…

  • May I have this Dance?
  • Ask Alice for a dance
  • Let the Bodies hit the Floor
  • We don’t have two left feet, do we?

Yeah, you kind of are…
I’m good. You can keep your toenails to yourself.

  • Clean as a Whistle
  • Get rid of the beer from your skin

She can be a bit of a pain, yeah.

  • Time to Relax
  • Rest on Marina’s lap
  • Us three Together
  • Good night, sweethearts

Any option
Save 1
I’m sure it won’t be that bad!

  • A Star is Born
  • Not a Job, it’s a vocation

Load 1
They probably do, yeah…

  • Lost for Words
  • Have we lost her?
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