Sanator: Scarlet Scarf – Achievements & Walkthrough %100

All relevant choices and endings for obtaining 100% achievements!

Sanator: Scarlet Scarf is a short horror Visual Novel with a total of thirteen achievements.

First Playthrough

-Drive away

-Walder’s house

-Hein’s house

-Wigmar’s house

-Drive away

Save 1

  • Save the fool
  • Promise Syl to find her home
  • Ask neighbours

A new day has come


Mournful labours

Bird of passage

Load 1

  • Please Anga
  • Promise Syl to find her home
  • Go to the Butcher’s

Bloody feast

Farewell, Reustadt

Second Playthrough

  • Let Syl follow
  • Wigmar’s house

Save 2

  • Take care of Syl

Save 3

  • Agree to avenge Syl

Unexpected companion

We are all human

Quenchless wrath

Load 2

  • Drive away
  • Save the fool
  • Cheat and imprison Syl

Roads of Destiny


Load 3

  • Cheat and imprison Syl

Eternity smells of cold

Additional Achievements

After completing the first and second playthroughs, read the hidden story:


Click on “Extra” and on the book symbol in the upper left corner. Click on each entry once:


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