SCP: Secret Laboratory – Hiding Tips

Hiding  Tips Hiding While Holding Items Ok just when hiding remember that items you are holding […]

Hiding  Tips

Hiding While Holding Items

Ok just when hiding remember that items you are holding may go past the wall or corner you are using to hide, an example of this is the MTF rifle as it is quite long and stick out.

Hiding From SCPS

When hiding from 096 it may be wise to face the wall so if he does go past your hiding spot he doesn’t immediately get triggered. Hiding from 173 is similar as he may go past your spot and suddenly stop and turn to see where he’s being looked at from. Hiding from 939 is quite simple run away from him and close doors, after a while stop, as 939’s movement sense has limited range he may just assume you went out of range, the next step is simple just hide around the corner. 106 is quite simple to hide from as he is quite slow just do the ol’ classic corner trick. 079 if you are afraid of getting spotted by 079 simple hide under the camera as some of them cant not be moved all the way down, however if you are sticking out a bit 079 may realize that you are there and tell the other SCPs.

Hiding As SCPs

Most are pretty simple to hide as, an example is 173 as he is very tall and doesn’t stick out over the edge of the corner or wall. 939 is a bit tricky as his body is like 173 but horizontal instead of vertical as a result if you are facing the doorway from the corner your head my stick past the wall and people may just see it and go another way, so instead of facing towards the door try facing away or with the door but not at the door’s wall as your head my pass through. 096 is hard because of his ambient music and crying (crying only sounds when he is ready to be enraged) as a result of this either hide as a last resort or to catch fleeing targets, however if there is a lot of sound targets may not hear the ambience and just run past you.

Hiding As Humans

This is quite simple as you just have to make sure no body parts or weaponry is sticking out and can be spotted.

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