Scrap Mechanic Survival Mods

Survival Mods

Now you have 70% chance of drop 6 component kits from LootBox.
Now you can craft component kit.
Now you can place bag of soil on any game structures (Not Blocks).
Random drop rate of SlimyClam (1-10).
Random drop rate of CrudeOil (1-10).

Install and Download Link

  • Download:
  • To install: put two folders from archive to Scarp Mechanic\Survival folder, and replace all.


Scrap Mechanic Survival Mods 1


Scrap Mechanic Survival Mods 2


Scrap Mechanic Survival Mods 3

Craft of ComponentKit

Scrap Mechanic Survival Mods 4

4 thoughts on “Scrap Mechanic Survival Mods”

  1. Someone pleased

    Wow this is awesome! Less grinding and more building! But you still have to work for resources. Nice mod!

    To clarify, download the file. Extract the .rar. Copy the two folders from it inside the folder Survival in Scrap Mechanic. (Use steam to locate/browse local files for the game to help find the folder)


    Love your mod. Can you maybe mod the cookbot to have a que like craftbot so you can make more than one at a time?

    The world will love you for this.


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