Welcome to our SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Walkthrough & Beginner Tips guide. This guide will show […]

Welcome to our SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Walkthrough & Beginner Tips guide. This guide will show you combat tips for beginners, how to block, how to turn attack and more…

SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Walkthrough & Beginner Tips

SD Gundam Battle Alliance presents chibi versions of the most popular mecha from the notorious franchise. The game, despite its rather childish aspect, has heavy gameplay features that force you to maneuver and time your attacks.


The game goes into the basics of controls in the first mission, so you can easily grasp the basics. For the Dualshock controller for PlayStation, Square and Triangle are the melee attacks. Triangle attacks are harder but slower. Holding the square allows you to perform a spinning attack that damages multiple nearby enemies. Pressing the cross button lets you jump, and the circle button is for boosting. Most mobile suits can fire projectiles at enemies from a rifle or bazooka. The rear right trigger button (R2 on DualShock) typically fires a single shot from a pistol or rifle.

Special attacks are typically projectiles on most mobile suits, but each mech has its own unique special. For example, the special for the RGM-79 GM is to fire off consecutive bursts from its rifle while standing still. The special feature is the front left trigger (L1 on Dualshock). You have limited ammo for all grenades, which you can see at the bottom right of your screen. Some mobile suits, like the Infighter-type mecha, have limited projectiles and focus more on melee attacks. The left rear trigger is for blocking (L2) and the right rear trigger (R2) is a melee special attack.

Tips and Tricks in Combat

If you side step at the right time, you’ll do a perfect side step that will make you invulnerable for a few seconds. If you use the guard at the right time when an enemy is attacking you, you will create a perfect guard that will allow you to perform a melee counterattack against your enemy and will not consume guard gauge. Protection is vital in the game, and you need to keep an eye on your Protection Gauge. Press the D-Pad to charge up and use a health pack, but charging takes a while and leaves you vulnerable. As the fights get tougher and more intense, you’ll need to learn to be more conservative with your health packs.

The bosses in the game are really aggressive and will come at you with many powerful attacks. You can bring up to two AI partners to provide the necessary distraction while you stay behind. Most projectiles don’t do much against bosses, but each mobile suit has moves that leave them wide open. Approach them when you see them open and use your strongest melee attacks. Depleting the bar under the boss’s health forces the boss to the ground for a brief moment, and at you should use your strongest attack as SP. SP slowly recharges during a mission, and to activate SP you need to press both face buttons (L1 + R1).

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