Sea of Stars Choosing Best Bonus Stats

Discover ideal bonus stats in Sea of Stars guide. Unsure which to choose while leveling up? Learn what they are and how to pick based on criteria.

In this Sea of Stars guide, we’re explaining which bonus stats you should choose every time you level up. If you’re unsure about which bonus stat to select and are afraid of making a mistake, you’re in the right place. Here, you can learn what bonus stats are and how to choose them based on different criteria.

Sea of Stars Bonus Stats

Bonus stats refer to additional points that you can allocate to specific attributes of your characters during the level-up process in Sea of Stars. While characters in the game have predetermined stat growth as they level up, the bonus stats provide you with the opportunity to customize their development to better suit your preferred playstyle and strategies.

For example, when a character gains a level in Sea of Stars, they typically receive increases to their basic stats like HP, MP, ATK, DEF, M. ATK, and M. DEF. However, in addition to these automatic stat increases, the game also allows you to distribute a certain number of extra points to a particular attribute of your choice. This enables you to further enhance specific aspects of a character’s abilities according to your tactical preferences.

Choosing the right bonus stats can significantly impact how well a character performs in combat, their role within your party, and their overall effectiveness in different situations. This feature adds an extra layer of strategy and personalization to the game’s leveling system, giving you more control over your characters’ growth and specialization.


There are six different Stats in Sea of Stars that impact the party; HP, MP, MA, MD, PA, and PD. Each one of these may increase when Leveling Up. Additionally, when a party member Levels Up, four Stats are shown and the player picks one to increase further.

  1. HP
    • HP, or Hit Points, tracks how close a party member is to being knocked unconscious, or how close an enemy is to dying.
    • When an enemy reaches 0 HP it is defeated and gives the party EXP, potentially earning them a Level Up after the battle.
    • When a party member reaches 0 HP they are downed and cannot act again for 2-4 turns. The number of turns increases each time the same party member is downed. While downed, they cannot be targeted by any Skill or Attacks, even multi-target ones. After the 2-4 turns, they are restored to 50% of their maximum HP (rounded down). If a battle ends while they are downed, they will be restored to 20% of their maximum HP.
    • HP is restored through skills such as Zale’s Healing Light. Resting also fully restores HP.
  2. MP
    • MP, or Magic Points, is required to use Skills such as Valere’s Moonerang or Zale’s Healing Light. A party member cannot use a Skill if they do not have at least the required amount of MP.
    • 3 MP is restored when performing a Basic Attack regardless of whether or not it was Boosted. A character’s MP does not change when they are downed nor when they recover from being downed. Resting also fully restores SP.
  3. MA
    • MA, or Magic Attack, increases the amount of damage dealt with various magic attacks, including Boosted Basic Attacks.
  4. MD
    • MD, or Magic Defense, decreases the amount of damage taken from various magic attacks.
  5. PA
    • PA, or Physical Attack, increases the amount of damage dealt with various physical attacks.
  6. PD
    • PD, or Physical Defense, decreases the amount of damage taken from various magic attacks.

Which Bonus Stats Should I Choose?

How to choose Bonus statistic in Sea of Stars game

Selecting the optimal bonus stats in Sea of Stars largely depends on the roles of your characters and your preferred playstyle. Here’s a breakdown of the recommended bonus stats for different scenarios:

1. MP (Mana Points):

  • Recommended for All Characters: MP is a versatile resource that fuels your characters’ skills and abilities. Allocating bonus points to MP ensures that your characters have enough mana to cast spells, use special attacks, and heal when needed. This is particularly important because MP growth is limited compared to other stats.

2. HP (Health Points):

  • Recommended for Early Survival: Boosting HP with bonus points provides your characters with more survivability, especially in the early stages of the game where healing resources might be scarce. This is a solid choice for characters who are on the front lines and need to withstand enemy attacks.

3. Physical Attack (ATK):

  • Recommended for Melee Characters: If your character excels at close combat and deals damage primarily through physical attacks, allocating bonus points to ATK can significantly enhance their damage output. This is especially true for characters who rely on physical skills and weapons.

4. Magic (M. ATK):

  • Recommended for Magic Users: Characters who rely on magic-based attacks and abilities should consider allocating bonus points to M. ATK. This enhances the potency of their spells, making them more effective against enemies with vulnerabilities to magic damage.

5. Defensive Stats (DEF and M. DEF):

  • Situational Choice: While DEF and M. DEF can be useful for increasing a character’s survivability against physical and magical attacks, these stats might not be as crucial as others. Prioritize defensive stats if you want to create a well-rounded character that can withstand various types of damage.
Sea of Stars Choosing Bonus Stats

Best Bonus Stats for Specific Characters:

  • Zale: Prioritize MP and Magic for healing and magic attacks.
  • Valere: Focus on Physical Attack for her strong physical strikes, and consider MP for special abilities.
  • Garl: Enhance Physical Attack and MP to maximize his damage output.
  • Serai: Allocate bonus points to MP for her crucial Disorient skill.

Ultimately, your choice of bonus stats should align with your characters’ roles and your preferred strategy. If you have a diverse party with various strengths, consider allocating different bonus stats to each character to create a well-balanced team. Adapt your choices as you progress through the game and gain a better understanding of your characters’ strengths and weaknesses.

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