Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Death and Resurrection

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Naguide

Death and Resurrection Guide

Another key element of Sekiro’s gameplay is its take on death. As usual, when you lose all your health, you’ll die, but at this point, you’re presented with a choice. You can either stay dead, returning you to the last Sculptor’s Idol you used, or you can resurrect, instantly putting you back in the action exactly where you fell. Doing this consumes one of two chances, and you’re brought back with reduced health. You can restore your chances to resurrect when you rest at a Sculptor’s Idol or kill a certain number of enemies.

If you die fully, you will permanently lose half of the money and XP you currently have. You won’t be able to get this back. However, a mechanic in the game called Unseen Aid means that there’s a chance you won’t have your cash and experience points taken away. There are ways to increase this chance, but you can also quite easily decrease it too.

Dying also spreads Dragonrot, an affliction caused by your return to the land of the living. We won’t spoil too much about this disease, but it can cause friendly NPCs to become ill and even die, which can lock out certain quests and dialogue. Again, there are ways to get around this aspect, but it’s clear that dying is a big deal in this game, so do your best not to.

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