Sexy Mystic Survivors Starting Tips

Welcome to our Sexy Mystic Survivors Starting Tips guide. This guide will help you playing Sexy […]

Welcome to our Sexy Mystic Survivors Starting Tips guide. This guide will help you playing Sexy Mystic Survivors proficiently in 5 minutes. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Sexy Mystic Survivors game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Sexy Mystic Survivors guide.

Sexy Mystic Survivors Starting Tips

This guide will help you playing Sexy Mystic Survivors proficiently in 5 minutes.

About the Game

This is a lawnmower game with H tagged on.
If you are buying this game for the H content, you are doing it wrong.

  • Only the first 5 characters has H scenes (2 each), uncensored but nothing spectacular (animation but no interaction). You unlock H scenes by beating any map with specific girl twice.
  • Per the dev, “The other 4 characters are guest characters to be used in another game”
  • Currently there are only 2 Maps, the 3rd one is a placeholder (game is in early release)
  • Play the game in casual mode from the start will help you unlock things quicker.
  • Wait until you are comfortable with weapon evolution before trying harder difficulties, it will reduce your stress.
  • You can get all achievements in casual
Quick Start Guide for SMS

Quick Start – Weapon Evolution

TLDR: Kill things and pick up crystals to level up… then make the right choice

  • Weapons are meant to be evolved (read: Major Power UP)
  • Evolve condition is to raise the weapon to lv8, and have the corresponding passive item (Lv1 or better)
  • Pay attention to the icon to the upper right corner of each item. It tells you the corresponding item you need to evolve
  • Weapon – does damage and goes in the Top Row
  • Passive Items – Buff item
  • Most chars have 6 weapon slots, you want to ensure you have all 6 corresponding passive items to evolve all 6 weapons
  • Most weapons have 2 evolution choices.
  • Game isn’t balanced yet, so some things are better than others.
  • Game difficulties also impact weapon effectiveness.
Quick Start Guide for SMS


  • How come all your stuff are legendary? Pure luck, but I upgraded the bonus in the Unlock section in Title Screen
  • Where do you get reroll, skip, etc.? Also from Unlock Section
  • I do not see the corresponding item on my screen? You have not unlock that item yet, just play the game.
  • How come I unlocked [insert item name] but it is not available during level up? This game is in early access, not everything have been implemented.

Other Things They Didn’t Bother to Explain

1) Unlocking/Rescuing 2 of the girls

  • Both maps have 1 character you need to rescue (part of their unlock condition)
  • You need to unlock the Map and Mini-map from the Unlock Section in Title Screen, or you won’t be able to find them. They are located in the ? icon from your map
  • Don’t rush over, evolve 2 weapons first and it will make your life much easier

2) Altars – they give you a relic

  • Unlock your map to find them. They are the red and blue star (cross shape) on the map.
  • Blue Altar – spawns an elite and is the easier of the two, you get both relic and chest for it
  • Red Altar – Buff all enemies for 3 minutes. You don’t need to stick around but be sure to go back when 3 minutes is up to pick up the relic

Sexy Mystic Survivors Starting Weapon Evolution Tips

Best Tip:

  • Prioritize One Weapon to evolve as soon as possible
  • Not all passive items requires Legendary (e.g. HP, HP Regen, Armor), especially on lower difficulty

Good passives items to have: Things that improve your damage/make life easier

  • Exp Up – Level faster = more rolls. Pairs with Chakram.
  • Magnet – Larger Pickup Radius is a huge Quality of Life improvement. Pairs with Storm Amulet and the evolved Lightning Amulet is awesome for casual difficulty.
  • Gold Up – allows you to get 20k+ gold per run easily to unlock stuff
  • Damage – Match with Sword and available from the start. Sword evolve #2 is a screen wide aoe
  • Reduce Cooldown – Matches with the lamp

Lastly, always a good idea to stick with 4 or 5 weapons you are familiar with, and use the last slot or two to test new weapons you got.

Casual difficulty – mobs has low health so things like Storm Amulet performs really well. But their DPS is lacking for higher difficulty. Conversely, Holy Cross can pull off 15k+ DPS in very hard because too many fodders cluttering the screen. Staff of freezing is a great CC for higher difficulty, as it works on elites.

Once you unlock the map, you will see icon of passive items.

  • Do not rush to pick them up
  • If you max out to lv5 before picking it up, you can raise that buff to lv6. Works well for things like Damage Buff and Exp
  • If you already have 6 passive items and does not have that item, you can have it as a bonus passive item. It can be raised to Lv5 but the quality will already be normal (white).
  • You don’t need 12+ passives, sometimes you are better off getting some buffs to lv6.
  • Relying on picking up passive items to evolve? Waiting until you get 6 passive items before going to pick them up is going to delay evolving your weapons. It might not be worth it.

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