Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%. How to get all achievements for […]

Welcome to our Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%. How to get all achievements for Shadows Over Loathing? This guide will tell you. Achievements are roughly listed by when they are achieved. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Shadows Over Loathing game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Shadows Over Loathing guide.

Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Some notes before we begin…

  • You can have multiple saves! While the game does autosave, after you complete your first playthrough or if you select [New Game] after you’ve started an existing run, there will be an additional option on the main menu titled [Select Character]. These characters are your other saves/runs, so don’t worry about one character run replacing another’s data.
  • Don’t feel discouraged if you have to start new saves to get some achievements, I promise the game goes fast if you know what you’re doing. Generally you can also mash though any dialogue sections and it will advance through the main story.
  • There are (content spoiler) 6 chapters plus the prologue, and technically an epilogue but the epilogue has no gameplay and is only for showing the ending.
  • Also I just spoiler-tagged the number of chapters there are above, but each achievement includes information on when it can be earned, so late-game achievements will have that information. You’ve been warned!

Fuel Reserves

You filled the gas can up ALL the way
Achievable only in: Prologue

To earn this achievement, you essentially need to do everything you can possibly do in the prologue section in order to fill up the gas can you receive from the bus driver in the second half of the prologue chapter. Filling up the gas can to 100% will not grant the achievement; you must fill it up to 300% (obviously).

There are 9 different places in the prologue you must go to fill up the gas can:

  • In the cup holder of the car inside the gas station garage
  • From the generator inside the gas station garage
  • From the gas pump with the missing hose in the gas station
  • In the barn behind Elias’s house, by the robot
  • In the barn behind Elias’s house, in the locker
  • On the tractor behind Elias’s house
  • In the hobo train car
  • In the fridge behind the hobo train car
  • Near the bull behind the hobo train car

The Duality of Hat – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You posed for two different fedora pictures
Achievable starting in: Chapter 1

This one is easily missable in a run, but fortunately it’s fairly quick to start a new save and achieve if needed. You’ll need to visit the Hat Photography shop with the cursed fedora, and then again with the same, uncursed version.

Shortly after arriving at Murray’s Antiques, Jessica will send you out to go find and fetch a foredoomed fedora from a forlorn facility. After you retrieve it, don’t use the uncursing machine on it yet, and instead go to sleep. Jessica will stop you from retreating to your room the first time, but you can simply ignore her and interact with the door to your room again. Go to sleep, and when you wake up, Chapter 1 will officially start and Ocean City will open up more. Take the cursed fedora to the Boardwalk, put it on, and walk into the Hat Photography shop. The photographer will remark that he hates your drip but will photograph it anyways. Afterwards, return to Murray’s Antiques at any point and uncurse the fedora. Return to the Hat Photography shop once more, wearing the same, now uncursed fedora, and you’ll be able to take a new photo with it, awarding you the achievement.

A Victimless Crime

You solved Mrs. Brewster’s mystery
(The achievement flavor text says “Mrs.” but the location and character’s name is “Ms.”. Literally unplayable, I know.)
Achievable starting in: Chapter 1

First, you’ll need to locate Ms. Brewster’s Home for Traveling Salesmen by wandering around the Ocean City map until you unlock its location. I found it after purchasing a traveling salesman’s wares, and he marked the location on my map.

There are two important parts to this mystery that you’ll need to deduce to earn the achievement:
A. Which room the occult salesman is staying in inside Mrs. Brewster’s house
B. The fate of the victim

You’ll deduce A by talking to all the available salesmen and determining which salesmen are living in each room, and B by being especially perceptive of the crime scene as well as gathering information from the other salesmen.

Everything you need to solve the mystery is within the house. When you are finished examining the crime scene and talking to the other salesmen, return to Ms. Brewster to tell her your answers regarding the murder.

In case you need the solution, the answer is that the occultist is in room 3B, and regarding the fate of the victim you must also answer “No, I’m pretty sure you didn’t kill anybody…” which reveals that the “victim” did not actually die, but he was a jokes and gags salesman pulling a dark prank. You must choose these two dialogue options for the achievement to be awarded.

Ten Tickles

You gave a tentacle ten tickles
Achievable starting in: Chapter 1

Wander around the map until you find the Tentacle House. Enter the basement to find a tentacle seed (you may need to use a fuse on the fusebox to find it). Return home and plant the tentacle seed in your room, and interact with it ten times.

The Hot 100

You tuned a radio with your talented talons
Achievable starting in: Chapter 1

This is achieved after uncursing the pocket watch and entering the dream state that follows, with you playing as a T-Rex. Do not eat the cat. Interact with everything else in the room except for any of the doors, as the front door, door to your room, and door to the speakeasy will all take you to the same end of the dream state. You’ll be able to grow your dinosaur’s dexterity stat within this sequence and eventually when you have 10 or more dexterity, interact with the radio and a new option will appear to tune it. This will grant the achievement.

Chessica – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You beat Jessica at chess
Achievable starting in: Chapter 1(?), but will likely be near endgame

Over the course of the game, you’ll find permanent and reusable elemental armor stat upgrade books, and you’ll also naturally collect equipment, food, and potions that will raise those stats when they are active as well. There is randomness involved so your mileage may vary with each attempt, but I’d recommend attempting to have at least 10 stat points or so for each armor. Once you do, interact with the chessboard in Murray’s Antiques and challenge Jessica to a game, and always choose the option with an elemental armor stat check if available, as any other choice doesn’t matter but won’t help. Keep attempting this until you win and the achievement is awarded, or continue boosting your armor stats through various means as needed. This achievement is never missable and can in theory be achieved whenever, so long as you have the armor stats to succeed.

Hardcore Gamer

You won all the prizes at the Ocean City Boardwalk
Achievable starting in: Chapter 1(?), but will likely be near endgame

Similar to the Chessica achievement, this achievement is never missable and in theory can be achieved whenever, so long as you have the Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie to qualify, but this may have to be at the end of the game.

You will need 15+ in Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie (and a bit of meat I suppose) to succeed all Boardwalk game stat checks. To my knowledge, this should be possible in mostly any run even if it comes close. If you are in the final chapter, Chapter 6, and still need some stats boosted, I recommend the following actions:

  • Unlock all four stat increases available for each stat in your Basic Skills page if you haven’t already.
  • Check to see that you don’t have any active debuffs affecting your three MMM stats. Wash your hands at a sink or uncurse yourself at the uncursing machine as needed.
  • Equip stat-boosting equipment as needed, eat temporary stat-boosting food as needed, and drink temporary stat-boosting potions as needed. There are foods (Devil’s Food, fruit cocktail samples from junk mailpotions (Noble Elixir), and equipment (Monster Club Sash, Maggot Hat) that will each give you +1 in each stat if needed, or plenty of others that will grant +1 to one or two stats.
  • Have an active boon from a cat that give you +1 in a needed stat.
  • Have an active boon from a drink at the speakeasy that gives you +1 in a needed stat(s). There are drinks that will give you +1 in two of your three MMM stats.
  • There is a tub in the junkyard in Chapter 2’s Crystaldream Lake. This tub can ONLY be used once per run and when used, it will grant you +1 in each of these stats for the rest of the in-game day. Because of this I would hold off on using the tub until the final day for this achievement, but it may not be necessary depending on your stats. (Personally I was able to earn this achievement in a run where I had used the tub on an earlier in-game day.)
  • Collect and interact with new items in your room, as some of these will grant you +1 in your MMM stats for the in-game day.
  • Enter combat and immediately surrender several times — this will give you some random boons that will be active for the rest of the in-game day, and you’ll be able to attain boons for +1 Muscle, +1 Mysticality, and +1 Moxie after enough defeats.
  • Visit the fortune teller on the boardwalk 3 times for the permanent perk Skeptical, which gives +1 Mysticality.
  • Finish the quest line from the Cathedral in Ocean City for a +1 Muscle perk.
  • Finish the quest for Marvin in Ocean City for a +1 Moxie perk.
  • At a later point in the game, you’ll encounter a cornfield area. This is accessible in Chapter 5 in Gray County at a location called the Drexel Stead. Within the corn maze behind the house, you’ll find a dentist with some minor side quests for you to complete.Completing these side quests will grant you a permanent +1 Moxie perk.
  • When you have access to the final chapter area, interact with all the inmates in the Prison in Government Valley and trade them crackers or whatever else they request. Some of them will grant you permanent stat boosts.You’ll be able to get +1 in each stat for doing so.

More Meat Than Sense – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You bought a barrel
Achievable starting in: Chapter 2, but will likely be near endgame

This achievement is never missable, so feel free to take your time. Whenever you eventually have 10,000 Meat to spare, return to Valley Hardware and interact with the barrel that has the 10,000 Meat price tag. The shopkeep will ask if you’re serious but he’ll eventually agree to sell it to you, awarding you the achievement.

The barrel will now be yours to fish in, and you can fish up some great late-game consumables without limits!

A Witch in Time

You saved the village of Sandwich
Achievable starting in: Chapter 3

To earn this achievement, you must follow the Crystaldream Lake Sandwich Museum quest line to completion. This one is one of the longer side quests in the game and while you can access the Sandwich Museum in Chapter 2, it’s actually not completable until at least Chapter 3 due to a required item being in the next map.

Everything’s a Sandwich If You Believe

You ate a stuffed pepper
Achievable starting in: Chapter 3

In the steam tunnels of S.I.T., there is a door with a skull and crossbones. Read the hobo code next to it to be informed of the secret menu item, a stuffed pepper. Afterwards, head on in and order the stuffed pepper from the cashier, and then eat it. Simple and tasty.

Cleaning House

You drove enemies out of 23 Hilbert House rooms
Achievable starting in: Chapter 3

This achievement is only possible in a non-pacifist run, and may only be possible in runs with courses involving either chemicals, or meta-acoustics, or spiders. (Please do correct me if I’m wrong, but my first run involved none of these subjects and I was never able to find a way to access Hilbert House.)

As long as you are taking at least one of the following three courses (Chemicals, Meta-Acoustics, Spiders), you will gain access to the Hilbert House, an infinite generative dorm building. Fight your way through 23 rooms of enemies to unlock the achievement.

No, Truce With the Fishies – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You made peace with the Fishmother
Achievable starting in: Chapter 3
I recommend just doing this one during an all-pacifist run, though it’s not required.

To earn this achievement you must be completely pacifist towards all fishmen in the game. As in, don’t enter combat even once with them involved.

After speaking with Rufus in the secret lab in the S.I.T. steam tunnels, he will give you a quest to collect three pounds of fishman eggs (one pound is found at a time and there are more than three available in the game). You must continue to avoid any and all combat with fishmen as you collect them.

Once this is done, return to Rufus and he will send you to the Fishmother’s lair. If you’ve avoided combat with fishmen, she will be amicable towards you and give you her pearl, earning you the achievement.

A Well-Rounded Education

You passed all nine SIT courses (requires multiple playthroughs)
Achievable starting in: Chapter 3, provided you’ve completed your courses in other playthroughs.

Pretty straightforward. The nine courses are:

  • Botany (combat)
  • Robotechtronics
  • Chemicals
  • Geology (combat)
  • Meta-Acoustics
  • Astronomy
  • Spiders (combat)
  • Culinary Science
  • Phys. Ed.

Since you can only choose one from each group per run, you’ll have to complete these over a minimum of three separate saves.

Note that any courses noted with (combat) are not available options when doing a pacifist run. Also note that if you do not choose chemicals, or meta-acoustics, or spiders, then you (to my knowledge) will be unable to access the Hilbert House, which only affects the Cleaning House achievement if you need it.

For help with completing any of these courses, refer to Guide to S.I.T. Courses by (Influ)Enza.

For additional help with chemicals, another great guide can be found in An Idiots Guide To Chemistry, The Seminar by Kenny.

Both of the above linked guides are fantastic sources and deserve likes and awards!

The Dark Side – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You learned all nine Shadow skills
Achievable starting in: Chapter 3
This achievement requires you to be afflicted with Shadow Taint, which is irreversible and locks you out of certain content (interacting with hoboes and many shopkeeps outside of Main Street for example), so do it on a run where you’re cool with that.

Obtain the cursed book at the end of Chapter 3 after completing your chosen three courses and defeating the following boss. Do not uncurse the book. Instead, hold onto it and raise your shadow taint to at least level 3.

Shadow taint is a hidden stat from the beginning of the game and will appear below your other stats on your inventory menu once you reach at least level 1 of shadow taint. Raise your shadow taint by encountering rift holes in random locations each day, choose to reach inside the rifts and pull out various shadow consumables and equipment, and eat/drink all shadow consumables you find. Consuming a few will eventually increase your level by 1 at a time.

When you reach level 3, read the book and spend XP on it to unlock all 9 of the available skills.

Bad Dog(s)

You got into the Secureberus vault
Achievable starting in: Chapter 4

First off, I don’t actually think you need to unlock the front door of Secureberus in Ocean City to unlock this achievement, but I could be wrong. If you do, it’s likely that your Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie stats are high enough to by the time this achievement is doable anyways though.

To earn this achievement you’ll actually need to locate and head to Mudhenge. Enter the Mudhenge area and walk through the gates for some good Lost Woods-style action. Allegedly there are audio cues to indicate if you’ve entered a gate in the right order, but I had a very hard time with hearing it and had to refer to a guide myself (linked below).

There are five gates you can walk through that appear onscreen; we’ll refer to them as 1-5 with the leftmost one being 1 and the rightmost one being 5. With that in mind, enter the gates in the following order:
1, 2, 1, 2, 5, 2, 5, 4, 3

If successful, you will find a cult of nudists. Fight them, or dance with them by stripping yourself of all equipment. Then place your compass on the altar, think of meat, and enter a gate.

You’ll then be taken to a riverboat, which is its own entire sidequest as well. Complete this area, and when you are done, return to Mudhenge. Interact with the altar again, think of meat again, and enter a gate again.

Now you should be inside the Secureberus vault, and the achievement should be awarded.

Freaky Frogday – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You helped the workers of Haim Quarry
Achievable starting in: Chapter 4

My only addition to the guide is that on the following step:

Speak with Frogger again and attempt to convince him that the curse should be undone. You’ll need to prompt him with questions in a particular order to lead him to the conclusion. There is no penalty for failing and you can redo this section as many times as necessary.

the game really is particular on the order you ask the follow-up questions, and it took me quite a few attempts to nail it down. You should ask the questions in the following order:

  • “How do you know how the statue works?“
  • “A frog gave me this emerald. How’s that possible?”
  • ”Why don’t you take the gem out yourself?”
  • ”Why do you want to be a human so much?”
  • ”It seems rude to do this to those people.”

Lastly, I believe this achievement locks you out of keeping the grub hat you find in the back of the cave for the run, so keep that in mind if you were relying on it to get the Hardcore Gamer achievement in the same run.

The Prince of Tides

You met Largestmouth Luke
Achievable starting in: Chapter 4
On the run that you want to unlock this achievement, I recommend looking at this guide BEFORE entering Largemouth Bass & Sons in The Big Moist.

Just Showing Off

You defeated the Ziggurat Goliath
Achievable starting in: Chapter 4

On a non-pacifist run, after rescuing Charles Wallace in the Gatorman Fortress, return to the Ziggurat Goliath at the very bottom of the fortress basement. He’ll be there waiting for you to fight; defeat him and you’ll earn the achievement.

You Did the Monster Sash

You got a fully-decked out Monster Shack sash
Achievable starting in: Chapter 4

Find the Monster Shack in The Big Moist, then talk to the six kids to get six different side quests from them. Complete all six side quests and they will award you with a sash and a badge for each of their quests done; obtain all six to earn the achievement.

Your Neck Will Go On

You found a fancy necklace
Achievable starting in: Chapter 4, only in a Chemicals course playthrough, only if you accept working with the mob.

To earn this achievement, you must:

  • Agree to work with the mob earlier in the game. (To my knowledge there’s no downside to doing so. In the game. I can’t comment on it in real life.)
  • Take the chemicals course at S.I.T.
  • Complete the chemicals course, and be sure to make and keep barnacle dissolver. You can do this by pulling the levers in the order . To deduce this, you can either find it via experimenting, or referring to the chemicals effects table listed in An Idiots Guide To Chemistry, The Seminar by Kenny.
  • Obtain the diving helmet from outside of Fission Chips at S.I.T. by interacting with the mannequin there and passing the Muscle stat check.
  • When The Big Moist map is accessible, you will receive a request from the mob to also investigate a submarine, and its location will be added to your map. If you are working with the mob but haven’t received this assignment yet, it’s possible you may have to complete all prior assignments up to the last one for S.I.T. first.
  • Visit the submarine, put on the diving helmet, enter the valve hatch inside the submarine, and interact with the box with barnacles to apply the barnacle dissolver and receive the necklace and achievement.

Esprit de Corn

You maximized morale in the Maize Maze
Achievable starting in: Chapter 5

In the corn fields behind the Drexel Stead, there are eight characters. Fulfill all of their needs and then return to Colonel, one of the NPCs, for the achievement.

  • Cornelius is a hobo in the first row of the corn maze that you can obtain cornbread from and send to the hobo camp. Do both of those things.
  • Sissy is a young girl in the center-left of the second row who is missing her cat and her teddy bear, both of which can be found in the corn maze. You’ll need to talk to her about her missing bear first before you can locate it for her. After you do, find the toybox in the fourth row and you will find them there. For returning Sissy’s cat, see below.
  • Sissy’s cat must be found first before returning it to Sissy. It can be found in the fourth row of the corn maze in the very left. After encountering the cat, you can return to Sissy who will suggest you find a saucer of milk for her to coax the cat back to her. You can obtain a saucer of milk from Stan in the fourth row of the corn.
  • Sarah is a dentist found in the second row of the maize, on the right end. She needs a patient to practice on (which will be you), some chattering teeth, and lastly a popcorn maker. You’ll need to talk to her about her needing the teeth first in order to locate them for her, then find the toybox in the fourth row and you will find them there. After you return to her she will mention the popcorn maker; return to the one found among the random appliances near where Cornelius was, pick it up, and bring it back to Sarah. As a bonus, completing her questline will award you with a permanent +1 Moxie perk.
  • Ike is the creamed corn/iced corn/creamed ice vendor in the third row. He needs a fridge coil and a barrel of milk. A fridge coil can be found among the array of items from around where Cornelius was, or you may also have one from earlier in the game. You can obtain the milk barrel from Stan the milkman in the maze.
  • Stan is the milkman near the toybox in the fourth row, talk to him and let him vent to you about his troubles. He’ll offer to sell you milk after that but don’t purchase it just yet as his prices are wildly steep and he’ll lower them as you help him. He’ll first complain about not having a bowtie, but after he does you can return to the wardrobe you would’ve passed in the second row on the way to Ike. Interact with the wardrobe and you can now find a bowtie there. Return to Stan with it, he’ll lower his prices, and he’ll also complain that his hat is dirty. Take his hat and you can clean it in either the washbasin in the appliances pile in the first row, or you can take it all the way back to the laundry room at S.I.T. accessible from the steam tunnels. Return his clean hat to him and his prices are now at their lowest, where you can buy a barrel of milk for Ike, a saucer of milk for Sissy’s cat, and a glass of milk for the main quest.
  • There’s a gigantic crow in the fourth row on the right. You can offer it cornbread from Cornelius and it will let you pass, which gives you access to some onions to bring back to the speakeasy.
  • Colonel is in the second row, center-right, but can only be accessed from entering the third row first. Speak to him when you are done with all other characters’ needs and he will grant you an award and the achievement.

Jasper’s Six

You executed a perfect heist
Achievable only in: Chapter 5

Complete all requests from the six people in and around Sneed’s Feed & Seed Jasper’s Feed & Tack:

  • A counterclockwise mainspring for Wendelin from The Old Gilmore Place
  • A glass of milk for Iola from Drexel Stead
  • A paperweight for Xenia from MacMillicancuddy’s Farm
  • Fertilizer for Pixley from Grode Valley Orchard
  • An engine for Farina from The Old Ford Compound
  • A meteorite for Oskaloosa from The Moleross Place

Most requests are fairly straightforward and/or their parts are fairly out in the open, but it’s possible you may need an additional hint for Farina and a good amount of help for navigating the hellscape that is The Moleross Place.

For Farina, if you need to pacify some bean magic, return to S.I.T. after encountering a storm of beans and speak to Rufus in his secret lab in the steam tunnels. He’ll give you a whistle that plays at a frequency that cancels out beans.

Once all sidequests are fulfilled, speak to Jasper in the back room of the Feed & Tack to execute the heist, and rely on everyone’s abilities when prompted to earn the achievement.

A Friend of Ours – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You completed all of Don T’s assignments
Achievable starting in: Chapter 5

Accept the offer to work with the mob towards the beginning of the game, and keep accepting their calls and completing their requests for the achievement. The final assignment from the mob involves entering the vampire den on the Ocean City boardwalk, and note that this location cannot be returned to afterwards so be sure you check out everything you’d like to in there, especially the toilet inside for the Sanitation Engineer achievement! When this quest is completed, you will be awarded the achievement.

The Gang’s All Here

You received the hobo camp’s highest honor
Achievable starting in: Chapter 5
Note: This is NOT achievable in a route if you decide to embrace darkness and gain Shadow Taint before earning the achievement.

There are 23 hoboes to befriend and live at the Hobo Camp in Ocean City over the course of the game. There’s a wonderful guide by bigbloon that covers all of their locations and needs (and also covers two more hoboes that are not recruitable but are still befriendable, which helps you) and can be found here:

You’ll need to initially befriend hoboes and speak to the Hobo King at the Hobo Camp until he begins to feel comfortable around you and entrusts you to help him recruit more hoboes. Once you can, locate all hoboes in the game and refer them to the Hobo Camp. Once you’ve found and recruited all available hoboes, befriended them, learned Hobo Code, interacted with all Hobo Cryptography equipment in the Cryptography car, etc., you can return to the Hobo King once more and earn the achievement.

Cat Fancy – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You unlocked every cat
Achievable starting in: Chapter 5

Unlock the boon/pet option from all available cats. There are 12 cats available throughout the course of the game, plus an additional one from the prologue.

Note: I don’t believe I ever met the prologue cat on my own first run but I did still earn the achievement on that run, but would need someone else to confirm this.

Sanitation Engineer

You flushed every toilet
Achievable starting in: Chapter 5

Flush all 16 toilets in the game.

Be warned that several of the toilets are missable in a run, so for the missable toilets you will need to:

  • flush the toilet in the prologue before giving the full gas can to the bus driver
  • accept working with the mob, make it to the end of their questline, and on the final assignment of the mob quest be sure to flush the toilet in before completing the quest! You will not be able to access this location again after the quest.
  • fully correctly solve the crime at Ms. Brewster’s to unlock access to the bathroom in her house. See the section on A Victimless Crime for help.
  • not have any shadow taint in this run, or at least wait until after you unlock the location of the Dauphin House from a hobo in a diagonal boxcar in Chapter 4. Otherwise there is no other way to locate the Dauphin House, to my knowledge.
  • find the location of The Moleross Place from Oskaloosa in Jasper’s Feed & Tack before embarking on the heist at the end of Chapter 5
  • not be aiming to complete the Temporal Oopsie achievement in the same run. While this toilet isn’t really missable, it cannot be achieved in the same run as Temporal Oopsie as you’ll need to access Delphine Farm in Gray County for a toilet, and this requires wearing the Mobius Ring, which locks you out of the Temporal Oopsie achievement.

Temporal Oopsie

You got locked out of the universe because of a temporal paradox
Achievable only in: Epilogue, BUT you must ensure the conditions are right for this as early as Chapter 2.
This achievement is mutually exclusive with Predestined in the same run, and will also prevent you from earning the Sanitation Engineer achievement in the same run.

This one is achievable so long as you do nothing correctly. Er, so long as you do nothing, which will be correct. Alright, let me elaborate.

In Chapter 2’s Crystaldream Lake, at some point you will encounter your future self a few times. One of these times they will hand you a Mobius Ring. To earn this achievement, DO NOT WEAR THE MOBIUS RING EVER. Just forget about it. It doesn’t exist to you this run. Then go ahead and continue on with the game however you wish, and reach the epilogue chapter.


You closed the Time Loop
Achievable only in: Epilogue, BUT the actions to qualify for the achievement can begin as early as Chapter 2 and be completed as early as Chapter 5.
This achievement is mutually exclusive with Temporal Oopsie in the same run.

In Chapter 2’s Crystaldream Lake you will at some point while travelling via map, encounter a future version of yourself. This will happen a few more times until eventually a frustrated future you gives you a Mobius Ring. At some point before the ending of the game (I recommend waiting until Chapter 5), put on the ring. Note that you will not be able to remove the ring until at least Chapter 5.

Once Chapter 5’s Gray County is available to you, attempt to remove the ring if you haven’t already, then return to Crystaldream Lake and select Wander on the map a few times until you learn about Delphine Farmhouse in Gray County.

Visit Delphine Farmhouse and solve the puzzle inside. Get a notepad ready if you’d like to solve the puzzle yourself. This one was actually one of my favorite puzzles in the whole game. The solution will depend slightly on when you speak to the yous in the house, as you’ll need to speak to the “new” yous at the same time in order to not break the timeline. Fortunately here, breaking the timeline does not result in any penalties other than booting you back outside and making you restart, so you are free to try as many times as you like until you piece it together.

If you need assistance, here is the solution I had, in chronological order. Don’t do anything more or less than what is outlined.

1. Enter the house
2. Pick up the candlestick
3. Speak to the self by the log pile
4. Speak to the self at the dinner table
5. Enter the bedroom at the far left door
6. Speak to the self on the desk in the bedroom
7. Leave the bedroom, walk to the far right, and enter the bathroom
8. Raid the medicine cabinet
9. Leave the bathroom
10. Pick up the hatchet
11. Stand at the log pile spot and speak to your “new” self
12. Enter the bedroom at the far left door
13. Throw the candlestick at the trapdoor in the ceiling
14. Go up the stairs
15. Rummage through the boxes
16. Speak to your “new” self
17. Jump down the hole
18. Speak to the self sitting in the armchair
19. Unlock and exit through the door
20. Sit at the dinner table and speak to your “new” self
21. Leave through the rightmost door to the bathroom
22. Immediately exit the bathroom
23. Interact with the kitchen to obtain plant food
24. Smash the urn towards the left and obtain the key
25. Enter the bedroom in the leftmost door
26. Sit on the desk in the bedroom
27. Talk to your “new” self
28. Leave the bedroom
29. Enter the bathroom on the far right
30. Flush the toilet
31. Leave the bathroom and enter the bedroom on the far left
32. Feed the plant
33. Exit the bedroom and enter the armchair room in the middle door
34. Sit in the armchair
35. Speak to your “new” self
36. Open the box
37. Leave the armchair room and leave the house.
Friggin. Brilliant.

Lastly, after doing all of that, wander around Crystaldream Lake until you find another “new” you. Give them the Mobius Ring, and the achievement should be awarded.

The Last Dance – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Gabby saved the universe
Achievable starting in: Chapter 6/Epilogue

With Gabby as your companion, travel to different locations around Crystaldream Lake and at some point she’s prompt your attention with her “Hello!” speech bubble. Speak to her; this will allow you to send her on a Companion Vignette where you control her walking through a mushroom cave. Have her find a suitable spot to plant(?) more Gabbys. You’ll know she’s done when she is granted a stat boost. Afterwards, exit the cave to return control to your character.

Walk around Crystaldream Lake a bit more and eventually she’ll prompt you for attention again. You may need to come back another day for this prompt, or you might also get this prompt in the same in-game day. Speak to her and accept the Companion Vignette again, in which Gabby returns to the cave to be met with more Gabbys. Interact with each, and she should be granted a new ability, Clone Swarm.

Finally, take Gabby with you to the confrontation with the final boss inside the rift inside the Black House inside Government Valley. Enter the rift and speak to Gabby on the left of the screen. Gabby should have a prompt to use Clone Swarm, which summons all her other Gabbys to overwhelm the Shadow President and the eldritch horror, and the game cuts to the Epilogue. Upon the beginning of the Epilogue, the image below should come up and the achievement will be awarded.100% All Achievements Guide

The Forbidden Melody

Obie saved the universe
Achievable starting in: Chapter 6/Epilogue

First, you must initially unlock Obie as a companion in Goldwraith Park in Ocean City by giving him some meat, then asking him to leave as part of your assignment from the groundskeeper. He’ll happily oblige as you did him a favor earlier, and you’ll be able to find him again at the Hobo Camp. So long as you are not already afflicted with Shadow Taint, you can speak with him to join you as a companion.

To access his first Companion Vignette, have him as your active companion and take him to places around The Big Moist, and speak to him if he prompts you for your attention. He’ll retrieve something of his and get a stat boost as a result, then you can exit his vignette by leaving.

For his second Companion Vignette, take Obie to S.I.T. locations afterwards, speak to him when prompted, and enter his second Companion Vignette. There are two things you need to complete with him in this vignette. The first is to cancel his contract via simply advancing through the dialogue, and importantly, the second is to complete the oboe minigame at the far right of the bar. This minigame is a Simon Says-style memory game. It’s tough, and it doesn’t help that the guy playing with you is playing on a flute in a different key. I completed this one by just playing at the same time as the guy, using the visual direction of the flute notes as they came out. For example, if a note he plays flies upwards, you need to press up to play the correct note, if a note he plays flies to the left you need to press left, etc. Once you (eventually) complete this minigame Obie will be rewarded with a skill, Forbidden Melody.

Lastly, inside the Black House in Government Valley, take Obie with you. Enter the rift and speak to Obie, and he will have a dialogue option to use Forbidden Melody. Select this option and the game will cut to the epilogue, where the following screen should appear and you should earn the achievement.

100% All Achievements Guide

Bullet of Pure Love – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Molly saved the universe
Achievable starting in: Chapter 6/Epilogue

Earn Molly Buttons as a companion by accepting the mob’s offer on the morning of Day 2, and find her just outside of Murray’s Antiques.

For her first Companion Vignette, take her around Gray County until she prompts you for your attention. Speak to her and send her on her vignette, in which she visits her family home and finds a letter on the ground. Return by walking offscreen after you obtain this letter.

Her second Companion Vignette is found after this by traveling with her in Ocean City. She’ll prompt you for your attention (and some Meat); speak to her and give her the required meat, and she will purchase a cake.

Once you’ve done those two vignettes, take her to Government Valley in the final chapter and visit the Prison. Speak to the inmates and find Nancy, who Molly will give the cake to. This unlock’s Molly’s ending ability.

Lastly, enter the Black House with Molly, enter the rift, and Molly’s ending will already activate. The game will cut to the epilogue and if you see the following screen, you will be awarded the achievement.
100% All Achievements Guide

No Dogs Don’t Prevent Oblivion – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Barker saved the universe
Achievable starting in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, Botany course only

There are three companions attainable in Chapter 3 where S.I.T. is, but all three are mutually exclusive with one another and depend on which major you choose. Even with that, Barker is still easily missable as a companion even if you take the corresponding major, Botany.

To obtain Barker as a companion, you must choose the Botany major at S.I.T., which will eventually take you to Professor Kalos’s vacation home at Crystaldream Lake. Do not engage in combat with the weird plant dog monster because that’s literally Barker. Instead, enter the house’s kitchen, obtain the dog bowl, and fill the bowl with water at a sink. Afterwards you can offer the bowl of water to the plant dog, earning Barker as a companion.

Take Barker as your companion around Crystaldream Lake and he’ll prompt you for your attention. Complete this first Companion Vignette.

Barker’s second Companion Vignette is in Gray County; take him around there, speak with him when he prompts you for your attention, and complete this vignette.

At the very end of the game, take Barker with you into the Black House. Inside the rift, speak to Barker, then the Shadow President, then close the portal. If done correctly, the game will cut to the epilogue, display the following screen, and award the achievement.

100% All Achievements Guide

The Umbraline Solution

Adams saved the universe
Achievable starting in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, Chemicals course only

Take the chemicals major at S.I.T. and create a solution for bronze revivifying. With this solution in your inventory, interact with the statue in the chemicals foyer, and Adams will be added as a companion.

Adams’s first companion vignette is also in S.I.T., so with him as your companion, look for his prompt for you attention and speak to him. He will retrieve his old binder in this vignette.

For his second vignette, take him to Crystaldream Lake, where he will prompt you to speak with him and begin his second companion vignette. Complete this vignette as well.

In addition to these vignettes, you need to create Umbraline Annihilating solution back in the chemicals lab by selecting the ingredients in the order 1, 2, 3, 4. Take this solution with you to the end of the game.

Bring Adams with you to inside the Black House in Government Valley, enter the rift, and speak with Adams to use the solution. Afterwards you will be brought to the epilogue screen, and you will be awarded the achievement.

I apparently forgot to get a screenshot of Adams’s victory screen so I hope this suffices.

100% All Achievements Guide

This Wrench Kills Machines – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

Simone saved the universe
Achievable starting in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, Robotechtronics course only

Take the Robotechtronics course at S.I.T. and talk to Simone, who is standing inside the Robotechtronics lab. She will be able to then join you as a companion.

Take her to Gray County, and Simone will prompt you to speak to her to send her on her first companion vignette. Have her poke around the oil rig until she obtains an upgrade to one of her abilities.

Her second vignette can be obtained in Ocean City, where she will return to her home. Go through the vignette’s puzzle to completion to obtain Chekhov’s Gun and return.

FInally, take Simone with you into the Black House’s rift, and speak with her. She will use Chekhov’s Gun, prompting the epilogue and her achievement to appear as shown.

100% All Achievements Guide

The Bite Heard Round the World

Alphonse saved the universe
Achievable starting in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, BUT the actions to qualify for the achievement can begin as early as Chapter 1.

Alphonse is probably the trickiest companion to gain. Some sources seem to vary, but I gained Alphonse as a companion by doing the following:

  • In the Zimmer House in Ocean City, obtain the crystal from the rift in the basement, and take it outside of the house with you. This will permanently destroy the house for the rest of the run, but hey, free crystal.
  • Don’t engage with the shadow taint stuff too much otherwise. You will need just a little bit though, like a single level of shadow taint. Obtain several shadow snacks from reaching into the rifts around the game, but hold off on eating them until near the end of the game.
  • Enter The Big Moist in Chapter 4. Wander around a bit and eventually Alphonse will approach you and become your companion.

Accept Alphonse as your companion in the Big Moist and walk around with him, as his first companion vignette should come up fairly quickly. Complete this vignette by having him retrieve his sunglasses.

Alphonse’s second vignette is also in the Big Moist, conveniently enough, and you should be able to prompt it by just traveling to another location within the Big Moist. This one has him returning to his family. Speak to all members of his family, then return when you are done.

At the very end of the game, bring Alphonse with you into the Black House. Now you should scarf down a few shadow foods and potions to reach shadow taint level 1 if you’re not already at that level. A new field for Shadow Taint will appear under your other stats when you open your inventory menu once you reach at least level 1.

Now enter the rift, then speak to Alphonse, who will be thrilled to eat the Shadow President. With her out of the way, your slight amount of shadow taint will allow you to interact with the panel she was working at. Choose the red button, the one that lets you become one with the eldritch being and rule the universe. This will then take you to the epilogue, and the Alphonse screen and achievement should appear.

It’s important that you have a slight amount of Shadow Taint for this ending as having none will disallow you from even choosing the red button on the console (you can try, but the game remarks that that option doesn’t even make sense with the roleplaying you’ve done that run otherwise), and having too much Shadow Taint will lock you into the evilest ending, and out of any companion endings.

100% All Achievements Guide

Somebody Else’s Problem – Shadows Over Loathing All Achievements Guide 100%

You destroyed Gobulon Prime
Achievable starting in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, BUT the actions to qualify for the achievement can begin as early as Chapter 1.
I recommend doing this achievement in the same run as a pacifist run.

In Goldthwait Park, accept the assignment to remove the roaches from the lepidopterarium (the butterfly conservatory), but do not fight them. Ignore this quest until you have 8 or more Mysticality, then return to the roaches and find one you can now speak to. (This option will not appear unless you have at least 8 Mysticality). They will offer you an object to use at the final boss encounter at the end of the game. Accept their offer and promise to follow through.

Play through the entire rest of the game however, and then at the very end inside the Black House, enter the rift. You can interact with the portal door and use the object that the roaches gave you. Do so, and the game will cut to the epilogue and the achievement will be awarded by the end of the epilogue sequence.

The Milk of Human Kindness

You completed the game without fighting
Achievable starting in: Chapter 6/Epilogue, BUT the actions to qualify for the achievement begins at the Prologue.

To achieve, create a new character, open the Character Options menu, and enable Pacifist Mode. Keep this setting on for the duration of the playthrough. All combat is now disabled, which turns the whole game into a neat point-and-click puzzle sort of deal.

  • Pacifist Mode will make some areas and loot entirely inaccessible, but nothing required to reach the ending of course.
  • Botany, Geology, and Spiders are not accessible S.I.T. courses in a pacifist run. You will be locked out from these options since they require combat.
  • I’m not sure if skipping the prologue after the bus runs out of gas will affect your playthrough’s pacifism status. Ideally not, but I recommend running through the prologue manually just in case.
  • You can earn this achievement even if you have any amount of shadow taint, achieve The Dark Side in the same run, etc.
  • A ton of items are unnecessary in a pacifist run and can be sold for meat instead.
  • Obtaining No, Truce With the Fishies and Somebody Else’s Problem works very nicely for a pacifist run, so I recommend aiming to get all three of these achievements in the same run.

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