Shadows Over Loathing Umbraline Solution Achievement Guide

Welcome to our Shadows Over Loathing Umbraline Solution Achievement Guide. A Guide on How to Get Umbraline Solution, and beat the game with Adam. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Shadows Over Loathing game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Shadows Over Loathing guide.

Shadows Over Loathing Umbraline Solution Achievement Guide

A Guide on How to Get Umbraline Solution, and beat the game with Adam.

What you need to do

You need to have chosen chemistry as your major in SIT to get Adam as a companion. He has a single vignette in SIT campus when he has leveled up enough, which may or may not be required for the ending.

Umbraline Solution Achievement Guide

You have to go to Chemicals and go to this machine.

Umbraline Solution Achievement Guide

Then use it and choose Mercury, then Lead, then Arsenic, and last Lithium. (1 2 3 4) and keep the mixture to get A vial of Umbraline Annihilator.

Use this on the floating eyes in the ending and you will get the achievement.

About Shadows Over Loathing

Mobsters, monsters, and mysteries — welcome to Shadows Over Loathing, the shady side of an already black-and-white world, and a follow-up to the award-winning West of Loathing.

Your Uncle Murray has requested your aid at his antique shop in Ocean City, but upon your arrival the old man is nowhere to be found. Your investigation into his disappearance and the artifacts he’s been collecting takes a turn when you stumble across some shadowy plots (and a bunch of squirming eldritch tentacles) that threaten to bring about the end of the world.


  • Thousands and thousands of jokes, gags, and goofs
  • A bunch more locations, items, friends, foes, and familiars than West of Loathing
  • The same quality line art you’ve come to expect, but way more of it
  • Superior stick-figure customization
  • Strategic turn-based combat (but only if you want it)
  • A corrupt government for you to overthrow at your leisure
  • Authentically baffling 1920s slang
  • Multiple cursed antiques
  • Inappropriate fishing
  • Non-Euclidean horrors from beyond the edges of the screen
  • A time-travel side-quest given to you by your future-self
  • An infinitely tall building
  • Sentient math, talking frogs, and pettable cats
  • No booze, as far as the feds know

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