Shakes & Fidget Pets, Fortress & Unlocking List

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Welcome to our Shakes & Fidget Pets, Fortress & Unlocking List guide. This guide will show you everything to you need for Pets, Fortress, Unlocking List, Scout, Underworld and Arena Manager.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Shakes and Fidget game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Shakes and Fidget guide.

Updated on 02.21.2023

Shakes & Fidget Pets, Fortress & Unlocking List

This guide will show you everything to you need for Pets, Fortress, Unlocking List, Scout, Underworld and Arena Manager.


Knowledge Consumer | Shakes & Fidget

Is known for being the ”middle term” between Warrior and Mage. It’s also a good choice if you want to progress fast.

Attribute bonuses:

  • Strength +1
  • Dexterity +7 (Main attribute)
  • Intelligence +1
  • Constitution +4
  • Luck +2

Armor: 25% damage reduction

  • 50% chance to evade

Best Race for Scout


Knowledge Consumer | Shakes & Fidget
  • Strength: 0
  • Dexterity: 0
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Constitution: 0
  • Luck: 0


Knowledge Consumer | Shakes & Fidget
  • Strength: -2
  • Dexterity: +3
  • Intelligence: -1
  • Constitution: -1
  • Luck: +1

Shakes & Fidget Unlocking List

  • Level 10: Daily Missions, Scrapbook (Magic Shop), Dungeon 1 (Quests) & PMs unlocked
  • Level 15: Talismans and 15% potions unlocked (Magic Shop)
  • Level 16: Regular quest times (5, 10, 15, 20 min without mount)
  • Level 20: Dungeon 2 unlocked (Quests)
  • Level 25: Fortress unlocked
  • Level 30: Dungeon 3 unlocked (Quests)
  • Level 32-35: 25% potions unlocked -> chance increases
  • Level 40: Dungeon 4 unlocked (Quests)
  • Level 50: Magic Mirror (Quests), Dungeon 5 (Quests) & Epics (Shops) unlocked; Guild Raids; Legendary Dungeon
  • Level 66: Witch unlocked
  • Level 70: Dungeon 6 unlocked (Quests, Magic Shop)
  • Level 75: Pets unlocked (Quests)
  • Level 80: Dungeon 7 unlocked (Quests)
  • Level 85: Holy Grail unlocked (Gem Mine, also needs 1000+ pictures in album)
  • Level 90: Blacksmith unlocked (also needs Pets)
  • Level 95: Dungeon 8 (Quests) unlocked
  • Level 99: Demon’s Portal unlocked
  • Level bound 100+
  • Level 100: Key for Arcane Toilet
  • Level 105: Arena Manager unlocked
  • Level 110: Dungeon 9 (Quests, Weapon Shop) & Wheel of Fortune 2.0 (Quests, also needs Underworld) unlocked
  • Level 125: Shadow World & Twister unlocked (requires Tower)
  • Level 180: Dungeon 17 unlocked (Gem Mine)
  • Level 200: Dungeon 15 & Mount Olympus unlocked (Gem Mine)
  • Level 222: Shadow Dungeon 17 unlocked (Gem Mine)
  • Level 250: New epics unlocked
  • Level 280: Shadow Dungeon 18 unlocked (Gem Mine)
  • Level 300: New epics & Shadow Mount Olympus unlocked (Gem Mine)
  • Level 350: Shadow Dungeon 15 unlocked (Gem Mine)



  • Toothey (Level ≈49)
  • Petdacat (Level ≈90)
  • Pinklynx or Ninstarr (Level ≈100)
  • Poisnake


  • Tinck (Level ≈90)
  • Birdychirp (Level ≈79)
  • Knilight (Level ≈73)
  • Unikor


  • Smaponyck (Level ≈95)
  • Lilbeatzup (Level ≈98)
  • Mouthrexor


  • Gullps (Level ≈27)
  • Kokofire (Level ≈94 )
  • Dragopyr (Level ≈100)
  • Devastor


  • Ocodile (Level ≈45)
  • Octoboss (Level ≈100)
  • Watnake (Level ≈100)
  • Hydrospir

Fortress – Shakes & Fidget Pets, Fortress & Unlocking List

1. Fortress
2. Laborer’s quarter’s
3. Barracks and Smithy
4. Production Buildings
5. You decide which order you want to level this buildings according to your needs/preferences
– Hall of Knights (Better Gems)
– Academy (+ XP)
– Treasury (+ Backpack Slots)
– Gem Mine (Better Gems)
6. Defensive Buildings


1. Heart of Darkness
2. Soul Extractor
3. Buildings for luring heroes
– Underworld Gate (Huge soul bonus)
– Torture Chamber (Small soul bonus)
– Keeper (Fights against heroes)
4. Do as you need:
– Gold Pit (+Gold)
– Time Machine (Gold + XP Source)
– Gladiator Trainer (Increases critical hit damage)
5. Basically Useless:
– Goblin Pit (Only good in the beggining)
– Troll Block (Never really serves a purpose)

Arena Manager – Shakes & Fidget Pets, Fortress & Unlocking List

The AM Buildings have Breakpoints at 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000. At these Breakpoints the earnings of that Building are doubled and the Cycletime is lowered.

Knowledge Consumer | Shakes & Fidget

Shakes and Fidget About

Shakes and Fidget is a popular online role-playing game (RPG) that has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. Developed by Playa Games GmbH, the game was first released in 2009 and has since then amassed a large following of dedicated players. In this article, we will take a closer look at the game and explore what makes it so appealing to so many gamers.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Shakes and Fidget is a browser-based RPG that has a simple gameplay structure. Players create their own characters, choosing from various classes, including warriors, mages, scouts, and assassins. The game has a cartoonish style that sets it apart from other RPGs, making it a lighthearted and entertaining experience.

The game’s mechanics are straightforward. Players complete quests, battle monsters, and earn experience points and gold. As players level up, they gain access to new abilities and items, allowing them to take on more challenging quests and monsters.

One unique feature of Shakes and Fidget is the ability to customize characters with a vast array of equipment and items. Players can collect various weapons, armor, and accessories to improve their characters’ abilities and appearance. The game also features a pet system, where players can acquire and train pets to assist them in battle.

Social Features

Shakes and Fidget also has several social features that enhance the game’s experience. Players can join guilds and interact with other players in a chat system. The game also has a friend system, allowing players to add and communicate with each other directly.

The game also has a PvP (player versus player) system, where players can challenge each other in battles. Players can also participate in global events, such as tower defense and arena battles, for the chance to win valuable rewards.

Premium Features

Like many online games, Shakes and Fidget has premium features that require real money to access. These features include faster progress, more inventory space, and the ability to play the game without ads. However, the game’s developers have been careful not to make the game pay-to-win, meaning that players who choose not to spend money can still enjoy the game and compete with other players.

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