Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Bottle of Clear Liquid Chemical Analysis Guide

Welcome to our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Bottle of Clear Liquid Chemical Analysis Guide. Here is how to complete the chemical analysis for the clear liquid you find near the coffin in the What Was Did in the Shadows police case, on Master of Deduction difficulty.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Bottle of Clear Liquid Guide

Bottle of Clear Liquid Chemical Analysis Guide

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About Game – The legend begins with you!

As Sherlock, your legacy will be the decisions you make in this open world. Deception, violence, and inference are just a few of the weapons in your arsenal. Your mysterious companion Jon is someone else.
Whether you use brute force to solve problems or use your mind to stay one step ahead of your enemies whose weaknesses you have identified. Decide which situation entails what while strengthening your research abilities. It’s time to face your past and become a destined legend.

Previous Man

As a young Sherlock on the verge of adulthood, you will build your reputation in a way that no game or story has explored. We’ve never seen the youthful arrogance and naivety behind this legend. You are living it.

Global Research

You never know where the next clue will come from. Use the whole city to find the truth. Use clues, gossip, disguises, tags and attached evidence to build a good case in the Palace of Reason.

And don’t bend!

Guns can be helpful in some ways, but there are other ways that must be said. Discover the weak spots of your enemies with your awesome observation skills or keep your hands clean by using the environment to take someone down.

A Different Jon

Before John Watson there was a different Jon. Your only and best friend. But who is he really?

A Period of Darkening

Set in the 19th century, Cordona’s open world in the Mediterranean does not promise paradise at all. Political corruption and crime continue to rise as islanders cling to tradition and xenophobia and make their jobs harder.

Truth and Lies

Every story has two sides. The people of Cordona also have their own ideas about truth and justice. It’s up to you to consider whether revealing the truth will do more harm than good. It will also shape who you will become in the future.

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