Ship of Fools Character Unlock

Welcome to our Ship of Fools Character Unlock guide. This guide will give you a quick […]

Welcome to our Ship of Fools Character Unlock guide. This guide will give you a quick look at how to unlock everyone. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Ship Of Fools game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Ship Of Fools guide.

Ship of Fools Character Unlock

Just a quick look up how to unlock everyone!


This is just a quick look up tool for anyone stuck on a character I made when I couldn’t find one, I think the info is accurate, enjoy.

  • Todd: Faster paddle [Starts unlocked]
  • Hink: AOE critical hits [Starts unlocked]
  • Finley: Rewards on repair [Trade a plank at the act 1 post boss pool]
  • Gill: Gain harpoons when hitting with harpoons [Found in a crate]
  • Shelbie: Empowers cannons they load [Finish an encounter without firing a cannon, Auto cannons also count]
  • Lotte: Cannons reload ammo [Finish a zone without getting hit] (pretty sure this is just beat a zone without letting the boat take damage, don’t know if armour counts)
  • Krillstoph: two hit paddle combo [Found in pick a door]
  • Quill: Damage scales based on consecutive hits [Beat the game]
  • Betty: Get raged on hit [get hit or stunned 50? times] (it could be slightly more)
  • Cluck: generate eggs over time [Use one of every type of egg across all play throughs]

About Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools is a roguelite co-op game featuring cruises where you play Fools, the only creature that shows the stupidity of sea travel. The Great Lighthouse protecting the archipelago has shattered and a nasty, devastating storm is approaching.

You and your friends will jump on the Stormstrider and take a cruise on the sea. Use cannons, prepare your sails and defend your ship from sea monsters in multiple campaigns. It is in your hands to protect your home from the Great Disaster.

In short, Ship of Fools is a game where you destroy the enemies in the sea with powerful cannons while protecting your ship. Inspired by modern classic roguelite games and designed for co-op, you’ll want to get your first friend on board and enjoy the ultimate battle as you unlock new items and artifacts that will help you save the world from disaster.

Designed for co-op play and accompanied by the dreadful beasts of the storm, the frenetic battle will test your teamwork. Work together to defend and repair the ship, combine item effects with powerful combinations, and be sure to watch your shipmate’s back if you don’t want to be trapped by fish.

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