Sifu Arenas & Gold Stamps Tips

Are you better than the developers themselves? Prove it by getting gold stamps in Arenas challenges. […]

Are you better than the developers themselves? Prove it by getting gold stamps in Arenas challenges. Here is a list of gold stamp thresholds and tips and strategies on how to get them. Check out our Sifu Arenas & Gold Stamps Tips guide without wasting your time.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Sifu game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Sifu guide.

Sifu Arenas & Gold Stamps Tips

Welcome to our Sifu Arenas & Gold Stamps Tips guide. Gold stamps are meant for the sweats, who know the game and its mechanics like the back of their hand, and feel like pushing themselves to higher limits. Especially since the scores/times are set by some of the best players on the dev team. There are Steam achievements for getting a gold stamp once in each of the challenge categories, but that’s about it.


Survival challenges always require you to beat the challenge under 6 hits.

The following is a list of gold stamp thresholds for Score/Time-based challenges, in the order of Arenas as you unlock them.

The Crossroads:

2) Street Fighting Club – 1:20
4) A Grand Master – 8000 points

The Fighting Pit:

Full Arena showcase by JAG

1) Ruthless – 5800 Points
4) Gang’s Revenge – 9500 Points

The Restaurant:

1) Cleaning Checklist – 2:40
2) Workplace Hazards – 3:30
3) Compliments to the Chef – 1:20
4) Crazy 87 – 3:20
5) The Tree Warden – 2:55

The Heliport:

2) The Woman in White – 1:20
4) Under the Projectors – 10000 Points
5) Aerial Fighting Club – 1:40

The Stairwell:

1) Raiding the Block – 11500 Points
2) Building Caretaker – 10000 Points
4) It Is Not a Game of Death – 2:15
5) Bloodsoaked Walls – 2:25

The Corridor:

1) It’s a Trap! – 7500 Points
2) Old Guy – 8300 Points
4) The Last Exam – 1:20
5) Bloodthirst – 9500 Points

The Warehouse:

1) Rusty Business – 2:30
2) The Rookie – 0:45
3) On the Edge – 2:45
4) The Square – 3:45
5) Stunt Furniture – 4:30

The Overlook:

1) Just a Walk in the Park – 11000 Points
2) Teaching Lessons – 7900 Points
3) Returning Curators – 1:45
4) Maybe Not Just a Walk – 3:40


“Just don’t get hit lol” isn’t all that useful, so here’s some general tips to help you along.

  • Make use of attacks with avoid properties, such as Crotch Punch (reverse & regular), Duck Strike (reverse & regular), Reverse Sweep, and Snap Kick.
  • The easiest form of crowd control comes in the form of pushing and throwing enemies around, with moves like Palm Strike (both regular and reverse variants), and Directional Throw.
  • Isolate and/or temporarily disable the enemies that pose the biggest threat to you. Strong Sweep focus attack is particularly useful, as it’ll take out anyone out of the fight for 10 seconds (very useful against Disciples and Bodyguards), giving you plenty of time to take care of the lesser threats.


  • Style only marginally affects the scoring. You’re not going to get better scores by doing long combos, bullying enemies, or any of that. Instead, you must focus on absolute efficiency. Find ways to instakill enemies, or otherwise just keep their HP high when taking them out.
  • Keep your score coloured yellow by doing takedowns, counterattacks, and varying up your moveset instead of doing the same attacks over and over.
  • Keep your multipler at 3x by avoiding, deflecting/parrying, taunting, and not getting hit. You can also use the Calbot focus move, which instantly brings up the multiplier up by 1 (from 1x to 2x, or from 2x to 3x).
  • Prioritise structure damage, takedowns, and instant kills. The more health the enemy has when they’re killed, the more points you get.
  • Are you near a ledge, railing, or on a high vantage point? Throw enemies off of there, preferably when they’re at full health and your score is coloured yellow.
  • Do you see a takedown prompt? Press it as soon as possible. Under no circuimstances should you keep hitting the enemy if their structure is broken. Don’t worry, Second Wind doesn’t exist in Arenas.

Manhunt/Time Attack

  • Prioritise the fastest ways to take enemies out. These include: stealth takedowns, throwing from a high-up place, one-shotting with the knife variation of Charged Backfist, spamming Crotch Punch -> Palm Strike up against a wall.
  • Look for opportunities to counterattack in order to apply dizzy or simply deal more damage.
  • Try your best to just run past the targets that you don’t have to eliminate.
  • Do takedowns during moments of downtime, like waiting for enemies to spawn in. The timer stops ticking up during takedowns, which saves you a lot of precious seconds in the long term.


  • The fastest capture rate occurs when no enemy is present in the area. In theory, it’s faster to push/throw enemies around instead of trying to kill them.
  • If the above fails, you simply have to perform well and be very active on the offensive. Don’t get hit, do takedowns, and keep that progress bar yellow instead of red/orange.
  • It helps to memorize the map layout and the order in which the capture areas spawn, to move between them faster. The timer is still ticking when you’re moving between the areas, so get sprinting and climbing/parkouring, look for shortcuts.
Written by JAG

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