Sins of a Solar Empire : Rebellion – Outsanding Resume Achievement

Outsanding Resume

Game settings:

You will have to play on the biggest map there is, with 8 players, preferably with different star systems.

In game options you will have to disable pirates. Pirates are no good because they harass and kill, we don’t want that, yaaaar matey? We want healthy AI so it could prosper and grow.

You will have to disable all victory conditions to make it somewhat passive, it will be still aggresive towards others but less hungry for that sweet sweet victory.

Now you will have to set all the AI on normal difficulty. Because this way it wont be too easy to die and not too hard to manage so it wouln’t kill the other AI.

Things that you will have to maintain during the game:

  • Explore AI territory, the faster you know where is the AI the sooner you will start getting missions.
  • Have some battleships on ready for missions where you will have to destroy enemy ships or buildings.
  • When colonizing try to leave some planets for the enemy AI so it could grow, you need healthy AI.
  • Do not complitely destroy the enemy AI as you need it to get missions.
  • Try to mostly destroy seeker vessels, construction ships and trading ships only when trying to complete missions. After you have completed such mission immediately leave without harming anything else.
  • When you construct buildings that give you culture make sure it is far enough from AI planets in order not to influence them.

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