Skull and Bones: Crowbar Location

Explanations on the location of the crowbar and how to level up in Skull and Bones.

In order to loot and fight in the game, you need to be strong in terms of resources. A crowbar is one of the tools that will come in handy. In this guide, we explained where to find the crowbar and how to upgrade it for possible situations.

How to Get and Upgrades Crowbar

Navigating the treacherous seas, plundering villages, and salvaging shipwrecks demands adept tools. This guide outlines the whereabouts of the crowbar in Skull and Bones and strategies for enhancing its capabilities to unlock greater exploratory opportunities within the game.

Location of the Crowbar

Obtaining the crowbar in Skull and Bones hinges on completing the inaugural contract of the game, distinct from conventional story missions, as the game eschews a traditional narrative mode. Locating this mission is a straightforward endeavor, requiring you to navigate through the remnants of the Exeter wreck and disembark onto the adjacent island. Upon arrival, you’ll encounter the Pirate Chief Officer, who will task you with recovering lost goods from the wreckage.

To locate these goods, return to your vessel and set sail towards the northern section of the wreck, which lies to the port side as you depart from the island. The goods will be adrift among the rocks in barrels, salvageable by activating the designated button as you approach. While no enemy vessels will impede your progress, be wary of hostile sharks that may necessitate dispatching with a few well-aimed spears. Once the goods are secured, return to the Pirate Chief Officer for your reward: the crowbar.

Note: That during your search for the goods, they will be confined within the boundaries delineated by the rock formations. If you sail beyond these rocky borders and find yourself in open water, you have ventured too far.

Upgrade the Crowbar

Like all tools in Skull and Bones crucial for resource gathering and expanding exploration horizons, the crowbar can be upgraded to unlock access to a broader array of locked doors, shipwrecks, and areas. To achieve this, seek out Blacksmith vendors scattered throughout the game world. The most accessible vendor, particularly in the early stages, operates a shop in Sainte-Anne. Easily located by veering left after passing the hecklers at the island entrance.

Upgrading tools, including the crowbar, entails acquiring specific blueprints and the requisite resources for enhancement. While blueprints are readily available, the challenge lies in obtaining the right one for your desired craft. These blueprints can be acquired during your journey by completing contracts and missions or purchasing them from the numerous vendors dotting the game map.

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