Smalland Survive the Wilds Complete Map

Looking for the complete map of Smalland in its current form? Then you are in the right place because every place you need is marked on this map. Complete with marked NPCs, Bosses and overlay locations for creatures and resources. Check out our Smalland Survive the Wilds Complete Map guide without wasting time!

Smalland Survive the Wilds Complete Map

Welcome to our Smalland Survive the Wilds Complete Map guide. Almost complete map of Smalland in it’s current state. Complete with NPCs, Bosses and overlayed locations marked for creatures, and resources.


Smalland Survive the Wilds Complete Map
Smalland Survive the Wilds Complete Map

About Smalland Survive the Wilds

Experience a massive open world from a new perspective; Drive through puddles along lakes, climb skyscraper-high trees, and crawl through cavernous cracks in the roads. Explore dense forests, dangerous swamps and alien ruins from a previous era. Reveal the background story by learning from hidden NPCs scattered around the world and learn how to survive in this vast wilderness.

Tame a variety of creatures and use them as mounts by revealing recipes. Travel huge distances on the back of a Grasshopper, use a Helicopter Bug as binoculars, run around on a Spider… This world and its inhabitants are waiting for you to conquer.

Play with your friends in the multiplayer mode that supports up to 10 players. Explore together, fight together, build together and survive as a team in the wilderness.

Gather or refine resources from right to left to camp with materials ranging from leaves to twigs to solid stones. Choose your favorite place in the world and start construction or build your settlement on hills by climbing huge trees.

Collect powerful armor that gives you abilities with resistance and can customize your appearance by making combinations. Soar through the skies with winged armor, swing from tree to tree with a hook, and much more…

Written by Randalf the Red

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