Sneaky Sasquatch Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to our Sneaky Sasquatch Walkthrough & Guide. An action by setp guide to complete all the chapters of the mobile video game Mr Sneaky Sasquatch.

Sneaky Sasquatch Walkthrough & Guide

If you do not wish to enjoy the full walkthrough, however you need to know where the Map Pieces are, inspect this video.

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Day 1

Treasure Map

Hidden Cave Area – Walkthrough

Go Kart Racing

Golf Course Treasure Map

Ski Resort Treasure Map

Final Treasure Map & Ending

Town Story Update

Town Office Jobs

Town Story Ending

Town Hall, Taxi License, Ski Events

Rabit Races

About Sneaky Sasquatch

About Sneaky Sasquatch is playing the life of Sasquatch, an outcast by the rangers forced to live on the empty side of the campground. As Sasquatch you must stop the evil Mr. Pemberton from buying Sasquatch National Park, by finding hidden treasure somewhere in Sasquatch Valley. While also saving the park you get to adventure and discover the various activities and places all over Sasquatch finding map pieces that will lead you to the treasure. Once you you save the campground you find out Mr. Pemberton still isn’t done with his shenanigans. You must infiltrate R Corp and rise through the ranks finally put an end to all of Mr. Pemberton’s evil schemes. Then, you need to solve the mystery of the polluted lake!

Sasquatch is able to adopt and name a dog, who will follow Sasquatch around, poop, need food, and gain abilities.

The dog gains and loses affection which is shown in the top-left of the screen when interacting with it. It gains affection through feeding and petting, and loses it from hunger and neglect. After filling a heart, the next morning the affection level will go up and the next heart will begin to

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