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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Perks, Items & Gadgets Guide

SGW Contracts 2 is a modern war-shooter game set in the Middle East. As a sniper […]

SGW Contracts 2 is a modern war-shooter game set in the Middle East. As a sniper named Raven, you kill a series of targets. This game is the most challenging game of its kind and requires shooting from very long distances exceeding 1000 meters. Find the information you need in this challenging adventure in our Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Perks, Items & Gadgets guide!

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Perks, Items & Gadgets Guide

Welcome to our Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Perks, Items& Gadgets Guide. This guide will show you everything you need regarding perks, gadgets and items! 10 Best Perks In The Game:

Perk, Gadgets & Items Guide

10- Advanced Camouflage

Great choice but only applies to Arid environments, meaning it’s not applicable in every mission.

9- Tactical Backpack

Perk just gives the player a boost to their gadget capacity.
The increase in capacity may not be the most exciting perk, but it’s extremely useful as it allows players to hold extra C-4 Explosives, Med-Kits, Smoke Grenades, or whatever other gadgets they’re bringing.

8- Detector Upgrade

Even when a player takes the time to scout out an enemy base before entering, there’s always going to be a few nasty surprises hiding around hard-to-see corners. The Detector Upgrade is a great option for those who are sick of walking into the eyesight of turrets, as it will reveal their location while the player is in mask mode.

7- EMP Module

The EMP Module adds another tool to the drone’s belt, as it lets it disable enemy electronics. The drone has to get uncomfortably close in order for the EMP to work, though it’s worth the risk as players can disable all kinds of enemy electronics before even entering a base.

6- Extra Compartment

One of the toughest decisions to make in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is deciding which gadgets to take on a mission. The Extra Compartment perk makes this choice a bit easier for players, as it lives up to its name by giving the player an extra gadget slot. The MUAV ‘Falcon’ and RWS SR-50 are the game’s two stand-out perks, though silent killers like the Gas Mine Trap and Throwing Knife are also very handy when trying to stay undetected.

5- Augmented Eyesight

Augmented Eyesight gives the player an entirely new gameplay mechanic.
Activate thermal vision, which will let players discover anything emitting heat, regardless of whether it’s a human or an object.

Like with the aforementioned Detector Upgrade, Augmented Eyesight is very handy while infiltrating enemy bases, as regardless of how much scouting players do, there’s always likely to be a few hazards or enemies tucked around hidden corners or inside buildings.

4- Chest Rig

Lowers the chance of players being left with just a pistol to take down enemies.

3- Tag Sensor

Enemy bases have at least one sniper who will deal significant damage to the player if spotted.
This makes the Tag Sensor particularly useful, as it shows enemy snipers’ line of sight, making them easy to spot while also alerting players if they’re about to be shot.

2- X-Ray Vision

Helps players able to spot enemies and hazards through walls gives players a huge advantage that is almost imperative when tackling the highest difficulty level.
The perk’s one drawback is that it only shows tagged enemies, though most players will be religiously doing this by the time they’re unlocked the X-Ray Vision perk.

1- Wraith

Excellent perk , as being completely silent when moving is a huge advantage in a stealth game and lets the player live up to the “Ghost” portion of the game’s title.

It’s important not to get too reliant on the perk, however, as becoming overconfident and charging through areas will result in players being spotted by a lookout or CCTV camera more often than not.

8 Best Gadgets & Items To Bring On Missions

8- C-4 Explosive

C-4 Explosive may seem like an odd choice to bring on missions. However, the loud explosives are certainly worth considering, as they are extremely effective against two of the game’s toughest units: vehicles and heavy armor.
Ideally, the player will be able to sneak past vehicles or snipe heavy armor units in the neck, however, sometimes this isn’t feasible, and the C-4 is a great backup option to have.

7- Gas Mine Trap

For those who want a plantable explosive like the aforementioned C-4 but don’t want something loud, then the Gas Mine Trap is a great alternative. The explosive won’t be able to take out vehicles like the C-4, but it can help eliminate pesky enemy patrols. Many enemies in the game walk along set pathways, so with a bit of patience, the player can work out the perfect spot to hide the trap.

6- Med-Kit

Give players a better chance of survival when things go awry.

5- Warning Device

The device does exactly what it says on the tin by warning players of impending enemies. Furthermore, the device isn’t just for placing behind the player when they snipe, as it can also be thrown at enemies to immediately tag them.

4- Smoke Grenade

Grenade emits a cloud of smoke, masking a certain area and allowing the player to escape if intelligently placed.

3- Throwing Knife

Kill most units instantly and won’t alert nearby enemies, provided they don’t witness the attack unfolding. Moreover, the knife can be collected, so it’s possible for players to use the weapon indefinitely if they keep an eye on where it lands.

2- RWS SR-50

The RWS SR-50 is a deployable sniper that can do the players’ dirty work for them. The sniper initially has a range of just 200 meters, though this can be improved to a whopping 1000 meters through upgrades.
Is ideal for taking out mid-ranged targets in heavily guarded bases, as players can place the sniper a fair distance away from where they’re hiding, diverting the enemies’ attention and allowing Raven to escape the scene undetected.

1- MUAV ‘Falcon’

Fantastic gadget for numerous different reasons. For starters, it’s perfect for mapping out certain areas thanks to its impressive mobility, letting players scout enemy bases, escape routes, vantage points, and more from a safe distance.

Furthermore, the MUAV ‘Falcon’ can tag enemies and hack electronics, giving players an advantage when infiltrating enemy bases before they’ve even reached the area.

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