Snufkin Melody of Moominvalley: Achievements Guide

Detailed guide about achievements and how to get them.

You may need some achievements as you restore harmony and balance to Moominvalley. In this guide, we explained in detail the achievements in the game and how to get them.

This guide was created by Stan.

Snufkin Melody of Moominvalley Guide

There is total of 21 achievement to be earn. Some collectibles and most story related.


Snufkin have just arrive back in Moominvalley. There are few achievements here so remember to take them because you are unable to return this area. (area before title screen)

Sightseet 1/6

  • Right after getting control, move Snufkin to the top and gaze upon the sun.

Not a Monster

  • During your travel you meet up with Sniff who is harassed by spider. After scaring him with a bird, talk to him then go past to the left where you find butterfly, play a tune for it an take it to spider.

Humming with Harmony 1/4)

  • After using first bugs to climb up, there is a bird in a tree, play a tune for it.

Just Gazing 1/4

  • When looking for chicks for mommy, you come across small pier, take a moment to fish in it before continuing. In case you miss it, you can come back for this one.

Push it 1/2

  • After getting your introduction about parks, you can start working for this one on your second park. There is total 3 statues to be found, first one after the entrance on left side, second after passing second guard and last one right before last sign.

Moominvalley 1/2

When arriving Moomin house, Talk to mama, papa and Little My and follow route where Groke took Moomin. Papa will mention hes play have gone with the wind but we will not care about that just yet.

Soon you get chase by Groke and you need to escape from him without getting caught.

Successfully doing so earns you achievement.

Fast, Not Furious.

  • Following main quest from here by extinguishing all the fires earns you

Fire Fighter

  • You will also earn yourself a flute that we need later.

Next up collect all the boat parts and head for the Hattifatteners Island.

Hattifatteners Island


Remember to talk every person you meet.

Pages of genious 1/16)

  • We start collecting our pages here.

Following path you will see barrel stuck on log (before pirate). Release it by pulling the log and the follow it. Use it to gain access first page.

Sightseer 2/6

Just Gazing 2/4

  • After meeting pirate that tells you about barrels, take path to up. When meeting Little My, climb up next to her and you will find both of these places.

Pages of genious 2/16)

  • Going forward also leads you to second page.

Push It 2/2

  • after jumping over barrels you come across another park with statues in it. There is 7 statues to top over and they are all next to each other. If you tip over other 3 in previous park, you get achievement.

Finishing park also gives you access to last instrument, drum.

Pages of genious 3/16)

  • After learning Moomins fate and arriving first bolder (that require bugs) head all to way to left right side (past the bug) and climb down. Use rocks to reach another page.

Sightseer 3/6

  • After getting past boulder, you eventually bridge. look at the moon.

Sightseer 4/6

  • After founding treasure cave and losing Little My, follow the path outside. Look at the mono again.

Pages of genious 4/16)

  • Following path again you will eventually see one of the pages at the other side of river, ignore it and instead go forward. After next room you should see ladder on your right side, drop it and collect the page.

Beauty For Beauty

  • After getting new sails, head down and you will meet most beautiful horse that ask you to find her something more beautiful that she. Head upstairs and using your drum, you find mirror under pile of sand, give it to he and you get achievement.

Pages of genious 5/16)

  • After reaching Papas boat, you place your sails automatically on it BUT DON’T USE IT! Instead, head up and drum couple sand piles and behind them you find another page.

After that head back to Moomin valley.

Moovinvalley 2/2 and Collectibles

Now that we have all the instruments we can truly start doing collectibles.

Garment Grapper

Invisible Child

  • After arriving back in the sore, head all the way up and you will meet Invisible Child. Talk to her and you learn that Stinky have stole her clothes (sex offender in moominvalley)

Hunt down Stinky (thanks map markers) and get her clothes back.

To the Rescue

  • Next up, head south from beach area (near area where you got rope) and you should find Sniff with crab’s. He wants you to help him to rescue hes pet Cedric Doing so will award you this achievement.

Pages of genious 6/16)

  • Before heading inside, turn around and pick up papa’s paper by the rock,

Sightseer 5/6

  • While inside, explore side caves and you should find this view.

After exciting caves, climb down and pick seaweed.

Pages of genious 7/16)

  • Go forward a take page.

Pages of genious 8/16)

  • Go forward, play drum on sand piles and there is page under them.

Wooden Symphony1/3

  • Head behind moominhouse and you should find woodpecker. Drum for him and he drums back.

Wooden Symphony 2/3

  • Head to ghost park, go forward past the tar bits and you should find another pecker.

Keepers of the Bee 1/3

  • Head back to the ghost and now go right. You find bee hive. check every bush nearby until you find a bee and lead him back to hes hive.

Humming with Harmony 2/4

  • Next to bee hive you will also find bird. make it sing.

Lastly in this same area you will also find muskrat. You need to deliver him 9 ingredients, 3 Cep, 2 chanterelle, 3 seaweed and one Nettle. Here are locations.

1, 2. Cep. Near river side, be easy to find when searching Stiff and monster with rope.

  1. Seaweed, left side from Invisible Child.
  2. Chanterelle. Right from Snork.
  3. Nettle. Up from Snork.
    6&7 Cep an Chanterelle. Right from ghost park.
  4. Seaweed. After rescuing Cedric.
  5. Seaweed. behind sand pile when leaving beach area.

After giving all the ingridients, you earn achievement.

Run to the Hills

  • While collecting ingridients, there is also good opportunity to earn. Ferm Inferno.

Play drum on ferns 50 times.

Just Gazing 3/4

  • While being near Snork, head other side of river and you should find gazing spot in woods, relax in there.

Wooden Symphony3/3

  • Head over the dry up river on the right side, you will meet another Hemulens, talk to him, get him butterfly’s and while doing so help poor fellow of the tree.

After getting butterfly’s, continue going right and you find third woodpecker. Play drum and you earn.
And here is map for woodpeckers.

Pages of genious 9/16)

  • Now head down from bug catcher, down the wall and you should find painter. If you collect all the water for him he gives you papa’s paper and this.

Pages of genious 10/16)

  • Head back up with flower and go theater, you find page by the stage.

Humming in Harmony 3/4

  • While harassing Stinky for what he did, there is a tree near him with bird at top.

Just Gazing 4/4

  • From right side of Stinky and singing bird you can find final Gazing spot.

Pages of genious 11/16)

  • Heading down from Gazing spot, you can find Maiden at tree house. If you hunt down her anklet, she gives you one of papa’s pages.

Pages of genious 12/16)

Deep Down

  • Now head down from Maiden and you find well with Little My in it. She ask for a toy (earned from Stiff from rescuing Cedric) and she give papa’s paper.

Now drop her down for being ass.

Keepers of the Bee 2/3

  • Next to the well is another bee hive, find a bee near by bushes.

Now let’s hunt down rest of the papa’s papers.

Pages of genious 13/16)

  • Head back where Snork and go up. You find a fish holding a paper.

Pages of genious 14/16)

  • Head back to area where Nettle was and go forward, you should find page eventually.

Pages of genious 15/16)

  • This page can be found near the first Chantarelle.

Pages of genious 16/16)

  • And this last page is next Chantarelle and Cep, all lock behind a sand pile.

Wreaking Havoc.

  • Now head to the Park guardian house, destroy all leaf piles and tress to earn this.

Keepers of the bee 3/3

  • After destroying last park you come across last bee hive.

Humming in Harmony 4/4

  • At the right corner there is also last singing bird.

By the time you reach here you should have also earn enough to get

Bursting with inspiration.

Reach max level as inspiration.

Sightseer 6/6

  • During your way to Fillyjonks house, you see final view.

Appetite for destruction

  • When arriving on Filly house, destroy hes plants, pots, clothes and leaf piles to earn this.

Also if you have spoken every person by this point, you should also earn your Final achievement.


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